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Taizhou's mother-in-law

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Taizhou's mother-in-law

When it comes to Taizhou's mother-in-law, there are often a lot of complaints. A few days ago, I went to play in a community and heard the security guard at the door say: "There is something strange about the girl in Taizhou. Raise a child and take it with her mother." After the girl in Taizhou has raised a child, she will take the child back to her parents' home, or her parents will immediately enter the room, comprehensively Take over all the affairs of the son-in-law's house. The father-in-law and mother-in-law wanted to take care of him, but there was no way for them. As soon as the girl in Taizhou became pregnant, the mother-in-law immediately sounded the battle alarm and entered a state of first-level combat readiness. As soon as the girl is raised, she immediately goes into battle, and automatically assumes all the responsibilities of taking care of the girl and the baby. In the words of the mother-in-law, it is like a child borrowing a girl's belly to raise it, and the mother-in-law is responsible for all the responsibility for the care. If the son-in-law's hometown is out of town, especially in the countryside, and the in-laws want to brush their hands and bring a grandson or granddaughter, it can be said that there is no door, and they can only visit occasionally. This made the son-in-law laugh and cry, not knowing whether to say good or not. After all, taking care of children is very hard, and the responsibility is also very large. But if your own parents also want to take care of the child, there are often some minor conflicts at this time. At this time, the idea of ​​being a son-in-law should be opened up. It is better for someone to rush to take care of the child than to have no one to help take care of the child. Anyway, the child is raised by himself and his own blood. The mother-in-law is more careful with the child, because she and her girl are more considerate, and the two sides can communicate without obstacles. Taizhou's mother-in-law rushes to take care of the child, and the province is famous for protecting the child like a Tibetan mastiff. Once, a mother-in-law hugged her granddaughter and said to my friend, "Look at how can someone take such a good child." Here she refers to the outsiders she refers to her in-laws in the countryside. Taizhou's mother-in-law shows such characteristics, I think it is because of family planning in the past, and only raised a baby girl, regarded as the pearl in the palm of her hand, everything in life. It is a big thing for the mother-in-law that the girl raised a child. Finally, it is time to show off her grand plans and show her talents. At this time, my husband and others are all standing aside, and the world's major events are the only big thing. If the husband is not good at taking care of himself at ordinary times, he can only fend for himself at this time. At this time, the children she brought, in her eyes, were emperors and princesses, and they were definitely baby bumps in the sky. Taizhou's mother-in-law also showed a strong desire to control. The girl's affairs are her own affairs, and sometimes the affairs of the girl's family are also their own affairs, not only their husbands, but sometimes their own sons-in-law through their own girls, which is not appropriate. The girl's house is the girl's house, and the son-in-law has his own parents. It is a good thing to help a girl and son-in-law take care of the children and reduce the burden of the girl and son-in-law, but it is very inconvenient to have to decide everything for the girl and son-in-law. Taizhou's mother-in-law is notorious for being accustomed to girls and the third generation. I remember that a few years ago, a friend of mine had a child who was working in Nanjing, and he was on good terms with a girl in Taizhou. When it came time to talk about marriage, the future mother-in-law proposed that the boy should be transferred back to Taizhou to work and buy a house in Taizhou. Write the girl's name, etc., all the boys agree. But in the end, the expectant mother-in-law made a strange request. The boy felt that he had broken through the bottom line. The prospective mother-in-law proposed that the salary of the girl and son-in-law after marriage must be handed over to the mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law will arrange the expenses for the family. There is also a future mother-in-law, and the girl must go through her eyes to talk to her. She has a high standard for choosing a husband, and at the same time she thinks that her girl is very good, and that there are very few boys who can match her own girl. The girl who made her own is still in her thirties. In fact, women in Taizhou are very shrewd, capable, and protective of their families. Meeting such a mother-in-law is a blessing that has been cultivated for several lifetimes as a son-in-law. But being too concerned about his daughter's family can sometimes lead to the danger of being too late. In fact, it is enough to care about the affairs of the daughter's family to a certain extent. This girl and son-in-law need your help. If they don't need your help, you must not take the initiative to help. Sometimes good intentions can't stick to a hot butt. It's better to dance square dance when you have time to feel comfortable, worry about what you can worry about, and don't worry about what you can't worry about. Taizhou is currently the mother-in-law at that time, who is from the 1950s and 1960s, and has a retirement salary or job. The younger generation basically has no worries about the economy. Some mothers-in-law still have a certain status and status, and most of them are in good health. With such a Taizhou mother-in-law as the backing, as long as you pay attention to handling family relations, and living in this comfortable third-tier city, life is the icing on the cake, like honey. sweet. Due to time constraints, I can only find time to write something about tofu cubes. A lot of it is based on feeling, and it is impossible to cover everything.

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