3 signs that a woman has a crush on you

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3 signs that a woman has a crush on you

If a woman likes a man and hasn't confessed yet, or because she is reserved, she is waiting for the man's confession, or feels that the two sides still need to get to know each other well, and it is not the best time to confess, this is the period of secret love. Secret love is a very wonderful psychological state of human beings. There is a love at first sight type of secret love, and there is a long-term love type of secret love. They are all lovers who are willing to become confidants with each other, and have a romantic love until "holding the hand of the son, with the son." Let's grow old together." A woman "secretly loves" a man, and she can gain insight from these 3 signals:

First: call you on the phone from time to time Or contact via WeChat

A woman has fallen in love with you, but is still in the stage of secret love, and she will always have you in her heart, and if she doesn't contact her for a day, she will feel empty in her heart. This is the case with women in the crush stage, and sometimes the feeling of longing will make her not think about tea and rice. She is very willing to keep in touch with you, chatting on the mobile phone, greeting you every day on WeChat, asking for help, and caring. No matter how busy you are all day long, you will never forget to send you a message at night. Through this, women often maintain close contact with you, pay attention to your joys and sorrows, are willing to relieve your worries in time, and are willing to spend a good time with you. In fact, these are the most direct expressions that a woman likes you and has a crush on you, and can be discerned in her words and deeds.

Second: Always take the initiative to ask you to meet, like to be alone with you

Women often find reasons to ask you to meet, chat, talk, especially those who are willing to get to know you Interests and hobbies, what kind of girl you like, what are the criteria for choosing a mate, etc. This is a woman who wants to gain a deep understanding of your inner world to see if she is the kind of woman you like, and what shortcomings need to be corrected in time to win your love. Furthermore, women always want to be alone with you. On the one hand, it is convenient for the two of them to chat, especially about personal and emotional topics. If a man can take the initiative to pull her hand or give her a hug when he is alone, then She is looking forward to it, because she also wants to get the expression of love from the other party.

Third: I often give you some gifts to surprise you

After a woman has a crush on you, she will often find opportunities to approach you on your birthday. When the time comes, I will definitely prepare birthday gifts for you in advance, congratulate you on your birthday, and spend a warm and romantic birthday with you. In other festivals, she will also give you small gifts and surprise you. In fact, this is to express her love to you, indicating that she really likes you. If you have the above three signals, you must cherish this relationship, and take a good look at yourself and the other party to see if the other party is suitable for you, to see if she is the goddess in your heart, and whether she continues to communicate , which requires you to make up your own mind.

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