Why do women like 'bad' guys and what do they do?

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Why do women like 'bad' guys and what do they do?

As the saying goes, "men are not bad, women don't love it", it seems that for those honest boys, most girls prefer those "bad" boys. In their words, it is better to be with such people. There is a feeling of being in love. Of course, one is not the other, it is not that there is no evil, nor that they have no moral bottom line, but that they and those honest boys take different measures when dealing with feelings, and they will make their own efforts to maximize the effect. , and will also use their own methods to make each other's feelings in the best state. So, from a deeper perspective, why do women like "bad" boys, and what do they do?

"bad" boys don't show timidity when they get along with women

Some boys are "too honest" that They don't know how to get along with girls, so when they have dinner or a date with the girl they like, they are either nervous and at a loss, stammering when they speak, or they just don't know what to say. , It became the topic terminator without saying a few words, and then it was the embarrassment of being silent. We all know that the first impression between people is very important. It determines whether the relationship between two people has the possibility of follow-up development. If the first impression is bad, then the other party will not be interested in further understanding. Naturally, there will be no possibility of making the opposite sex like you. Furthermore, women are born with a strong mentality, they hope that the other half can guide them, and they will never fall in love with a man she thinks is pitiful, so women's love for men is always a little adoring. And "bad" boys don't have stage fright when they get along with girls. They are generous and talk freely, and they can always find fun and interesting topics as an entry point for each other's feelings. As a result, they took the initiative in their relationship, and the girls also had the desire to chat further because of the other party's imposing manner, so when they came and went, the relationship was naturally sublimated.

"bad and bad" boys will make women's needs half full

They say that distance produces beauty, then this beauty Where did it come from? In this regard, in the TV series "Mr. Husband", the male protagonist has a line like this to explain - "Beauty is through the imagination of one's own mind, beautifying everything about the other party through one's own imagination, and creating a beautiful Dreams. But there is a distance between imagination and reality. Once the distance becomes closer, then this beauty begins to disappear." When many boys get along with girls, they always try their best to meet the needs of each other and respond to every request, regardless of the details. , Although such a move has a good starting point, it is easy to make the other party's needs in a state of excessive saturation. For example, if we eat rare mountain and sea food once in a while, and we eat it every once in a while, the sense of expectation they bring to us is different. The former is met by chance, so we have expectations, while the latter is due to continuous Satisfied, so it doesn't matter if you have it or not. "Bad and bad" boys don't give up, and they know the frequency of giving. If a person's needs are in a state of oversaturation, no matter how much they give, it won't help. Only intermittent giving can make this giving work. effect.

"Bad" boys know better how to deal with love

Author Munir Nassuf once said this : "The real happiness and joy of life is immersed in the intimate family relationship." The word family is something we cannot escape in our whole life. The childhood self grew up in it, and the adult self will form such a a scene. So, how do boys who grew up in a good family atmosphere deal with love? In our not long life, we want to keep our time from being disturbed by too many negative emotions, so it is necessary for us to learn those techniques that can create happiness. With the influence of parents to create happiness at home, then when they grow up, they will know what to do and how to deal with love. "Bad" boys can tolerate each other's shortcomings when they get along with their other half, but they will never condone without bottom line; he allows the other half to stick to himself, but he will not allow the other half to squeeze himself in the name of love life and work; they bow their heads when they quarrel, but never without boundaries. Because the environment they grew up in told them that good love should be equal and make people feel comfortable and free, so they will definitely not lose themselves for the so-called love. Therefore, they will not condone evil because of their tolerance without bottom line, so women who are with them can experience a non-sticky, non-sticky love relationship, and naturally like them more.

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