When a woman has a crush on you, there are often three kinds of "body language", don't understand

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When a woman has a crush on you, there are often three kinds of "body language", don't understand

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. The woman in secret love is the most affectionate, and she will put all her thoughts on you. Although women are very reserved and dare not express their love, in the face of men who are tempted, they simply cannot control their emotions, and there will be obvious abnormalities in their words and deeds. Generally speaking, when a woman doesn't like you, what she shows is politeness and courtesy, and she will keep a distance from you at all times. However, when a woman is really emotional and falls in love with you from the bottom of her heart, she will not be so polite, but will approach you inadvertently. Once a woman recognizes you, she will firmly want to develop a relationship with you, as long as you take a little initiative, she will accept you. Therefore, a man must learn to judge a woman's mind based on her body language. Once she finds out that she has a crush on you, she must pursue it decisively, so as not to mistake her true love. After all, a woman who has a crush on you often has these three "body languages", don't understand.

1. The body is unnatural in front of you, and the eyes are a bit dodgy

The woman is secretly in love with you, and she has long regarded you as an ideal I hope to establish a relationship with you as soon as possible. However, in front of the man she is attracted to, she will be a little nervous, her body is very unnatural, and she especially cares about your attitude. Whenever she looks at you, her eyes are a little dodgy, just because she is worried that you will see through her mind. If you don't like her, it's easy to make her sad and shy, and feel like she's being selfish. However, she doesn't want to miss you, and she will definitely not help peeking at you. Although her eyes are dodging, her peripheral vision must be on you. Therefore, when a man finds that a woman is with you, his body is always unnaturally tense and trembling, and if he doesn't look at you, he must understand that she must love you very much. In fact, every woman will be a little nervous in front of the man she likes, especially when she is just getting along, she may be at a loss. If you get close to her, it will make her very unnatural, and she doesn't know how to get along with you. In her panicked appearance, there is also a hint of helplessness. Maybe, she will say the wrong thing and do some childish and ridiculous actions, all because she cares about you. For example, when she wanted to drink juice, she got it wrong, put your bottle in her hand, and felt embarrassed afterwards. Or, she didn't know where to put her hands, either pulling the corners of her clothes or pulling her hair. These are all cases of nervousness. A woman is so unnatural in front of you, and her body feels that there is nowhere to put it. In fact, she loves you too much. When a man realizes this, he should take care of her with his heart, and believe that she will choose you firmly.

Second, implying that you send her back, intentionally asking you to pursue

When a woman interacts with you, if you imply that you send her home, intentionally give you a chance To pursue, it shows that she has a crush on you in her heart, and she may have liked you for a long time. At this time, you seize the opportunity to boldly show her your love, and she will definitely be very happy to accept you in a relationship. If a woman has a crush on a person, she will try to create opportunities for you, hoping that two people will develop an intimate relationship as soon as possible. Although she never said "I like you", some of her actions revealed her love to you, and men must be aware of it in time. When a woman separates from you, suggesting that you send her back is actually giving you an opportunity. You take the initiative to be her "envoy", believing that the relationship will move forward quickly. After my friend Miss Lu met her boyfriend at work, she liked it very much and wanted to develop into a couple with her boyfriend. So she waited for her boyfriend to go out together after get off work every day, and intentionally hinted that she could send her away, hoping to shorten the distance between the two parties. The place where her boyfriend lived happened to pass by her community, and it was easier to pass by. Miss Lu took the initiative to tell her boyfriend that she wanted to ride his ride. Boyfriend is not easy to refuse. Facing a beautiful girl like Miss Lu, he also has a good impression in his heart. In this way, the two commuted to get off work together every day, and the relationship quickly became close. Soon the boyfriend made a bold confession, and the two successfully established a romantic relationship. Therefore, if a woman has a crush on you, she will find many opportunities to approach you. If there is no opportunity, she will create opportunities and intentionally let you pursue it. Don't miss it when a man meets you.

Third, intentionally touching your hand will make you blush and be shy

A woman has a crush on you, and there is a common body language, that is, when you get along with you, you will deliberately touch your hand. However, whenever she has physical contact with you, she will blush and be shy, and that shy look is very cute. The woman who really likes you is very eager to be with you, even if there is intimate contact. However, in order to maintain restraint, women do not dare to be too direct in many actions, but only touch your hand intentionally or unintentionally to attract your attention. Such a woman is not casual, but is really in love with you and can't wait to be with you. For example, when she gets along with you, she will pretend to ask you to open the bottle cap of mineral water for her, and will touch you on purpose the moment she picks up the bottle. Or, when a woman walks with you, she always accidentally collides with your body, or even pretends to fall and takes the opportunity to fall into your arms. At this time, the woman will be very sweet in her heart and be very excited, but she will also be very shy at the same time, and her face will turn red in an instant. Maybe, when she spoke, she would also stutter, not knowing what to say, her mind went blank. When a woman behaves like this, she actually has a crush on you, she hopes to fall in love with you, and waits for you to pursue her. If a man meets such a woman, he will boldly pursue and confess that she likes you so much, if he misses it, he will definitely regret it in the future. Ye Feifei yff Emotional Message: Secret love, usually a person's turmoil, will be very tormented, but it must be very sweet and full of good expectations. If a woman really likes you and wants to develop a close relationship with you, she will definitely have high hopes for you. As long as a man is a little careful, he can see through her mind. To sum up, a woman who has a crush on you will often have these three "body languages": her body is unnatural in front of you, her eyes are a little dodgy; it implies that you send her back, intentionally asking you to pursue it; intentionally touching your hand, will Blushing and shy. A woman has a real love for you, she will always keep you in her heart, and cherish every moment with you. She expects you to pursue her as soon as possible. As long as you strike out boldly, I believe that you will soon harvest beautiful love. I hope that when men meet true love, they can firmly grasp it. As long as they give their sincerity to each other, there will be a happy future. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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