The son and daughter-in-law went on a wedding trip, but the mother-in-law insisted on going with her. Three days later, the daughter-in-law was so angry that she went home early

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The son and daughter-in-law went on a wedding trip, but the mother-in-law insisted on going with her. Three days later, the daughter-in-law was so angry that she went home early

Taiwanese author Long Yingtai said: The so-called father-daughter-mother-son just means that your fate with him is that you are constantly watching his back in this life. You stand on this end of the path and watch him fade away where the path turns. Moreover, he silently told you with his back: No need to chase. This passage is very classic. It expresses the relationship between parents and children. Although it sounds a bit disappointing and sad for parents, this is the reality. Of all the loves in the world, only the love of parents and children is gradually separated, and the other loves are gradually approached. Since there is a gradual separation between parents and children, at a certain point, parents have to learn to let go. Only when the parents let go can the child spread his wings and live his own life smoothly. If parents are reluctant to break up and just drag their children, it is against the law. Violating the rules will definitely be punished. So no matter how reluctant parents are to their children, they must learn to let go. This is also love for children, and children yearn for freedom.

My son and daughter-in-law are going on a wedding trip, and my mother-in-law has to go with her.

When Aunt Lu was young, her husband was out of tune and was always there. Aunt Lu was heartbroken by messing around with flowers outside. If it weren't for her son, she would have divorced her husband long ago. Because her husband broke her heart, she poured all her feelings into her son, and the son became everything to her. When my son was going to college, he wanted to go to a university in another place. Like other young people, he wanted to see the outside world. But Aunt Lu firmly disagreed. If her son left, how would she live alone? Although her husband has stopped going out to mess with flowers, Aunt Lu couldn't forgive him, so she separated from him. My son had no choice but to choose a university in the city. After his son was admitted to university, Aunt Lu did not allow him to live on campus because Aunt Lu wanted to be with her son. My son often feels very depressed because he is so stuck with Aunt Lu that he has almost no freedom. For example, when the son came home a little late, Aunt Lu would keep calling to urge him to go home quickly; when his son’s friends came to play, Aunt Lu would always be among them, not letting them be alone at all; what would the son buy? Aunt Lu had to agree to buy it... My son also quarreled with Aunt Lu, thinking that Aunt Lu was controlling too much. She didn't get divorced, and suffered a lot of grievances in her marriage; for her son, she worked hard to earn money, and she was reluctant to eat and wear... When Aunt Lu said this, her son felt like he owed a huge debt, and he felt like a like sinners. If it weren't for him, my mother wouldn't have lived so hard; if it wasn't for him, my mother would have been divorced long ago and would have a new life. Later, when her son was looking for a partner, Aunt Lu interfered in every possible way. She kept urging her son to find a partner, but after his son found a partner, she felt that she was going to lose her son, so she couldn't help destroying it, forcing her son and his girlfriend to break up. Because of Aunt Lu's relationship, my son talked to several girlfriends, but they all broke up. It was not until the age of 31 that the son became a girlfriend, and this was done after hiding the situation of Aunt Lu. After the girl learned about their family's situation, she sympathized with her son and understood him very well, and the two gradually fell in love with each other. The son brought his girlfriend home after he had obtained a marriage certificate from his girlfriend. At this time, the raw rice had already been cooked, and Aunt Lu had to agree to it, or to agree to it. Aunt Lu was very unhappy, but she had no choice but to arrange a marriage for her son and daughter-in-law. After the wedding, the young couple decided to go on a wedding tour for a week, but they didn't expect Aunt Lu to go too. Of course, the daughter-in-law didn't want to bring the light bulb with her mother-in-law, so the son did Aunt Lu's ideological work, but Aunt Lu was crying and making trouble, so she insisted on going. My son and daughter-in-law were traveling by car. When we set off, Aunt Lu stayed by the car early. The young couple had no choice but to bring Aunt Lu. Aunt Lu was very happy and said that after she and her husband got married, her husband never took her on a trip, and now she is borrowing it from her son and daughter-in-law. But after arriving at the first tourist attraction, we quarreled because the tickets were too expensive. Aunt Lu thought the tickets were too expensive, and said that it was enough to just walk on the street outside the scenic spot, but her daughter-in-law felt that she had come a long way and she should go in and have a look. Besides, this is their wedding trip, of course it will cost money, so don't be too stingy. So the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had a conflict for the first time. In the end, Aunt Lu took her son and did not enter the scenic spot, and the daughter-in-law went in alone. But what's the point of daughter-in-law playing alone? Besides, after quarreling with her mother-in-law, her daughter-in-law was in no mood to go shopping for a long time, so she walked out after shaking in the scenic spot, and Aunt Lu scolded her for wasting money again. When it was time to eat, my son and daughter-in-law wanted to eat in the restaurant, but Aunt Lu felt that the restaurant was too expensive, so she brought dry food. Let's eat dry food! There was another conflict between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law. This time, the daughter-in-law compromised, and accompanied Aunt Lu in the car to eat dry food with her son, but the daughter-in-law was very unhappy. When staying in a hotel at night, normally two rooms should be opened, but Aunt Lu insisted on opening a standard room. There are two beds in the standard room, he let his son and daughter-in-law sleep in one, and she sleeps in the other. The daughter-in-law asked her son to open two rooms, and Aunt Lu scolded her son, grabbed the ID card in her son's hand, and went to open the room herself. The first day of the trip was very unpleasant. My son and daughter-in-law thought that the next day might be better, but the next day was even worse. Moreover, every time the son and daughter-in-law want to sit together, the mother-in-law insists that she sit with her son and put the daughter-in-law on one side, and the daughter-in-law is like a superfluous person. The son is in a dilemma. In fact, he also really wants to be with his new wife, but his mother always clings to him. He didn't go with his mother's heart, and the mother said how much hardship and grievance she had suffered for him. If it weren't for him, her mother would have lived a good life... On the third morning, my son and Aunt Lu were still asleep. At that time, the daughter-in-law quietly left the hotel and took public transportation to go home. Later, when the son and mother-in-law woke up and found out, they could only go home. After arriving home, Aunt Lu scolded her daughter-in-law again, saying that she went home alone without even saying hello. The daughter-in-law was unhappy with the quarrel with Aunt Lu, so she let her son choose, either move out with her for a single life, or divorce. The son chose to move out to live alone, and the two decided to rent a house. When Aunt Lu found out, she was very anxious. She cried, made trouble, and hanged herself. She called her daughter-in-law a vixen and wanted to abduct her dearest. The son ignored her, and just quietly told his wife that if Aunt Lu followed him to live in their house, they would go to work in other places, far away from Aunt Lu, and the wife naturally agreed.

After the son gets married and starts a family, the mother-in-law must learn to let go

Because of her unhappy marriage, Aunt Lu poured all her feelings into her son, and the son just Like her life, she has to hold on to her son firmly. So she was full of hostility towards the arrival of her daughter-in-law. She felt that her daughter-in-law was like a robber, who came to steal her son's love. If the son hadn't left Aunt Lu decisively, otherwise his son's marriage would definitely not have been preserved. In fact, Aunt Lu's psychology has been twisted. She firmly holds on to her son and does not let go, which is preventing his growth. The relationship between husband and wife is the core relationship of a family, because there is a problem with this relationship, Aunt Lu is misplaced. She wrongly placed the feelings she should have for her husband on her son. When the young couple goes on a wedding trip, and the mother-in-law insists on going with them, and points out, no young couple will welcome them. When the son is married and has a family, the mother-in-law will learn to let go and let the son live his own life. The sons and daughters-in-law have formed a small family. They want to have their own lives. If the mother-in-law gets involved, there will definitely be family conflicts.
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