"You have four rooms and two halls, can't you give one room to your brother?" "Well, it really can't be done."

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"You have four rooms and two halls, can't you give one room to your brother?" "Well, it really can't be done."

A bowl of rice feeds a benefactor, and a bucket of rice feeds an enemy. It is necessary to keep a distance from any relatives, but there are many lessons learned. People who do not understand gratitude and are selfish will never have a grateful heart, but will take it for granted. Reader: Mr. Li, 32 years old, my brother-in-law was born when my mother-in-law was 40 years old. It is a late child, and it is rare in the family. He is more than ten years younger than my wife, and just entered the county high school this year. And our home is not far from that brother-in-law's high school, about ten minutes walk. My home is 128 square meters, with three rooms and a small study. I have two children in my family, the older one is 7 years old, who has slept alone, and the younger 3 years old, who is still sleeping with us. This means that there is an extra room. I didn't expect this room to be watched by my mother-in-law and the others. They proposed that they want my brother-in-law to live in my house, which is also my sister and sister's husband's house. Besides, my wife has been taking care of the baby in recent years and has not worked, so I need to cook more rice. "Do you know how tired I am with two babies? I really can't bear to take care of my brother. He can't give him anything to eat when he comes back." My daughter-in-law refused directly. By the way, she is not the devil who helps her younger brother. She only responds selectively to her mother's request. For example, she packs a red envelope of 2,000 yuan for her younger brother and 3,000 yuan for her parents every year. Other than that. Even when she was making money herself, she didn't, so she only saved more than 100,000 before marriage, which was used as a down payment for us to buy a house by ourselves. "He's your younger brother, how can you do this? There are so many rooms in your house, is there only one missing?" It's not just for one night, it's too much to eat every day. My brother-in-law, because he was a late-comer, he was very spoiled since he was a child. Apart from studying, he was also very poor in other self-care skills. If he really came to live in my house, he would definitely have to do laundry for him. It would be very troublesome to think about. Moreover, 70% of their schools and high schools choose to be hospitalized. In the case of my brother-in-law, it is the best to live on campus. It is understandable to visit the house once in a while on weekends. For this reason, my mother-in-law scolds my wife a lot, and even invited a relatively authoritative relative to come to my side as a lobbyist. I told him, uncle, don't say it, this is my wife's disagreement. I have no right to speak at home.

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Isn’t my sister obliged to provide accommodation for my brother? Not necessarily, at least the law does not stipulate, of course, if my sister wants to, it is also possible. But this sister is still relatively sober, and has never compromised. Men should be grateful to have such a wife, which saves you a lot of unnecessary troubles. There are also some families, because of the preference for sons over daughters, the psychological shadow left on their daughters is immeasurable. A friend said that after eight years of marriage, she never stayed at her parents' house for the night, because her room was converted into a grocery room and there was no place to sleep. For girls who grew up in patriarchal families, not returning to or keeping a distance from their parents' home means less anger. Of course there are exceptions. Can't generalize. I hope that no matter what choice a girl makes, she will be worthy of her heart, and she will not be too entangled in the world's vision, and live for herself bravely, that's good. Discussion: If you were an older sister, would you allow your younger brother to stay at home?

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