Late that night, I had an affair with a beautiful colleague, and the ending was so happy

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Late that night, I had an affair with a beautiful colleague, and the ending was so happy

Don't know who it was at that time? Often inexplicable gifts are given to me, so strange. I was surprised because the gifts were all the way I liked the feeling, the type I liked, so I guessed it must be an acquaintance. So, I thought of the girl I had a crush on [Xiaomei], she must be her, only she knew my habits, I was so familiar with her, I spent tens of thousands of dollars to pursue her. But Xiaomei doesn't admit this fact, she is probably a little shy! I don't want to say it directly. Remember, it was another Christmas night. I went to spend Christmas with my female colleague, Xiaomei, and took her to play. As a result, I saw her with other people, I was really angry, didn't she like me? How can you like others? I was so surprised and helpless. I was so angry that I wanted to compete with him, but I still didn't dare, because I didn't have that confidence. That man was none other than the boss's son. Only then did I know that I lost completely again. I went home sadly, but at the intersection of my community, there was a woman standing at the door, which surprised me immediately. I was surprised when I saw this person's graceful figure. She felt so beautiful. When I looked closely, she was wearing a skirt and hat, which made me think she was a neighbor sister. Just as I was about to say hello, she said, "Xiaofan is me, I'm Li Ai. I was surprised, how did you dress up like this? Are you going home? She smiled and said, "How do you know? Because you usually wear such a temperament when you go home, and what you wear is particularly good-looking, which is completely different from the usual work. She also smiled: "It seems that you still know me a little bit. You know, but your colleague is still a colleague, why do you have anything to do with me? She suddenly came to me and said to me affectionately: "Zhang Xiaofan, I Leaving in a few days. Won't you come after you leave here? yes! I may never come again, but there is something that has been buried in my heart for a long time. If I don't say it, I'm afraid I won't have a chance to tell you in the future. What is so mysterious? She faltered and said: "I... I actually liked you a long time ago. I liked you for more than a year, you know? I suddenly stared at her, what? You like me? You don't like to like Is that Li Wei? How do you like me, what do you like about Li Wei, I never said yes, I like you, I have always liked you, but you have never been like this. I was afraid of being rejected by you, so I never said it. My real thoughts, I have to say until now. But I like Xiaomei from beginning to end! You know. But Xiaomei doesn't like you at all? I don't like you at all, you like her What? Do you like beauty or figure? Or her character? No, she is very nice to me, she always gives me things, knows me very well, makes me happy, and gets close to me. Then she is all to please you, It's just borrowing money from you, don't you understand? She doesn't love you at all, she only loves your money. Didn't she borrow three or five thousand dollars from you every time after chatting with you? Why are you so stupid? Li Ai, please don't say that to her, okay? I'll take a look at the necklace on me, my shoes, and my bracelet from Xiaomei. She's so sincere to me, can't you see it? She stared at me Look at me with wide eyes, are you sure? Didn't I give it to you? Can you see it clearly? I was surprised, how could it be possible? However, after she showed the evidence, I was immediately surprised. She gave it, how is it possible? Right after she told me the real reason, I was so surprised that I had been wrong all these years. She has always liked me, but I mistakenly thought it was Xiaomei. I was a little embarrassed, It turned out that all this was my misunderstanding. My unrequited love was so embarrassing. She shook her head: she said a lot about my past and caring about me, so I was a little soft-hearted, and I loved the wrong person. She suddenly said : Now that I understand that I have always been good to you, then you are willing to be with me! I am not bad, I am also in good shape, and my appearance is not bad, right? This is the first time in my life that I mustered up the courage Confess to others. You are really good, and I only understand now, hehe... Then what is the real reason for you to go back? You tell me. Actually, I can't help it. I originally wanted to work with you for three years and five years, but There is no chance. My only relative, my aunt recently fell ill. She has been with me since childhood and took care of me growing up. In my heart, she is my mother. Her family has hundreds of chickens, ducks and geese and needs to be fed by people. Take care, I want to go back to help her, give her a hand, and use it as a side business to make money by filming videos. Would you like to come with me? I was immediately surprised. I didn’t expect you to be so filial. What I admire most in my life is filial piety. You. A woman who knows how to repay her kindness can do it for her relatives, even a family member who is not an immediate family member. So, when I learned the reason, I hugged Li Ai affectionately and agreed to her decisively. I The next day, like her, he resigned, followed Li Ai to her house, took care of her aunt who was seriously ill, looked after her chickens, ducks and geese together, and lived a carefree life every day. Really Very gratified, I never thought that with her, I could live in the country So happy, no worries, no boss's urging, and can make a lot of money, maybe this is my life, my hope of life.

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