The older woman has been single for a long time, does she want a man or not? The words of three leftover girls are very realistic

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The older woman has been single for a long time, does she want a man or not? The words of three leftover girls are very realistic

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. Leftover girls generally refer to girls who have missed the marriageable age and are still single. However, in the secular view, people usually have certain accusations against older leftover women. They think that the reason for their delay in getting married is that they are not good enough, and they are even left behind and cannot marry. In fact, this statement is often too prejudicial. After all, today's leftover women are relatively independent, and it's not that they can't get married. Except for girls who are actively single, most of the remaining girls have not found a suitable partner and dare not get married. Such women have relatively better conditions and higher pursuits. They need to find a man who matches their conditions in all aspects. Furthermore, although they are single, they live a good life, are financially independent, have ideological pursuits, and are not alone. However, the leftover women who have been single for many years will experience many changes in their bodies with the formation of a person's living habits. They may also have their own ideas on the issue of dealing with men, and whether they can successfully enter the marriage, they also have their own opinions. So, the older women have been single for a long time, do they want men or not? The words of these three leftover women are very realistic.

1. Miss Hu: I won’t think about it unless I meet the right person

Miss Hu is 35 years old and has been with her ex-boyfriend ever since. After breaking up, I have been single all the time. I have dated many times over the years, but I haven't met a really suitable man. Therefore, she made it clear that she would not miss a man, and she would not be able to get married unless she met the right person. She is also not good at being inferior, but she has high-quality conditions and cannot accept backward compatibility. Although she saw that her colleagues and friends around her were married and had children, she was not in a hurry. She felt that on her own terms, she would always meet excellent men. Before this, she really couldn't accept men with ordinary conditions, especially when she met a man on a blind date, she felt that they were not on the same channel. In fact, Miss Hu has met many men on a blind date, but most of them have no financial foundation, and those men are very realistic. For example, when some men go on a blind date with her, they ask "How are you?", "Do you want a dowry?", "Can you have children?" and so on. Miss Hu believes that these men are really too calculating. The purpose of their blind date seems to be not to get married, but to treat marriage as a transaction and not worth dating. In this way, Miss Hu has not met a suitable man for all these years, and she is gradually disappointed. Therefore, women like Miss Hu will not deliberately think about men, and will not get married until they meet the right man.

Second, Miss Mei: I don’t need a man very much, so let’s go with the flow

Miss Mei is 36 years old. She used to date a boyfriend in college and fell in love three times. They broke up after a year, and have not been looking for a partner since then, and they are still single. She graduated with a bachelor's degree and is now a middle school teacher. She is beautiful, speaks elegantly, and is a very talented woman. Talking to her about choosing a mate, she made it clear that she needs to find the right person, and marriage can only be happy if it is based on love. Therefore, although she has been single for many years, she does not rashly associate with men. Now that she is used to living alone, she does not need men anymore. Today, her view of men is that she doesn't force her, but she doesn't give up, she will cherish it when she encounters it, and if there is no right person, she will choose to let it take its course. In her opinion, love is very important. If two people are together, if there is no feeling of love, there is no way to continue. Therefore, she has always wanted to find a man who has a tacit understanding with her soul, and has a heart for each other and the sweetness of love, so as to make the relationship more harmonious. In the past few years, relatives and friends have also introduced people to her, but she refused them all because those men didn't make her feel excited, and she couldn't settle. Therefore, for an older leftover woman like her, maybe it will not be forced on men, but everything will take its course.

3. Miss Yang: She wants to end being single and has a strong demand for men

Miss Yang is 39 years old. After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, she has been single for nine years years. In her heart, she felt that this kind of life was very hard, and she really wanted to end her single life and live a happy married life like others. Therefore, she has a strong need for men, always looking forward to meeting the right person, then starting a relationship, and then happily entering a marriage. However, although she really wanted to find a man to marry, she had missed a lot of opportunities. The men around her were either married and had children, or they were already in love, and there were no single men at all. To this end, she has also participated in blind dates and talked about one or two people who are more pleasing to the eye, but it may be far away from the real marriage. Because some men want to be intimate with her before they get married, and have ulterior motives. Therefore, she did not dare to rashly associate with men. Although she was looking forward to a man who loved her, she did not want to give herself easily. Miss Yang said that although she is 39 years old, she attaches great importance to her relationship. If there is no commitment to marriage, she will not have an intimate relationship easily. Moreover, she feels that most men in the blind date market have no conditions and always want to marry a wife at the lowest cost, which is also unacceptable to her. Ms. Yang said that she does not have to marry a rich man, but a man must at least have a house, a car, and savings, so as to ensure a happy life after marriage. For women like Miss Yang, they may miss men very much and want to get married, but they do not lower their mate selection standards because of this. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: To sum up, some older women have been single for a long time, and some will think, but most do not have such high expectations. They won't get married until they meet the right man, especially after being single for a long time and accustomed to living alone, they won't have much expectations for men. Of course, there are also women who are desperate to find a man to marry, they want to end their single life, and they long to have their own small family. However, they will still insist on themselves and will not easily lower their standards. If men fail to meet their requirements, they will generally not give up. In fact, marriage is very important for women, and the older leftover women are also very aware of this, and it is impossible to hand over themselves casually. I hope that men can view the older leftover women correctly. After all, they have their own choices and there is no need to accuse them. What's more, being single and getting married is a way of life. How old leftover women decide in the end should respect their choices. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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