The brother-in-law wants to get married, the wife wants to give him the house of the in-laws as a marriage room, the husband does not agree and divorces

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The brother-in-law wants to get married, the wife wants to give him the house of the in-laws as a marriage room, the husband does not agree and divorces

Everyone must rely on their own labor to obtain wealth, and for wealth that does not belong to oneself, do not have coveted heart, "a gentleman loves wealth, and obtains it in a proper way. Premarital property belongs to the individual, not the joint property of the husband and wife, which is protected by law, so don't try to play the idea of ​​your spouse's premarital property. According to the old tradition, if a man gets married, a man should buy a wedding room. This is a convention. Therefore, the man must work hard to earn money and solve the problem of the house as much as possible, and the marriage will go smoothly. If there is no marriage room, there will be a lack of competitiveness in the marriage and love market, and many opportunities to choose a mate will be lost. If the family's economic conditions are not good and cannot buy a wedding room, then there is no idea of ​​occupying other people's houses. Sometimes life is very helpless. Because of my lack of strength, I have to miss the beautiful things. There is no way.

The wife wants to use the house of her in-laws as a wedding room for her younger brother

In those days, Yang Bin and his wife were introduced to each other and fell in love. Married half a year later. After they got married, they lived with their in-laws. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law couldn't get along, and they quarreled for three days. Yang Bin was caught in the middle and was exhausted. Later, the parents paid for Yang Bin to buy a three-bedroom house, and the couple moved out to settle the bill. Since the separation, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law finally stopped quarreling, but because of too much quarrel before, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been unable to recover. So after the wife gave birth to the child, she would rather be a full-time mother than a mother-in-law to take care of the child. Yang Bin thought that his wife and mother-in-law would quarrel together again, and he would be splinted again, so he did not object to his wife being a full-time mother. In the blink of an eye, my wife has been a full-time mother for ten years. In the past ten years, Yang Bin's parents' house has been demolished, and one house has become two houses. The parents live in one house by themselves, and the other house has been vacant there. At the beginning, my parents rented out the vacant house, but later they found that the tenant did not take good care of the house and made a mess in the house, so my parents were reluctant to rent it out. The old couple made up their minds. They will give this house to their grandson in the future, so they don't want to make a mess of the house. After Yang Bin's wife had been a full-time mother for ten years, Yang Bin's brother-in-law was getting married. This was originally a good thing, but because there was no marriage room, there was a conflict, and the wife actually started the idea of ​​​​a spare room for the in-laws. My brother-in-law was born after my parents-in-law got pregnant unexpectedly. At that time, my mother-in-law was 41 years old, and my brother-in-law was 13 years younger than his wife. Now my parents-in-law are nearly 70 years old, and their son wants to buy a wedding house when he gets married, but they can't afford it at all. Because there is no marriage room, my brother-in-law has talked about several girlfriends, but when it comes to getting married, they all blow it up. So when he got married this time, he asked his sister for help, and he must help her find a way to solve the house problem. The parents-in-law also came to discuss with their daughter, asking her to help her younger brother, otherwise the younger brother would never get married. The wife discussed with Yang Bin, and Yang Bin also felt that he should help his brother-in-law. But my wife has been working as a full-time mother all these years, and she has no income at all. With that little salary, except for food expenses, she has not saved much money at all. Now Yang Bin and his wife only have a total of 100,000 yuan in savings. He said that he would lend his brother-in-law 50,000 yuan so that he could find a way to make a down payment and then take out a loan to buy a house. But the wife was not happy when she heard it, saying that the 100,000 yuan was for her brother to give out the betrothal gift money, and the brother's own money was for the wedding, so there was no extra money. Yang Bin was surprised that his wife planned to give 100,000 yuan to his brother-in-law to help him give him the dowry money. If something happens to Yang Bin's family, what should I do? The family must have some savings in order to cope with emergencies. Besides, he earned the 100,000 yuan so hard, how could his wife give it to his brother-in-law casually? Yang Bin disagreed in his heart, but before he could say it, his wife proposed to transfer the vacant house of her in-laws to her younger brother. She is only one younger brother, and she must help his younger brother to start a family. Anyway, the house is idle. Yang Bin didn't expect his wife to come up with the idea of ​​the vacant house, but the vacant house belonged to Yang Bin's parents, not in Yang Bin's name. The wife said that the in-laws are only Yang Bin's son, and their property is not all Yang Bin's, as long as Yang Bin agrees. The wife forced Yang Bin to go to his parents-in-law to go through the transfer procedures, but Yang Bin didn't want to go, and the couple quarreled. After the quarrel, the wife called her parents-in-law herself, saying that she had given birth to a son for the Yang family, and that she had contributed to the Yang family. Now she proposes to ask for a house, which is not too much! The in-laws were surprised at first, but when they came back to their senses, the old couple immediately refused. They also know the economic situation of their son's family. The daughter-in-law does not earn any money and relies on the son's income alone. It will be very stressful to buy a house for the grandson in the future, so they want to keep the house for the grandson. Because the in-laws did not agree, the wife quarreled with Yang Bin and asked Yang Bin to persuade the in-laws. Yang Bin was originally unwilling to give the house to his brother-in-law, but now his parents firmly disagree, so he is naturally on his parents' side. The girlfriend's family is forcing the brother-in-law, the brother-in-law and the parents-in-law are forcing the wife, and the wife is forcing Yang Bin. Yang Bin feels that he is going to be driven crazy. The wife also forced her parents-in-law herself, saying that if the parents-in-law did not give the house to their sons and daughters-in-law, then the sons and daughters-in-law would not give them old-age care in the future. The mother-in-law was so angry that she was in a hurry, and the old problem broke out. After the father-in-law sent his mother-in-law to the hospital, Yang Bin hurried to the hospital. The parents said that if the son and daughter-in-law want to give the house to the child, of course they are willing to transfer the house to the son, but if it is to the daughter-in-law's younger brother, they resolutely refuse to agree. After Yang Bin returned home, his wife quarreled with him again, and Yang Bin was very annoyed. After arguing and arguing, his wife threatened Yang Bin. If the spare room was not given to her brother, she would divorce Yang Bin. Unexpectedly, Yang Bin said: "Okay, if you get divorced, you will get divorced, and then you will leave now." Later, at Yang Bin's insistence, the couple divorced and the children belonged to Yang Bin. The wife didn't want to divorce, so she cried, made trouble, and hanged herself, but Yang Bin was really fed up, so he decided to divorce his wife.

The younger brother will not end well.

Yang Bin's ex-wife is a typical younger brother. She has good intentions and wants to help her younger brother. But the problem is that her ability is not enough. If she is not strong enough, she covets the property of her in-laws, which is not right. Not to mention that she has no right to dispose of her parents-in-law's property, even Yang Bin has no right to dispose of her parents' property. The ex-wife's hand stretched too long to control the property of her in-laws. She took it for granted that the property of her in-laws was the property of their husband and wife. She has the right to give the property of their husband and wife to her younger brother, and she feels that she can settle Yang Bin. But her ex-wife overestimated herself. She thought that she had given birth to a son for her in-laws, and her in-laws had to be grateful to her. As everyone knows, the child is born by the husband and wife, not who is born for whom? From the standpoint of the in-laws, of course they want to safeguard the interests of their sons and grandsons, which is also human nature. If your ex-wife wants to help her younger brother, she has to work hard. If she posted the money she earned to her younger brother, it would be fine as long as her husband agreed, but she had to take the property of her in-laws to her younger brother, which was something she didn't care about. A person who is too greedy will often not only gain, but lose more. Yang Bin's ex-wife wanted his younger brother to get married and the property of his in-laws. As a result, he also got divorced, which is really worth the loss. A woman must be self-reliant and self-reliant. If she is capable and can create a lot of wealth, she will be able to help her family. If you are also relying on your husband to survive, how can you help your parents' family? Fudi demons generally don't have a good end. They mostly make people not human inside and out. Their mother's family complains about them, and their in-law's family also complains about them. Therefore, when a woman gets married, she must clarify her own position. Her parents' family should help appropriately, but she must also take into account the interests of her husband's family.
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