Women who have "stealed" most likely will have these "traces" that cannot be erased

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Women who have "stealed" most likely will have these "traces" that cannot be erased

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. As the old saying goes: "The wild goose will leave a message, but the past will leave a trace." No matter what you do, there will always be some traces left, which are difficult to hide and will be exposed sooner or later. In a relationship, if a woman can't be loyal, when she comes back from the outside, there will be marks on her body, which are difficult to erase. After all, even if some things are concealed, some traces have been immersed in the bones, and they cannot be hidden at all. For example, if a woman has interacted with other people of the opposite sex, she will take on the smell of others, and even her words and deeds will change. Changes like these are the traces left by women, no matter how they are cleaned, they cannot be erased. When a man gets along with a woman, as long as he is a little careful, he can judge whether she is abnormal. Because a woman has other people in mind and has had an intimate relationship, her performance in front of you has long been different from the past. After all, women who "steal people" will most likely have these "traces" that cannot be erased.

1. When I get along with you, I get nervous for no reason

When does a person get nervous? It is when you have a secret in your heart that you don't want you to find out, and you are the most nervous. For a woman, if she betrays you and has a relationship other than marriage, she will be especially nervous in front of you. No matter what she does, she becomes wary, keeps an eye on you, guards you, and doesn't want you to discover her secrets. Because she was very guilty and did something sorry for you, so she was inexplicably nervous. When you see a woman at home, always cautious and always on guard against you, you should pay attention, she may have another opposite sex. Generally speaking, when a woman truly loves you, she is very natural in front of you and will not be nervous at all. Even if there is a quarrel with you or a conflict, she will not be afraid, and she will face you honestly if there is no ghost in her heart. On the contrary, when a woman has a relationship other than marriage and is with another opposite sex, she will always be wary of you. At this time, in front of you, she is afraid that something will happen to her, so she has to be careful with you. At home, she is always mysterious, making you unpredictable and hiding too many secrets in her heart. When you find that a woman has these abnormalities, you should pay attention to it. Under her nervous appearance, most of the secrets that betray you are hidden.

Second, when talking about other opposite sex, it will inadvertently change the topic

Once a woman betrays her feelings, she will not talk about opposite sex-related topics in front of you, and avoid letting You see an exception. For example, at home, if you talk to her about a certain opposite sex, or ask her which friends of the opposite sex she has a good time with, she will definitely be instantly nervous and a little overwhelmed. As a result, she would inadvertently change the subject, and very much reject talking about the opposite sex. In fact, this is what a woman has in her heart. Whenever she talks about friends of the opposite sex, she can't help but think of her lover. Moreover, if you tell her that a female colleague in the company betrayed her husband during her marriage, how close she was to her lover in an extramarital affair, what kind of ambiguous behavior she had, etc. Needless to say, she will definitely take her seat, thinking that you are talking about her, and she may instantly break out in a cold sweat. Therefore, a woman who betrays her feelings will be very repelled to talk to you about the topic of the opposite sex. Whenever you talk to her about other people of the opposite sex, she can't wait to change the subject, hoping to use other things to cover up her guilty conscience. Such a woman never talks about her friends of the opposite sex, just to cover up her faults. Because, as long as she talks about other people of the opposite sex, she will think of lovers outside, and it is easy to become flustered. Therefore, she will try her best to avoid this topic, so as not to be discovered by you. Once the relationship is exposed, she will not be able to bear it at all. From this detail, a man can see whether there is a problem with a woman, and it is generally not wrong.

Third, I like to pick on your faults, everyone is better than you

If a woman "steals people", her attitude towards you will change greatly change, never love you like before. Before, she thought that you were better than anyone else, and that she would be very happy to marry you. However, when she is ambiguous with other people of the opposite sex, she will suddenly be disappointed in you, feel that you are not the most ideal object, and feel that marrying you will suffer. For example, she thinks that you are not as romantic as others, and you don't know how to make her happy, and you don't understand the style in your relationship, and so on. Moreover, in her opinion, you are not as capable as others, and you did not give her the happiness she wanted. At this time, her attitude towards you will suddenly become cold, always picking on you, and seeing that everyone is better than you. In fact, when a woman starts to pick on you, thinks you are not good, and thinks you are useless, it is a sign of a change of heart. A woman who truly loves you will not dislike you so much. Even if you are not good, she will understand you, respect you, and create a happy life with you. On the contrary, when a woman has someone outside, she will lose confidence in you and will no longer understand you. If she doesn't like you, she will scold you. At home, she will often nag about your shortcomings, as if she was wronged by marrying you. After all, such a woman has experienced many wonderful moments outside, enjoyed too much romance and fun, and has long since fallen in love with you. Therefore, she keeps picking on your faults and thinks that everyone is better than you, which actually proves that she has changed her mind and has feelings other than marriage and love. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: To sum up, women who "steal people" will most likely have these "traces": when they get along with you, they will be inexplicably nervous; when they talk about other opposite sex, they will inadvertently change the topic; they like to pick on you The problem is that everyone is better than you. In short, whether a woman has a problem, whether she is loyal to her relationship, can be judged from these aspects. The smallest details can prove the quality of the relationship, whether a woman loves you or not, it is clear at a glance if you observe carefully. Therefore, if a man finds that a woman has these abnormalities, he should not be careless, and must stop it in time, so as not to lose more than the gain. Whether it is love or marriage, once the relationship is not pure and stained with flaws, it will never go back. I hope that men and women in reality don't treat their relationship as a child's play. Loyalty is always the bottom line and the basis for maintaining an intimate relationship. Remember! END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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