When people reach middle age, they have to learn to be kind to themselves, so what does it mean to be kind to oneself? The answer is actually quite simple

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When people reach middle age, they have to learn to be kind to themselves, so what does it mean to be kind to oneself? The answer is actually quite simple

01Life is like climbing a mountain. When you were young, you kept climbing, gritted your teeth, and worked hard to climb up. In middle age, it is like reaching the top of the mountain. Many things have actually reached the peak, and this is almost the same in this life. After middle age, if you climb further, you are going down the mountain. The more often you climb, the faster you go down the mountain. So when you get to the top of the mountain, you have to realize that you can't climb as hard as you did before, and some things are too much. When people reach middle age, they must learn to be kind to themselves and not be too harsh on themselves. It is not easy for people to come to this world for a trip, and there is no afterlife. Don't spend all this life in hard work. Otherwise, when you want to leave this world, he will definitely regret it, regret not enjoying life well. 02 The so-called enjoyment of life does not have to be supported by money. The most basic things that life needs are all given to us by nature for free, such as air, sunlight and water. In fact, those houses, cars, etc., are all caused by human desires and comparisons between people. If you eat 2 yuan of steamed buns, it can also be regarded as a meal; if you eat a few hundred yuan of delicacies from the mountains and seas, it is also a meal, and your stomach will be that big. Therefore, it is said that "a thousand hectares of fertile land only eat three meals a day, and ten thousand rooms of a mansion only sleep three feet on a couch". When people reach middle age, they have to be kind to themselves, so what does it mean to be kind to oneself? In fact, being kind to yourself is very simple, that is, working hard and accepting the status quo, don't make yourself too hard.

1. Learn to look down on things and don't care too much about everything

In life, there are nine out of ten things that are unsatisfactory. Whose life is always satisfying. When you are young, when you encounter something unsatisfactory, you have to work hard to change it, and constantly turn things into a state that you are satisfied with. There are many things that can be satisfied with unremitting efforts; but there are also many things that cannot be changed no matter how hard you try. When you are young, you will be unwilling, angry and persistent. When a person reaches middle age, he has experienced a lot of people and things, and his life experience is also enriched. It is necessary to accept the status quo and understand that it cannot be forced. Middle-aged people have to learn to look down on things, and don't care too much about everything. Life is always full of gains and losses, there are successes and there are failures. If a person treats himself kindly, he must learn to look down on himself, adjust his mentality, and don’t make himself too embarrassed.

2. Don't pursue perfection too much, accept imperfection

Everyone knows that life is not perfect, but deep down they are pursuing perfection, because the pursuit of perfection , people will live in pain. For a certain thing, you want to be the best in every aspect, to do everything well, and to make people happy. But in fact, there is no way to achieve perfection in many things. If you take care of one aspect, you will not be able to take care of that aspect; if you take care of that aspect, you will not be able to take care of this aspect. So no matter what you do, there will always be regrets and deficiencies. When you see the deficiencies when you are young, you always want to change it and achieve the best state. When people reach middle age, they must learn to accept these deficiencies and not be too demanding of themselves to pursue perfection. If you want to do the best in everything, it will definitely make your life very tired and painful. So if you want to be kind to yourself, you have to accept imperfection and do your best within your ability, and you will be fine.

3. Know how to be satisfied and don’t feel too wronged.

As the old saying goes: contentment is always happy. When a person is young, he is full of enterprising spirit, constantly surpassing himself and moving forward. When people reach middle age, they need to know how to be content. If they just keep moving forward, they will lose a lot of fun in life. So slow down properly, look at the flowers and plants beside you, eat a meal, take a warm bath... let your body enjoy a little comfort. People need to know contentment before they can feel happiness, and people who are tired of struggle will not live long. When people reach middle age, they should treat themselves well both spiritually and in life. If you compare your body to a machine, if you cherish the machine, its service life will be long; if you don’t cherish it, if it keeps working day and night, the depreciation rate will naturally be high. 02 If people want to be kind to themselves, they must live hard and live according to the situation. Don't force anything, don't pursue perfection, have the courage to open up a new life, and have the courage to accept the status quo. In the whole life of life, the grass and trees will fall, and some things will be seen, and there will be no preoccupation. Just like gold and silver jewelry, you fight for it to your death, to own it. But can you really own it? When you leave this world, can you take it with you? In fact, you are just the custodian of these gold and silver jewelry. You only keep them for a period of time, and you will eventually pass them on to others. Sometimes you use a countdown to think about it, if you are free from disease and disaster, how many years can you live? In fact, after middle age, life is already going downhill. If you rush forward in a hurry, your life will be over soon. Therefore, when people are middle-aged, they should treat themselves kindly, look down on gains and losses, and live an open-minded life. You also have to take good care of your body, have a good mood, and live your life calmly.
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