A woman who is easy to get angry, understand these 4 life philosophies, you will be relieved

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A woman who is easy to get angry, understand these 4 life philosophies, you will be relieved

Unsatisfactory things in life, nine times out of ten, this is a normal thing, and when we face some unsatisfactory things, we will inevitably have some bad emotions, such as depression, such as anger, such as unhappy and so on. It is true that venting emotions is a good way to release stress, but as adults, we should learn to think about what is necessary and what is unnecessary. Anger is one of the six desires, and it is okay to occasionally appear, but it is meaningless for us to appear often. Therefore, this article is written for those women who are easily angry, understand these 4 life philosophies, and you will be relieved.

Sometimes, it is the imaginary negative cues that trap a person.

The fox comes up to say hello when he sees the lion, As a result, the lion did not reply to the fox because he thought about something, so the fox began to think wildly. Do you think that you have offended the lion, or why does it ignore yourself? Because of being too fascinated, the fox accidentally fell into the trap set by the hunter. At this time, the fox didn't think about how to save himself, but thought that it must be the lion's revenge, and even if he climbed out, he could not escape the fate of being eaten. So, it gave up on itself and eventually starved to death in the trap. The writer Hufland said: "Of all the adverse influences in the world, the most detrimental one is often excessive emotions." And what makes the fox into a desperate situation is the negative hints it creates out of nothing. This also tells us that when a person is in a negative mood, there is a great possibility of putting himself in a bad situation.

Get out of negative emotions in time to avoid falling into a vicious circle of thinking

When a snake was crawling, it was accidentally caught in the warehouse One of the saws tripped. So the snake became angry, and immediately wrapped around the saw, trying to swear its status in such a way and let the saw beg for mercy. However, the saw was unscathed, and the snake felt that it was challenging its authority, so it became more angry and became more and more tightly wound. As a result, the sharp saw cut the snake, and the snake became tighter and tighter, and finally it died of blood loss. In fact, it was not the saw that killed the snake, but its own anger. In life, cases of being attacked by anger are not uncommon. For example, a woman destroyed all the wedding dresses worth millions of dollars in the other shop in a fit of rage because the shop owner refused to refund the deposit. What awaits her is not the thrill of venting her emotions, but a huge amount of compensation. It can be seen that we must learn to control our negative emotions and stop losses in time to avoid losses. As there is a sentence in "The Capital of Life": "A truly mature person should not make all actions subject to his emotions. Instead, he should control his emotions and save himself from the darkness."

We need to learn to reflect on whether anger is really useful

Questions can bring emotions, but emotions cannot solve the problem. Yu Chuhui in the TV series "Ode to Joy 3" couldn't bear her mother to be bullied by her father again, so she tried every means to take her to Shanghai, and told her to stop contacting her father. As a result, Yu Chuhui's mother was mourning her misfortune, angry at her, and was obviously raped by her husband, but she was still obsessed, and contacted her secretly several times. Yu Chuhui was very angry, and even thought about going too far, but when she calmed down, she found that anger was useless at all, but only added to her troubles. When people are angry, it is difficult to stay rational and think about ways to solve the problem. Therefore, when we face some bad things, we might as well give ourselves a few minutes to think about whether we can effectively solve the problem when we are angry. Or learn to reflect after getting angry, and whether venting emotions has a positive impact on yourself. In this way, we can reduce the number of times we get angry.

Learn to control your heart, and life will be no big deal

In fact, the more successful people are, the more they understand anger It doesn't make any sense at all. It's like when we were kids when we were unhappy because our friends ignored us. Now it seems that we can't change the fact that our friends ignore us when we are angry. If we are not angry, our friends still ignore us. There is no difference between being angry or not. It has no negative impact on others, but it is not good for us. ? Furthermore, we have too many things to do. The great rivers and mountains of the motherland, Zhong Lingyuxiu are waiting for us to appreciate, and interesting characters and stories in the book are waiting for us to read. Why do we have to be obsessed with meaningless things? So, learn to control your heart, learn to control your emotions, life is no big deal. Psychologist Ronald once said: "Storm-like emotions often last no more than 12 seconds. When they erupt, they destroy everything, but afterward they are calm. If you control these 12 seconds, you can get rid of negative emotions." Adjust your own Mentality, let our emotions be in a state of calm, so that we will find many surprises in life.

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