The unmarried daughter bought a house for 800,000 yuan, and her parents asked to give it to her younger brother: rejected by her daughter: go and sue me

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The unmarried daughter bought a house for 800,000 yuan, and her parents asked to give it to her younger brother: rejected by her daughter: go and sue me


Some parents can be called parents, but some people are not worthy of being parents at all, they have no respect for their children The grace of parenting, but he only wants to squeeze his children. Zhang Yao (pseudonym) has such a pair of parents.


Zhang Yao was born in an ordinary rural family. Although the concept of equality between men and women has long been popularized in today's age, Zhang Yao's parents are deeply affected by it. The erosion of patriarchal ideology. Therefore, Zhang Yao's birth did not bring laughter to the family, but made her parents feel melancholy because they could not give birth to a son. Her parents even put their grievances on her. Zhang Yao's parents have always disliked her very much, just because she is a daughter, and it is for this reason that young Zhang Yao has never experienced what it means to be a mother. People often say that tiger poison doesn't eat children, but Zhang Yao's mother is very cruel. She has always been rejected by her mother-in-law because she can't give birth to a son. Whenever she is wronged by her mother-in-law, she will put her anger on it. On Zhang Yao's body, facing her five-year-old daughter, Zhang Yao's mother often beats and scolds her without any scruples. Zhang Yao, who was injured, kept crying and calling for her mother to hug her, but her mother did not feel distressed at all, and even ignored Zhang Yao. Facing her daughter's hoarse voice, she would only get more and more annoyed. When Zhang Yao was six years old, her mother became pregnant again, and this time she gave birth to a big fat boy as she wished. Since the birth of his younger brother Zhang Shuai (pseudonym), Zhang Yao has completely become a transparent person. Zhang Yao was envious of her parents' love for her younger brother, and she also longed for her parents' love, so she tried every means to please her parents, but the result was ruthless abuse. Young Zhang Yao didn't understand why his parents didn't like him, only his brother. She only remembered the way her mother was gnashing her teeth and beating her. After that, Zhang Yao seemed to be a different person. She no longer longed for the care of her parents. On the contrary, Zhang Yao was looking forward to leaving this home all day long. When Zhang Yao grew up, she got her wish to leave the home that made her heartbroken. She came to a strange city alone to work hard. Through her own efforts, Zhang Yao's life gradually became better. Zhang Yao has a stable job, made many friends, and gained perfect love. And her personality has become more and more cheerful. After Zhang Yao's continuous efforts. She finally used her 800,000 savings to buy the house that belonged to her. At the same time, her love has also progressed to the stage of talking about marriage. Although Zhang Yao is reluctant to go back to the place that once made her sad, she should inform her parents about the marriage. So Zhang Yao returned to her hometown. When she saw her parents again, Zhang Yao didn't feel very cordial, but felt like a stranger because her parents never called her during the years she left home. , and never cared about her. And her parents didn't have much emotion when they saw Zhang Yao, they just asked impatiently what she was doing when she came back. Perhaps Zhang Yao was already used to the indifference of her parents, so she did not feel sad. As if completing a task, she told her parents about her marriage arrangements with a blank face. It was not until her parents heard that Zhang Yao had bought a house in the city with full money, and they planned to live there after they got married, they suddenly became excited. Zhang Yao's parents changed their previous appearance and suddenly showed their hospitality to Zhang Yao. They showed great distress for their daughter's hard work over the years. This scene made Zhang Yao feel very strange. After chatting with Zhang Yao's parents for a while, they finally got to the point. They said that if Zhang Yao used her own house to get married, it would be too much of a loss. The marriage house should have been set up by the man, and her name must be added. It is not a loss to come to Zhang Yao. Therefore, in order to allow the man to provide the marriage room smoothly, Zhang Yao's parents suggested that Zhang Yao transfer her house to her brother Zhang Shuai as a gift from her sister to her brother. After Zhang Yao heard what her parents said, she suddenly realized that her parents cared about her just to pave the way for the house. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but shake her head with a wry smile. Zhang Yao firmly rejected her parents, but after her parents were rejected, instead of giving up, they suddenly became furious. Zhang Yao's parents said that if she was unwilling to give the house to her younger brother, they would give the house to them as pension, and if Zhang Yao disagreed, they would go to the court to sue her for not supporting her parents. Zhang Yao did not expect that her parents could be so ruthless, and at this time she no longer had any expectations for her parents, she once again rejected them with a firm attitude, and said: "Then you can go. Sue me!" After speaking, Zhang Yao left the house and never came back, even if it had been ten years, she resolutely never went back.


As the saying goes, a mother is kind to her son and filial to blame them. Through Zhang Yao's story, we should understand the following two truths: First, parents raise their children and children support their parents, which are both mutual. People often say that when you get along with others, you should compare your heart to your heart. How you treat others, others will treat you in the same way. The same is true between parents and children. Parents raise their children first, and children support their parents later. If parents fail to fulfill their obligations to raise their children, they should not force their children to provide for themselves. If children who have not been cared for by their parents, refuse to support their parents when their parents are old, I think it is excusable, after all, these children have not experienced real family affection. It is often said that parents are the shadows of children, and what kind of parents will educate what kind of children. This statement is not false at all. Parents are ignorant and ruthless towards their children, or even ignore them. Children who grow up in such an environment must have a lack of love in their hearts, and they will treat others like their parents and will not give their sincerity. Only the care that parents give from childhood can make children understand that they should be sincere in getting along with others, and they also know how to repay the kindness of their parents with their filial piety. Second, the eccentricity of parents will bring scars that cannot be healed in the body and mind of the child. Parents are the first teachers in a child's life. The good or bad of the parents directly affects the future development of the child. Qualified parents will be able to guide them correctly while giving care to their children. Among them, the care of parents is crucial to the psychological development of children, especially in the family life of many children, the equal treatment of parents is even more important. If the parents are biased, the neglected child will feel insecure deep down. If the parents still prefer the old idea of ​​patriarchy, the daughter will not only feel insecure, but also become particularly inferior. In today's society, men and women are equal, and for mothers, boys or girls, they are all flesh that falls from their own bodies. How could anyone be willing to give up their children because of those feudal thoughts. Parents with many children have to pay a lot more than ordinary parents, because they know that even a small neglect of their own will bring irreparable wounds to their children's body and mind. For children in childhood, the love of their parents can heal all pains. Only when they feel the care from their parents can children grow up healthy and happy. Text/Fenghua

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