My mother's house was demolished for 2 million yuan. My sister-in-law bought a house to borrow money. Sister-in-law: I have AA system with your brother for 3 years, and I don't want to borrow money.

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My mother's house was demolished for 2 million yuan. My sister-in-law bought a house to borrow money. Sister-in-law: I have AA system with your brother for 3 years, and I don't want to borrow money.


No one dislikes money, but greedy people are always annoying. Because they are not only stingy, they are always looking at the money in other people's pockets, always thinking of turning other people's money into their own. Such people are accustomed to being clever but not wise. They have no ability to make money by their own abilities, but they are very good at borrowing money. In order to borrow money, you can have the cheek to say a lot of shameful things. Once the money is borrowed, they turn their faces and don't recognize the person. Tingting (pseudonym) and her husband are very good-looking and have a very bad relationship, but the sister-in-law dares to have the cheek to come to borrow money.


Tingting didn't really think before she got married that such a bad marriage would happen to her. Tingting and her husband Xiao Zhang (pseudonym) have been married for 3 years. Because the relationship is getting worse and worse, her husband directly asked for the AA system, saying that they will have their own ways and not disturb each other in the future. Tingting was very angry when she heard this, and agreed on the spot. Then the husband slept in the other bedroom. The two hardly spoke every day. When they got home from get off work, they went into their room and locked the door so as not to disturb each other. It made the two of them seem to be roommates. The relationship between husband and wife was so tense, but Tingting and her husband could not divorce, because their mortgage was not paid off, and their parents had been urging marriage before, they dared not tell their parents, so they could only make do with it. In fact, Tingting and her husband had a good relationship before, but the longer they were in love, the more conflicts they had. They live in the center of the first-tier cities, and the pressure of life is very high. When they rented a house, a shared house with more than 40 square meters cost 2,000 yuan a month. The two of them worked for more than ten hours, plus the commuting time, they were already very tired. They met through games, and they found out by chance that they were in the same city, so they found an opportunity to meet each other, had a good impression of each other, and gradually came together. At that time, Tingting and Xiao Zhang quickly fell in love, and it seemed that they were not so tired after working hard. But no matter how good the relationship is, they can't stand the ravages of reality, and their excess energy will soon be lost due to hard work. The two people in love are also well aware of their state, so they can only smile bitterly, chatting less and less with each other, and when they come home every day, they can't wait to lie down and go straight to sleep. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and played games, and I had no intention of having a so-called "sweet love". But both parents are in a hurry and hope they get married soon. After a lot of urging, Tingting and Xiao Zhang couldn't do anything about it. They felt that their relationship with each other was still there, but they were too tired. Maybe it would be better to get married and live together, which would make the relationship more stable, so they got married. Unexpectedly, Tingting's development in the company was hindered after marriage, because others thought she was going to have children, so she was not given a chance to express, and she was marginalized. Tingting was very unhappy and complained to her husband about this, but her husband didn't understand her, and instead urged her to have a baby. In this way, the two had a conflict. As Tingting's work was not smooth, the conflict became deeper and deeper. The parents of both parties urged her to give birth to a baby, and her husband also urged her. Tingting's career was put aside and no one took care of her. Everyone felt that she should have a baby quickly and not think about so many other things. So the couple quarreled and had a cold war, and finally got to the point of sleeping in separate rooms and AA system. Tingting wanted to divorce, because her husband's family was not very good, and now her husband was forcing her to have children, she hated Xiao Zhang and his family even more. Especially that little sister-in-law, who repeatedly asked them to borrow money. This little sister-in-law is airy, and her diploma is not low, but she is lazy and doesn't want to work hard. My sister-in-law is 26 years old, and she has never been married or in a relationship. It would be fine if she lived a good single life, but she made a group of "good buddies" and went out drinking and playing cards all day. . So Tingting is not willing to lend money to such a person at all, and has been hiding from her sister-in-law to avoid contact with her. They have lived in separate rooms with her husband for 3 years, and the two have adapted to this life. It seems that they no longer have any feelings at all. They look at each other as if they are looking at strangers, without any disturbance. At this time, Tingting's parents' hometown was demolished, and they got 2 houses and 2 million demolition funds. Tingting is an only child, and her parents directly asked Tingting to receive these demolition compensation so that she can raise her children in the future. Tingting had mixed feelings in her heart, but she didn't say anything and took the room and money. But she didn't want the money to become the common property of husband and wife, so she directly asked her best friend to open an account and put the money in it. If one day they really get divorced, the money and the house will be Tingting's confidence. As soon as she dealt with the money, the sister-in-law heard the sound and came to Tingting's house to ask her to borrow money. The sister-in-law said: "Sister-in-law, don't look at my bad behavior before, I have changed it now! I want to marry my partner now, live a good life in the future, and don't mess around anymore. Sister-in-law, please lend me 1 million yuan. !" After hearing this, Tingting didn't want to ask her the details at all. Tingting said, "Your brother and I have been on the AA system for 3 years, and the marriage has long been in name only, so don't borrow it!" It's just an excuse for refusing to borrow money, so I grind for a long time, hoping that my sister-in-law will lend her money. Tingting sneered and opened the bedroom door, and showed her sister-in-law the status of their separation. The sister-in-law was speechless. Tingting said, "Since it's an AA system, your brother will take care of your affairs. It has nothing to do with me. Don't harass me in the future!" After that, Tingting kicked her sister-in-law out of the house. In order to protect her own property, Divorce from husband. Later, Tingting used the money and the house to start a business, and the work and the store were not wrong, and she lived a much better life than she and her husband were angry.


Many young people in first-tier cities are under a lot of pressure, and they can hardly walk. Some people live in the city. Compared with some people who can "go back to their hometown", they have nowhere to go and can only endure high-intensity work in the city. If they want to develop in third- or fourth-tier cities, many people do not have the courage to start all over again. For them, a bad marriage is even more devastating. One: The AA system in marriage is not as good as directly divorced spouses who propose to implement the AA system in marriage. Most of them have no good intentions. Generally speaking, as long as the husband and wife get along normally after marriage, it is the most common practice for the person who manages the family to manage the money. This makes it easy to keep accounts and grasp the consumption status of the family. Two people "have their own way", do not understand each other's property status, it is easy to make repeated purchases and waste money. If it is only in the trivial matters of life, it is not enough. Many people propose the AA system, and even "do not disturb each other" when it comes to having children and supporting the elderly. But the problem is that many people are now only children. It is very hard to serve two elderly people alone. Therefore, the most reasonable marriage should be when the husband and wife help each other and take care of the elderly on both sides. That kind of AA system is just escaping the obligation to share weal and woe with the spouse, and most of them will try to get the other party to provide more human and financial resources and deceive the other party to help them support their parents. If the spouse's mentality is not correct, it is better to divorce him directly. Two: It is also important not to lend money to your spouse or relatives. From ancient times to the present, people have summed up various experiences on borrowing money. For example, the emergency does not help the poor, and the person who owes the money must be the uncle... and so on, which shows the complexity of borrowing money. Compared with lending to friends, lending to relatives is more particular. In many older-generation families, it is common for brothers and sisters to borrow 30,000 to 50,000 yuan from each other, and after borrowing money, they often do not repay it for three to five years, or even ten years. There is such a shameless act of not paying back the money for one's own biological siblings, and even more so for the relatives of the spouse's family. And even if they borrowed money, they would only say that his brothers and sisters lent it to him, and would not remember your benefits. This kind of mentality would avoid the world and make it easier for them to default on their debts. Text/Fenghua

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