Three reasons why middle-aged couples sleep in separate rooms

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Three reasons why middle-aged couples sleep in separate rooms

When people reach middle age, husbands and wives are more like relatives, and they don't even sleep together, they sleep in separate rooms. Why do middle-aged couples like to sleep in separate rooms? These three reasons cannot escape.

The first type: Ai Chi Qing Dan

The memory of the fish is only 7 seconds, once the 7 seconds pass, the fish will stop again Can't remember what happened before. The cells of the human body are replaced every 7 years. Those who have replaced the cells will no longer be so persistent about the things that have been deeply remembered or haunted before, and the intensity of their feelings will be weakened. Human nature likes the new and hates the old, and love also has a shelf life. When one person loves another, they will become less fiery as they become familiar, and gradually lose their enthusiasm. The same is true between husband and wife. After getting along for a long time, the relationship will fade, and the love will gallop. Newly married couples sleep face to face with each other, and gradually become back to back, and then they each occupy a corner of the bed without disturbing each other, and then they sleep in their own beds. Sleeping in separate rooms is the unanimous choice of almost all couples after they reach middle age. The reason is very simple, but the love of Aichi has faded, and there is no longer the enthusiasm of young people. When the relationship becomes the left hand touching the right hand, and even want to keep a distance from each other, this is the reason why middle-aged couples sleep in separate rooms.

The second type: the child occupies the place

In addition to the lack of affection, the child occupies the place is also the reason why middle-aged couples sleep in separate rooms . After many women become mothers, in order to take care of their children conveniently, they will take their children to sleep. Children will not sleep honestly. They rotate up and down, left and right, and most of the bed is occupied by children. Men are selfish by nature, sleep is a big deal to them, and they are very annoyed if there is a child around them who keeps turning around. Therefore, many men will automatically choose to sleep in separate rooms in order to avoid the noise of their children and the trouble of taking care of their children after their wives become mothers. To put it bluntly, men sacrifice their own sleep just because they don't want to take care of their children. In reality, there are many families like this, the mother sleeps in the same room with the child, and the father sleeps in the same room.

The third type: When you are older, you like quiet people

. The older you are, the more mature you are, the less you talk. After all kinds of ups and downs, will become like quiet. I would rather sit quietly in a daze, read a book, or look at my mobile phone, than have a conversation with the people around me. The husband and wife have been together for more than ten years, and there is no topic to talk about for a long time. The things in life have been explained clearly when they are eating. Many people need space to resolve their emotions before going to bed at night. Therefore, the couple sleeping in separate rooms has become an emotional need. Moreover, most men go to bed late, and they need to brush their mobile phones before going to bed. Women are different. After a day of fatigue, women prefer to fall asleep early for maintenance. The asynchrony of each other's sleeping time, coupled with the preference for quiet solitude, middle-aged couples are more willing to sleep in separate rooms. In their own room, they don't need to take care of the other person's emotions, they don't need to worry about the other person's feelings, they are quieter and more comfortable.

Concluding remarks

Middle-aged couples sleeping in separate rooms are actually a very common phenomenon in life. Almost every couple can't escape the fate of sleeping in separate rooms when they reach middle age. , There are many reasons for this. The weakening of the relationship between husband and wife is the main reason. In addition, the noise of children, changes in emotions, and the lack of freshness in marriage, etc., all cause husband and wife to sleep in separate rooms. reason.

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