When a woman falls in love with someone else, "these words" will always be on your lips, don't believe it

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When a woman falls in love with someone else, "these words" will always be on your lips, don't believe it

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. Once a woman changes her heart, it means that she will not treat you as before, her attitude will suddenly change, and her relationship will drop sharply. When she is with you, her words and deeds will change, and she will no longer take into account any of your feelings. Especially when speaking to you, the language is indifferent and full of disgust, like a knife stabbing your heart. When a woman loves you, she talks to you very gently, which can sweeten your heart. Once she doesn't love you, her words will become indifferent, which will instantly make your heart hurt unbearably. No matter how uncomfortable you are, she won't care, because there is another opposite sex in her heart, she has no expectations for you for a long time. Even if she doesn't leave you, she will not be close to you, she will be very exclusive to you, and the relationship will collapse at any time. When you find that a woman speaks coldly and doesn't care about you anymore, understand that she may have someone out there. Generally speaking, when a woman falls in love with someone else, "these words" will always be on your lips, don't believe it.

One, you are not even half as good as others, you are blind to see you

A woman likes someone else, she The attitude towards you will be very cold and become particularly critical. As long as she is in front of you, she will habitually scold you, think you are not good, and think you are inferior to others. At this time, she often said a sentence: "You can't even compare to half of other people. You were blind when you were blind." This sentence fully expresses a woman's attitude towards you. In her heart, you are far away. Far less than others, you are not pleasing to the eye everywhere. If you refute, she will turn over the old accounts, blame you for nothing, and leave you speechless. In fact, a woman's change of heart starts from the moment she dislikes you. In the past, she thought you were very good, you had many advantages, and she had great expectations for you. However, when she no longer loves you, she will suddenly erase all your advantages and infinitely magnify your shortcomings. At this time, she already looked down on you in her heart, and even if she did not leave you immediately, she would not be enthusiastic about you in the future. Being with you, she doesn't think it's worth it, she will hurt you with a lot of heartless words, and think that you are not as good as the lover in your heart. Whether in love or marriage, once a woman treats you like this and the relationship becomes indifferent, the relationship will be affected. If it cannot be maintained in time, it will fall apart sooner or later.

Second, do I need you to take care of what I see and do?

If a woman has someone else in her heart, she basically won’t love you anymore , only thinking of running away from you. No matter how you treat her, it will be difficult to win her heart back. She is ready to disappear from your sight at any time. Therefore, whenever she talks to you, she will not take into account your feelings, and will not let you limit her social interaction. She suddenly became in love with her, her mind was no longer at home, and she wouldn't tell you no matter what she did. This is a sign of not loving you. If you question her, it may make you angry instantly, and reply to you: "Do I need you to take care of what I see and do?" Once a woman says this, it means that she no longer cares about you. , want to leave you at any time. In the past, when a woman loved you, she would care about your feelings and would not say anything to hurt you. Now that she doesn't love you anymore, she naturally won't think about you. Everything she does will be self-centered and will not consider the consequences at all. In her heart, she doesn't want to be with you for a long time, how you treat her will not affect her at all. She goes out a lot, she never tells you who she's with, she doesn't let you know, and even if you question her, she will impatiently perfunctory you. Even if she doesn't hesitate to quarrel with you, she has to run away from you, which is the evidence that she is in love with others.

Third, why are you so cautious, why do you suspect me

If a woman likes someone else, she will definitely not stay at home, she will want to go out whenever she has time . In the past, she always went home after get off work, never dared to waste time, all her thoughts were at home, and she would take the initiative to take care of the family. However, when she has someone outside, she will no longer care about these trivial matters, but will put all her time and energy on her lover. Therefore, she will frequently spend time with the person she likes, and she has to go back when the two people are over intimate. Such a woman, even at home, basically thinks of others, and only ignores and indifferent to you. At this time, if you ask her what she is doing and who she is with, she may be very impatient. Even if you see her with another opposite sex and question her, she will not explain it to you, but blame you for not trusting her. Usually, she will scold you in turn and say to you indifferently: "Why are you so careful, why do you doubt me?" She obviously did something wrong to you, but now she blames you for not being generous. This kind of woman In fact, I don't love you for a long time, and I like to beat you up. Once a man finds that a woman treats you like this, he must be alert. She has another opposite sex in her heart, so don't pay blindly. Such a woman will never feel that she is at fault, instead she always thinks that you are not good, and blames everything on your head. Men should not be careless. Ye Feifei yff Emotional Message: To sum up, women fall in love with others, and "these words" will always be on their lips, which is difficult to control. You are not even half as good as others, and you are blind to see you, which shows that she has changed her mind and feels that it is not worth being with you. Do I need you to take care of what people do when I see them? This is how a woman no longer loves you and is often with others. Why are you so careful, why do you doubt me, she likes to slap her back, she clearly broke the bottom line, but she blames you for not believing her, which is enough to prove that she doesn't love you. What kind of attitude a woman has towards you, what kind of words she will say to you, from these words you can completely see her thoughts. Love or not love, sometimes it is obvious that a man can make a correct judgment by carefully observing a woman's words and deeds. In short, the situation in which a woman loves you and not loves you is completely different. Once you notice it, you must pay attention to it, so as to avoid future harm, or even loss of money and people. So, for those who are not worth it, it is better to let go. When you meet someone who truly loves you, I believe that everything in front of you will become a beautiful scenery. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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