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Leftover women in Taizhou

time:2022-12-03 00:50:12 author:Housewife
Leftover women in Taizhou

My wife is an enthusiastic person. In addition, she has opened several small shops in Taizhou, and she has come into contact with many people. Many people ask her to help their children introduce people, and she is also very happy about it. When there are more people who entrust her, an interesting phenomenon is found, that is, there are many older single girls in Taizhou, and these girls are relatively good. Many of these girls work in government agencies and institutions. Some people jokingly call them "white bone spirits", that is, white-collar workers in the profession, backbones in the unit, and elites in society, referred to as "white bone spirits". There are many social reasons for this phenomenon. Under the strict family planning policy of the last century, a couple can only have one child, and families with girls all increase their efforts to educate and cultivate girls. These girls in the 1980s and 1990s are very promising now, and they have high diplomas. Many of them are top students who graduated from 985 and 211 universities. They have excellent working departments and living conditions. In addition, they have seen the world and have a high vision. Ordinary boys are not in her eyes at all. Because she is a girl, many parents in Taizhou hope that she will return to Thailand for development after graduating from university. But after returning to Taizhou, they are often faced with a more realistic problem, and it is more difficult to find objects. Taizhou is a third-tier city, and many outstanding boys chose not to return to Thailand in order to realize their life aspirations. I have a few friends who have high social status and a good economic foundation in Taizhou. The boy in the family just refuses to go back to Thailand to work, preferring to live in a house in Beishangguang. Another aspect is that these girls with high IQ in Taizhou often have good learning ability and test-taking ability, especially the oral expression ability is generally stronger than that of boys, and the interviewer has a good impression. They are often recruited in government agencies and institutions It has an advantage in the middle, so the job position is often good. In this case, the girl looks up, who can compare? At present, there is also ABCD phenomenon in the social phenomenon of mate selection, that is, according to social identity, educational level, family economic foundation, appearance and character, etc., comprehensive evaluation, divided into four grades A, B, C, D from high to bottom, when choosing a spouse , It is often A man looking for B woman, B man looking for C woman, C man looking for D woman, often it is not easy for A woman and D man to find a partner, and A woman and D man are two levels of people that cannot be handed over. This is reflected in society. Although we say that there are 30 million more boys than girls, we intuitively feel that there are many reasons for single girls around us in Taizhou. This makes it very attractive to have a boy with a good job in the workplace around us. Often, as soon as he starts working, many people gather around to introduce him to a partner. These boys are like scarce resources quickly being robbed. Those remaining older boys, please don't believe the nonsense that they just didn't fall in love because of work and study. These boys are actually battle-hardened, read countless people, and just want something in their hearts. The emergence of these problems has also forced some parents who raise girls to become more open-minded now. As soon as many girls are admitted to college, their parents no longer restrict her from interacting with the opposite sex as in the past, and instead encourage her to find a partner in college. In fact, the leftover women in Taizhou should also change their own concepts. In real life, there are very few ideal spouses. It is necessary to appropriately lower the standard of their own courtship. As long as the two sides establish a family, the ideal happy life is still can be created through joint efforts. Everything is like flowing water, and everything is changing, so why not stick to temporary gains and losses. There is a poem that says: Advise you not to cherish golden clothes, and persuade you to cherish your youth. The flowers can be folded straight and must be folded, don't wait for the flowers to be empty to break the branches.

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