My wife of 13 years of marriage is seriously ill, and his child asks me to sell my house to save my life. Is it wrong for me to disagree?

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My wife of 13 years of marriage is seriously ill, and his child asks me to sell my house to save my life. Is it wrong for me to disagree?

Aunt Liang is 53 years old and has no children in her life. Maybe because she has no children, Aunt Liang thinks more about herself, especially on some major issues. Because of this, people around her think that Aunt Liang is selfish, callous and inhumane. Aunt Liang thinks that she is not wrong, who is not thinking more about herself, so when the stepchildren asked Aunt Liang to sell the house to save their father, Aunt Liang decisively refused, not Aunt Liang ruthless, but Aunt Liang's clear understanding Now that my wife's illness can't be saved even if I sell the house, why should I do this useless work, and it will also affect the rest of my life.

Do not do it for oneself, the world will be destroyed 1

The reason why the stepchildren ask Aunt Liang to sell the house is that their father once paid 30% of the The house payment, although the house does not write the father's name, but should also have a share. Aunt Liang retorted: "I won't sell the house. You are right to say that I am ruthless. I am indeed selfish, but who is not only for themselves, aren't you?" Aunt Liang really felt that her life was suffering, and the first A marriage that everyone envied was a perfect match, but divorced because Aunt Liang couldn't bear children. After the divorce, Aunt Liang planned not to marry again. But at the age of 38, he met his second wife. This man was sincere and did a lot of things that moved Aunt Liang. Aunt Liang's frozen heart finally melted and she decided to gamble on her fate again. At the age of 40, Aunt Liang entered the Civil Affairs Bureau again. The second wife is 9 years older than Aunt Liang, and both a son and a daughter have grown up. Aunt Liang lost the first marriage very badly. After the divorce, she didn't even have a house. She had been renting a house for so many years after the divorce. She married her second marriage partner. Aunt Liang had only one request, which was to buy a house.

If you don't do it for yourself, the world will be destroyed 2

The reason why Aunt Liang is willing to marry her second wife is because the second wife is willing to pay 30% of the rent paid for her to buy a house, and she also agreed to only write her name on the house book. Aunt Liang, who has experienced a failed marriage, will consider her own interests more when considering things. Thirteen years of marriage, life has been flat and warm, Aunt Liang thought that she had made the right fate this time. Unexpectedly, fate played a joke on her again. The second wife had just passed her 61st birthday, and her body had a problem. The doctor said that she was not optimistic and needed an operation. However, even if the operation was successful, it would only prolong her life for a few years. Simply put, even if you spend money, you can't save your life in the end. Because of this, Aunt Liang personally thinks that it is better not to toss. Anyway, at this age, it is better to have a good life for a few years than to suffer another knife when dying, and suffer in vain. What's more, their economic conditions are not very good, and after spending this money, their later life may not be guaranteed.

Differences of opinion

There is no right or wrong in the world, just different positions and different opinions. Aunt Liang thinks that his wife should not spend a lot of money and get a knife, but the children of the second wife don't think so. They think that their father is still young, and even if he only has a few years to live, he should give it a shot. However, gambling requires money. In the thirteen years of their second marriage, Aunt Liang and his wife did not save much money. The wife's one son and one daughter married and started a family, which had already emptied his wife's savings, and even Aunt Liang's money was posted. Went in quite a bit. Now, there is only less than 50,000 yuan in the bank card, which is not enough to treat my wife's illness even a fraction. My wife is also willing to give up the treatment herself, resigned to fate, but his son and daughter are unwilling to live and die. He also scolded Aunt Liang for being cold and impersonal. Is it ok? Aunt Liang completely ignored the yelling of her stepchildren, pretending she didn't hear it. But the stepchildren refused to give up, and went directly to Aunt Liang to let Aunt Liang sell the house. They also said that their father also paid for the house at the time.

Insist that you are not wrong

Everyone is selfish, but one should not ask others to be generous while being selfish. Aunt Liang admits that she is selfish, because she has no children, because she is only 53 years old, and there is still a long way to go for the rest of her life. Therefore, Aunt Liang will not sell her house to save her wife. Of course, Aunt Liang will not ask her stepchildren to take their own The house was sold to save their father. However, the stepchildren are very unreasonable. They are unwilling to sell the house themselves, but ask Aunt Liang to sell the house. They considered their own situation, but did not consider Aunt Liang's handling. As for the 30% of the house payment, my wife did pay it out. However, in the past 13 years, Aunt Liang has also put in a lot of various expenses for the marriage of the stepchildren, and it has to be measured in money, Aunt Liang thinks Also evened out. Aunt Liang admits that she is selfish, but she is not wrong. To her wife, she has devoted herself to the thirteen years of her life. In the last few years of her wife's life, she will still do her best. Besides, she will not make any concessions, much less Sell ​​the house.

Concluding remarks

If you don't do it for yourself, you will be destroyed! Aunt Liang's insistence is more rational. If a single woman with no children and no daughters doesn't even have a house, her old age will only be a miserable word. What's more, she paid most of the money for this house, and she has the right to decide what to do with it. Anything, we must do what we can, and feelings sometimes have to face reality. Although the filial piety of stepchildren is commendable, it should not be built on others, but should be figured out by themselves, do you agree?

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