Men and women who want to love each other for a long time cannot do without these 3 fresh-keeping tips

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Men and women who want to love each other for a long time cannot do without these 3 fresh-keeping tips

Recently, a couple on Douyin have been bombarded with daily sweetness. Their romance is not reflected in the sense of ceremony of various festivals, but the sharing of every detail in daily life. A girl is a person who especially likes to discover the joy of life. Every time she sees something interesting, she will share it with boys, and boys will also respond to everything. Even if they go to the beach to play together, girls will happily run over to study the crab hole when they see it, and will tell the boys to hurry over to see it. And although the boy will mutter to the camera: "Look at her, she always makes a fuss, hey, it looks like I will play for a long time..." Having said that, when he runs to the girl, he will smile at her again. She said, "Oh, I found something interesting, let me take a look..." Small things like this can be seen everywhere in their lives. After being together for three years, no matter what strange things the girl finds out, the boy will give her a positive response. Of course, love goes both ways. The boy was originally a sensible and boring man in science and engineering. Under the influence of girls, he likes to discover the beauty in life more and more, and learn to share it with girls. In his words, things that were originally boring, when shared with people you like, will become particularly interesting. In them, I believe a sentence: love is talking nonsense with the person you like and doing things that seem meaningless. I also gradually understand that in an intimate relationship, the most important thing is not height, appearance, or material things, but the willingness to share your life with the other person, and your sharing happens to have a response. This is love. I used to think that the phrase "loss of the desire to share is the beginning of the show" was a bit hypocritical, but it wasn't until I experienced some things that I realized it was the truth. No matter how introverted a person is, how inarticulate, when facing the person he likes, he will definitely have the desire to express. And if you lose your enthusiasm for a person, let alone share your life, you don't even have the desire to talk to him. Therefore, the relationship between two people is very wonderful. They will become more and more intimate because of sharing, and they will gradually drift apart because of the loss of the desire to share. Because of this, if we want to maintain a long-term relationship, we need to give and respond with sincerity. So, how do you maintain the desire to share in a relationship? 01

Love needs to be shared, but also needs to be responded

In recent years, whether it is TV dramas or social news, the phenomenon of middle-aged and elderly couples getting divorced has become more and more common. This also sparked a lot of debate. Some people think that they are getting old, the hardest days are over, and it is time to enjoy the happiness. At this time, they want to get a divorce. They are just asking for trouble. There are also people who believe that life is their own, and it must be unbearable that they still choose to divorce because of this age. Looking at the reasons for divorce among middle-aged and elderly people, very few people actually cheated. Most of them have nothing to say and don't feel cared about. I also read a news before that an aunt who was nearly fifty years old suddenly filed for divorce. Not only did outsiders not understand it, but her children also objected. In her words, after 20 years of marriage, in the eyes of others, she and her husband really respect each other and never quarrel. But only she herself knows that she is not happy, because her husband talks more to outsiders than she does, and if she wants to quarrel with him, she also punches cotton, meaningless. Their roles in the family seem to be performing their own duties without interfering with each other. Sometimes the family is so quiet that a needle can be heard falling to the ground. The follow-up news has not been brushed again, and I do not judge whether it should be divorced or not, but from a personal point of view, I think the loneliness of two people is indeed more uncomfortable than the loneliness of one person. When two people are together, even if love has become family affection, there is no need to be greasy and crooked when young couples are in love, but they also need to communicate and respond. I saw an elderly couple who were still very loving in the park, and the scene left a deep impression on me: the grandfather found a beautiful red flower that had just fallen, picked it up happily, and pinned it to the grandma's ear. Then, the two held hands and laughed and continued to enjoy the beautiful park scenery. They give me the feeling that they have always seen the scenery along the way in life together like this, it is so beautiful. That's how love can't help it. When you see interesting things, you can't help but share it with each other. When you see all the beautiful scenery, you can't help but show each other. So, if you happen to like such a person who is willing to share her mood and beauty with you, give her more serious feedback to let her know that she is cared for. In relationships, the most fearful thing is to be silent, each with his head down, and each playing with his own mobile phone. If one party starts to perfunctory, the other party will gradually be disappointed, and finally everyone becomes indifferent to this relationship. The reason why the desire to share is mentioned repeatedly is because it is an important link to maintain a relationship. After all, whoever shares it with will give passion and love. No one is a fool. If there is no response to sharing, it is not love. Don't let your feelings fail in the perfunctory that you think is irrelevant without knowing it. 02

Long-term relationships require a common topic

Talking about sharing this topic, I remembered last year that I was addicted to a small culture of Hetai, and I couldn’t help but talk to him at that time. Good friend Xiao Luo shared. She said that she liked it before, because of her words, I started to give her Amway, and every time there was a new material, I would share it with her. At first, she would respond to me every time, but later she told me politely that she has a new hobby now. At that time, she felt that her enthusiasm was pouring cold water on her, so she deliberately said to her: "We have no more topics to talk about, let's just do it." Then she replied to me and said, "We can seek common ground while reserving differences, although I don't Love the culture, but we have other common interests..." So she listed a bunch of other things we had in common, and was really overwhelmed by her gentleness and patience. Yes, no matter how intimate the relationship is, we cannot force others to like what we like. Even if it is because the other party is regarded as a very important person, I share it with enthusiasm, but I can't force the other party to accept it. No one likes the other person sharing only their favorite things, favorite topics, or day-to-day whining. If you only think about your own feelings regardless, and don’t think from the perspective of the other party at all, in the long run, it will not only bring pressure to the other party, but also kill the enthusiasm of the other party to communicate. After all, some things are not given by you, and the other party must accept them with gratitude. Sharing is always about your love and my wishes, not the trivial talk of one party. This is especially true of love. To maintain a positive interaction in a relationship, both people must actively explore common hobbies and common topics. Only in this way can we stimulate each other's desire to share and communicate continuously. 03

No matter how close the relationship is, you need to pay attention to proportions

I saw a netizen on Weibo shared the story of him and his ex-girlfriend, He said that work was very unsatisfactory for a while, and he just wanted to open Douyin after get off work in the evening to get a fast-food-style happiness. But every time he opened Douyin, he saw dozens of Douyin from his girlfriend, and he would read a few words seriously and respond to her, saying that he had read it. But after dozens of replies, I feel like I'm dealing with work. I don't reply, I say I don't care about her, I reply, and I feel too annoying. So he told his ex-girlfriend too much information, and the ex-girlfriend was unhappy, saying that since you don't like it, I won't send you a single message in the future. As for why they broke up later, he didn't say, but it can be seen from this small incident that their breakup was inevitable. To tell the truth, everyone is an adult, and everything needs to be measured. Uncontrollable desire to share can sometimes lead to a relationship crisis. The original intention of sharing is to make the other person feel your happiness too. If your sharing makes the other person feel uncomfortable, then you have to pay attention to your sense of proportion. Because no matter how close a relationship is, you need to be measured, and sharing too much complicated content may cause trouble for the other party. Everyone has their own private space and is eager to enjoy the quiet moments when they are alone. This is human nature, so it is more necessary for those close to them to understand. This requires that while maintaining the desire to share, we must also learn to restrain and let go of the desire to share, so as to better develop a healthy relationship. But no matter what, the subtext of sharing is often like, so cherish the person who is willing to share and respond to you. Author | Aida is an Aquarius who is imaginative, an education practitioner who learns computer, hobbies reading books and watching movies, and by the way, studies the way of getting along between the sexes, and firmly believes that the luck of life is earned by oneself. The illustrations in this article, any website, newspaper, TV station, company, organization or individual, may not be used in part or in whole without authorization.

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