The best way to get a man to spoil you alone: ​​three no-do's

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The best way to get a man to spoil you alone: ​​three no-do's

Getting along between lovers and husband and wife can win each other's favor and love, and get each other's loyalty and true love. This is the goal pursued by every man and woman. As a woman, you can make a man pamper yourself, especially in this society full of all kinds of temptations. Romance and love are exclusive, which requires careful management, which requires some principles and methods. So, the best way for a woman to let a man alone is to do these three things:

First: Don't rely too much on men, have your own Career

Whether it is between lovers or between husband and wife, both parties should be equal, at least in terms of personality and dignity, and they should live on an equal footing. Women can't rely too much on men. They need men to help them with everything, especially financially. They always ask men for money, from buying cosmetics to paying for mobile phone bills. This will make men look down on them and make men look down on them I think you are a woman with a strong utilitarian intention, and you have got into the eyes of money. A man’s money is earned by his hard work and can be spent by a woman, but you can’t always rely on a man and treat him as his “cash machine” , such a woman is despised by men. Of course, if it is a housewife, it is beyond reproach that all household expenses need to be borne by men. Women still have to be self-reliant, have their own jobs and careers, and have stable income. Being a strong woman is also the capital and bargaining chip to win the respect and favor of men. Women will also have a certain status and voice in the family.

Second: Do not restrict a man too much, give him a certain freedom

It is a great fate for men and women to meet and fall in love when they enter the palace of marriage , The two got married in order to build a love nest together, stick to each other, grow old together, raise their children well, and share the joy of a family. In married life, men should be given certain freedom, and men should not be restrained too much. For example, men should pay all their monthly wages and income, and only give men a small amount of pocket money, and control the money at home very strictly. Between colleagues, superiors and subordinates, neighbors, and business partners, it is inevitable that they will come into contact with the opposite sex, but some women do not allow men to casually interact with the opposite sex, even if they are walking on the street to take a look at beautiful women. In fact, this is not necessary. Some heterosexual interactions in daily life and work are also normal. Men should be given a certain freedom of communication. If they are too restrained, it will sometimes backfire and cause men's disgust or resistance.

Third: Do not overly cater to men and have their own opinions

Whether it is during a relationship or entering a married life, women want to tie men’s The heart, blindly to please men, blindly to cater to men's preferences, and sometimes compromise, this is going to the extreme, such a woman is actually a woman who is not favored by a man. She should have independent personal dignity and her own principles of doing things. , have their own opinions, so that when encountering some thorny things and problems, they can make suggestions with men, overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties smoothly. In short, if you want a man to spoil you alone, you must have a personal career, maintain financial independence, and not rely too much on men, but also give men a certain degree of freedom, not too restrictive men, and don’t blindly go To cater to men, you must have your own opinions, so as to show a woman's unique charm and temperament, and win more favor from men.

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