What kind of psychology does a man say he loves you but doesn't want to give up his "new love"?

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What kind of psychology does a man say he loves you but doesn't want to give up his "new love"?

If you love someone, you have to manage your love well. When you don't love someone or you like someone else, you should also be honest and open up and tell each other's inner thoughts. Only when you know each other and get together can you give each other feelings. To draw a happy ending, this is an appropriate way to deal with feelings. However, some men in life have two boats, that is, they already have girlfriends, but the other side is still unclear with other heterosexuals, while saying "I love you" to their girlfriends, and on the other side they are ambiguous with other heterosexuals. Unclear, this way of operation makes many people puzzled. In a sexual relationship, a man says he loves you, but doesn't want to give up his "new love", what is the psychology?

The insidiousness of human nature: it is better to have than to lose

Some people have tote bags for shopping and expired washcloths at home Supplies, these things are useless, but I am reluctant to throw them away; the stocks I bought have been green light all the way, I am not willing to throw them away, I think they will rise again; Still refuse to say goodbye. These phenomena seem to be saying that "it is better to have than to lose. Even if it is meaningless when you have it, it must be yours, and if you give it up, it must not be yours". In the process of making a decision about something, people often consider the interests and interests unbalanced. The degree of consideration for avoiding giving up what you already have is far greater than the consideration for acquiring what you don't have. This is the "endowment effect" in psychology, and it is also a manifestation of people's aversion to loss. When a person owns a thing, even if it has no value in his own hands, it still belongs to him, and even if it is useless, it will not cause any loss, at most there is no benefit. But once you lose it, it means that this thing does not belong to you, it means you have to bear the loss, so you will not give up easily. Therefore, when a man says he loves you, but does not want to give up his "new love", it is such a mentality.

A man's true psychology: not giving up on his new love is not because he loves you

Some women will feel that if a man does not give up his new love, there is Say "I love you" to yourself, then in the other person's heart, you must love yourself a little more. It is naive and ridiculous to think like this. Because of our perceptual thinking, we always become blind when dealing with our feelings. numb yourself. If a man really loves you, he will not have a new love, because true love is narrow, it can only accommodate two people, and one more person will feel crowded. If a man steps on two boats, it can only show that he has a bad character. , play on the scene of love, and they love only themselves. Just like the congratulatory letter in the TV series "The First Half of My Life" said: "In the depths of a man's heart, there is hope, a wife will always be a wife, a lover will always be a lover, like two planets, always kept at a distance of 30,000 light-years. , and run in parallel, never intersect." We can't blind ourselves because of love, let alone lose our reason and judgment because of love, when we refuse to come out of the abyss, what greets us will be greater s damage.

The other party does not make a choice, then we make our own choices

Educator Sukhomlinsky said: Emotions are moral beliefs, principled spiritual strengths, flesh and blood, and morality without emotions will only turn into pale language, and can only cultivate hypocrites." Loving someone must have a sense of responsibility, there will be changes of heart, but there are Responsible men will choose loyalty. Furthermore, if you love someone, you must know how to push yourself and others, know how to compare one's heart with one's heart, and know how to consider problems from the perspective of the other person. After knowing that stepping on two boats will make a woman feel insecure, she will not do such a thing, so what? Will knowingly commit the crime? Therefore, such men are exquisite egoists. They have always loved only themselves, and they only know how to think about themselves. When we find out that a man has a new love, and the other party doesn't give up, then it's up to us to give up. We have no reason to waste time with someone who doesn't respect our feelings. It's not worth it. own feelings. Waiting and hesitation are the most ruthless killers in the world. It will let us slowly kill our will by boiling frogs in warm water. Even knowing that the other party is scum, we still like it. Therefore, breaking away and stopping losses in time is the best measure we can take when dealing with such problems. No matter when or who you are with, don't be carried away by love, stay awake and rational at all times, and live in fate, not relationship. If a relationship makes you worry about gains and losses and makes you feel uncomfortable, then it means that this relationship is not suitable for you, and you can have the opportunity to embrace the happiness that truly belongs to you if you let go.

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