The study found that the more men love the more addicted women, there are 3 "characteristics" that are obvious

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The study found that the more men love the more addicted women, there are 3 "characteristics" that are obvious

A man's falling in love with a woman is not universal, because love itself is unique. Its appearance must require certain conditions, not for nothing. Or it is a whim, so it can make a person's emotions reach the level of love, then it must be because of meeting the person who is destined to make him fall in love at first sight. Love itself is beautiful, and the more you love, the more addicted you become, the more you can prove that this love is pure and thorough. However, in interpersonal communication, the relationship between people is based on value reciprocity. That is to say, the reason why a person falls in love with another person is because the other person has some kind of different value, so that they can have such feelings. The study found that the more men love the more addicted women, there are three obvious commonalities.

Follow your heart and dare to be your truest self

Qu Xiaoxiao in the TV series "Ode to Joy" is known as a song Fairy, she dares to love and hate, what to say. Although she is a rich second generation, although she is the most qualified to eat and wait to die, she will never stand still. She has always worked hard for her career. She doesn't care about other people's opinions. She is frank and casual. They are doing their truest self. When everyone wears a mask and lives cautiously and hypocritically, those real people will become a clear stream, bringing a different light to people's hearts, and Dr. Zhao likes such a real and candid Qu Xiaoxiao . In fact, truth is more attractive than hypocrisy, because after seeing other people's disguise, after seeing those intrigues, it will not be able to produce true charm. Therefore, we should not pay too much attention to the opinions of others, nor should we seek our own value from the mouths of others, but should follow our own hearts, respect our own needs, express ourselves rationally, and dare to love and hate.

Sober and independent, never complicit

I wrote an article before: "I just found out that those who marry well women are misfits.” In fact, this proposition is a true proposition, and because it is not gregarious, it will not be congenial. Because you don't fit in with others, you don't need to cater to the rhythm of others. Because you don't fit in, you can listen to your inner voice and talk to your soul. Because I don't fit in with the group, I can clearly know what I want, and then continue to work hard to become a better version of myself. Things gather together and people are divided into groups. When one person becomes excellent, it will naturally attract excellent people. Then two people stand on the same angle to think about problems, and then keep making progress in thinking. A person, once in the group, will lower their IQ, because they will suppress their own needs in order to cater to the group's preferences, and they will rely on the group to make decisions for themselves. However, this way of boiling frogs in warm water will gradually wear down a person's will, making a person more and more mediocre. Moreover, a person who is always habitually dependent on others will naturally not be respected by others. And those who don't fit in are different. They don't know what kind of person they are from other people's mouths. They get along with themselves and enjoy being alone, so that inspiration can come from the soul without being disturbed. Rooted and sprouted. All those glorious moments in life need to be repaid through loneliness.

Perseverance and self-discipline to become the best version of yourself

Some people know they are fat, but they look at other people's slim body. Zi was also envious and clamored to lose weight, but they didn't exercise and controlled their diet unreasonably. Some people have already made a detailed study plan and decided to take all the certificates at one time and go through them again and again. As a result, they lay in the bedroom the next day and played with their mobile phones all day. Four days over and over again. Even if such a person wants to have a sweet relationship with a high-quality man, even if a relationship is confirmed, she is destined to be unable to make a man love him to the point of being addicted, because she herself does not have the value of making others addicted to love. , how is it possible? For some people, they will give up those comforts and turn to sculpting themselves, exercising, sweating, controlling their diet to shape a beautiful body curve; studying, reading books, controlling the time they spend on mobile phones, and constantly for themselves of intrinsic value. Such a person exudes a different charm, which will naturally make men love her to the point of being addicted.

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