Taking the child back to her parents’ home for two months, the husband ordered the wife to come back to serve the mother-in-law, the wife: take care of your own mother

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Taking the child back to her parents’ home for two months, the husband ordered the wife to come back to serve the mother-in-law, the wife: take care of your own mother


The reason why people become particularly heartless must be because they have been deeply hurt before, only The pain in the heart will make people extraordinarily sober. Fang Nan (pseudonym) became particularly sensible because he was oppressed by his husband and mother-in-law.


Fang Nan and her husband Cao Yang (pseudonym) are colleagues. The two fell in love for a long time. After two years of love and long-distance running, they were finally happy. Step into the hall of marriage. At first Fang Nan's parents did not agree with their daughter's marriage, because they felt that Cao Yang listened too much to his mother's words, and Cao Yang's mother was a person who always calculated and took advantage of the small, so they were worried that their daughter would marry Will be bullied in the past. But despite this, Fang Nan's parents finally decided to respect their daughter's opinion, so they agreed to her and Cao Yang's marriage. After Fang Nan and Cao Yang got married, they lived a happy and stable life. Although it was unremarkable, it made Fang Nan feel extra comfortable. But the good times didn't last long. After a year of living like this, it was interrupted by her mother-in-law's malicious interference. Fang Nan's salary is not much, but Cao Yang's salary is more than double Fang Nan's salary, so this disparity in income makes Fang Nan's mother-in-law unwilling. She always disliked Fang Nan's inability to live, she always bought things indiscriminately, and often went out to eat and go shopping. The most important point is that Fang Nan always sends large and small packages to her mother's family, and often gives her mother's family money to subsidize the family. Fang Nan's mother-in-law calculated that Fang Nan's monthly food, drink and entertainment, plus the subsidies to her mother's family, had already far exceeded her monthly salary. Since the monthly expenses will exceed the income, then don't ask, Granny Fang Nan also knows that most of Fang Nanhua's money is from her son, and the subsidy to her parents' family has long been unclear whether it is her own or Cao Yang's. . For this reason, Granny Fang Nan had a great opinion on Fang Nan. She felt that the reason why Fang Nan married her son was all because of her son's money. So she secretly called Cao Yang home and told him Fang Nan had subsidized all his money to his parents' family, and scolded him for being too careless, and he didn't even know if the money was gone. After hearing this, Cao Yang said that he didn't know about it, because he handed over his salary to Fang Nan for management, and he didn't know where Fang Nan spent his money. In order to keep her son's money, Granny Fang Nan gave him an idea. She asked Cao Yang to hand over the salary card to her for safekeeping, and then went back to live separately from Fang Nan. When Cao Yang heard his mother's words, he hesitated. He said that there was no conflict between himself and Fang Nan, and he did not want to divorce Fang Nan. Fang Nan's mother-in-law told Cao Yang that what she said about separation was financial separation, not divorce. As long as the two of them maintain the AA system, everything else is normal. At this time, Cao Yang was relieved, and he agreed with his mother's idea, so that he could protect his own interests without affecting his normal married life. But what Cao Yang didn't expect is that it is impossible for a husband and wife to achieve an AA life. If such an idea is proposed, the husband and wife will have come to an end. Sure enough, when Cao Yang told Fang Nan about the proposal of the AA system, Fang Nan suddenly became angry. Fang Nan said that the husband and wife lived together. . But Cao Yang felt that Fang Nan was guilty. She was afraid that after living in the AA system, she would have no money to subsidize her parents' family, so he strengthened his attitude, but he did not expect Fang Nan to file for divorce in a fit of rage. The AA system life is what Cao Yang wants, but the divorce is not. He had to let Fang Nan calm down first. As for the AA system life, he will talk about it later. During the cold war between the two of them, Fang Nan suddenly found out that she was pregnant. In desperation, she had to give up the idea of ​​divorce for the sake of the child, and she naively thought that Cao Yang would also change for the sake of the child. But to her surprise, Cao Yang was very happy after learning that he was pregnant, but he took advantage of the danger and proposed AA life again. Fang Nan had no choice but to retreat again and again and accepted the proposal. In this way, Fang Nan and Cao Yang lived the life of the AA system, and their daily expenses were all divided into two, and even the expenses of unborn children were shared by the two. Two people also need AA system. As for Fang Nan's subsidizing her family's money, she was naturally borne by herself, which made Fang Nan, who had a small monthly income, feel very difficult, and at the same time, she also felt indescribable grievances in her heart. Finally, the day when the child was born came, but what made Fang Nan feel cold again was that her mother-in-law hadn't been to the hospital to see her and her child, and she deliberately made an excuse to call Cao Yang home. Fang Nan, who had just given birth, looked very helpless as she guarded her child by herself. After Fang Nan was discharged from the hospital and went home, her mother-in-law told her that she was not in good health and could not take care of her confinement or the child. Facing her mother-in-law's indifference and her husband's indifference, Fang Nan regretted her decision very much. Fortunately, Fang Nan's mother took the initiative to take care of herself and her children, which made her a lot easier. Eight years have passed, Fang Nan's child has also reached the age of school, and she has become more and more reticent. The only thing that remains the same is that she and Cao Yang still live an AA life. One day, Fang Nan's mother suddenly felt uncomfortable. In order to take care of her mother and child at the same time, Fang Nan took the child to live at her mother's house for a while, but it was only two months ago when Cao Yang urged him to go home. Nan learned that her mother-in-law was also ill during this time, and Cao Yang was ordering her to come back to serve her mother-in-law quickly. Fang Nan felt very angry when she thought that she was alone in the hospital and was helpless, she said to Cao Yang angrily: "You and I have been in AA for 8 years, and we have always been in charge of our own mothers, why do you think of me now? Here? You have to face! Don't make such unreasonable demands!" Cao Yang even pressed for divorce after hearing this. He thought that Fang Nan would make compromises again for the sake of the children, but Fang Nan unexpectedly agreed. Agreed, this time Cao Yang was dumbfounded, no matter how much he kept, Fang Nan did not look back. The two of them divorced shortly after, ending a marriage that was long overdue.


To live an AA-system life between husband and wife is undoubtedly self-destruction, because no one can accept this abnormal marriage life. . Through Fang Nan's story, we should understand the following two truths: 1. The AA system is the grave of marriage. Although the AA system is fair, it is not suitable for husband and wife. Although the husband and wife also pay attention to fairness and justice, this This kind of fairness is definitely not achieved by the AA system. First of all, both husband and wife live together every day, so it is difficult to share the expenses in daily life fairly. Furthermore, if the husband and wife implement the AA system, the relationship between the husband and wife will only be limited. Farther. Just like Fang Nan and Cao Yang, the relationship between them has been quietly changing the moment Cao Yang proposed the AA system, and the life of the AA system has made the two of them drift apart. The husband and wife are not talking about their hearts every day, but calculating each other. How can such a relationship last for a long time? And the tediousness of the AA system will make two people tired of such a life. AA-based marriage is not a normal marriage life. The real marriage life depends on the husband and wife working hand in hand and working towards a goal together. Only when the husband and wife are united can they create a better future together. 2. People change people's hearts. Only by giving one's own heart can one get back the heart of others. When people get along with each other, they must know how to give, know how to return, and have contacts, and then the relationship will become stronger and longer. Those who are selfish and only want to get, but don't know how to give, will eventually suffer the consequences, because no one will be willing to pay in one direction without asking for anything in return. Just like Fang Nan and her mother-in-law, the mother-in-law was always on guard against Fang Nan before, even deliberately making things difficult for her, and provoked the relationship between her and Cao Yang. When Fang Nan needed to be taken care of after giving birth, she even ignored her. How could her mother-in-law treat Fang Nan like this in exchange for Fang Nan's sincere treatment? Fang Nan chose to refuse to serve her mother-in-law. Only by treating others with sincerity can we exchange for the equal treatment of others, and only this way of getting along can ensure that this relationship will last longer and longer. Text/Fenghua

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