18 years of husband and wife, in the end, you think I'm annoying, I think you're indifferent, what's the problem?

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18 years of husband and wife, in the end, you think I'm annoying, I think you're indifferent, what's the problem?

0146-year-old Liang Ming has a family that looks very happy to outsiders. His wife is one year younger than him and has been a housewife for 14 years. She is said to be a housewife. In fact, she is also responsible for the rental of two houses. They have a 16-year-old son who is rebellious and hard to get. They have three houses, a one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom, and they live in the three-bedroom. There is a car that Liang Ming drives, and his wife drives an electric car. Liang Ming is a technician in the unit. He is already an engineer and his salary is good. But he always complained that life was unsatisfactory, mainly because he was dissatisfied with his marriage and thought his wife was not good. Liang Ming said that once the gentle, beautiful and understanding wife, why is there no longer? The current wife, in his eyes, has a lot of problems. She doesn't dress up, has no career, she only knows how to make trouble with him all day long, and the little things will turn the world upside down... The most quarrel between the two is because of Children, children are very rebellious, Liang Ming believes that it is all his wife's education, and the responsibility lies with his wife. 0220 years ago, Liang Ming and his wife Xiaoli met at a friend's birthday party, and they fell in love at first sight. But the parents of both parties disagreed, and Xiaoli's mother thought that the conditions of Liang Ming's family were too poor. Liang Ming's mother has strong self-esteem. Since the wife's family doesn't look down on their family, they don't want this daughter-in-law! But Liang Ming and Xiaoli insisted on being together, and they each fought against their mothers. After fighting for two whole years, the parents of both parties had to agree, and then Liang Ming and Xiaoli got married. In the first two years of their marriage, the two were like glue, very loving. So much so that the parents of both parties felt that they should not have objected to their marriage in the first place because they were so in love with each other. But in the third year of marriage, with the birth of a son, problems began to arise. When the mother-in-law came to bring the child, because of different concepts and different living habits, frictions occurred between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law every three days. Liang Ming was caught between the two women, in a dilemma, suffering from splint. Speaking of which, the change in Liang Ming's relationship with Xiaoli may have started during the war between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. After two years, the economic conditions of the couple have improved a lot. After discussion, the two decided that Xiaoli would be a full-time mother after resigning. Only then did the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law be resolved, and the family no longer quarreled for three days. At that time, both of them felt relieved. 03 The reason why Xiaoli is willing to be a full-time mother is also related to her family of origin. Her mother is a strong woman type. When Xiaoli was growing up, her mother had been working hard and had very little time to accompany her. So Xiaoli's heart is very lack of love. It is because of lack of love that when Liang Ming gives her love, she will marry him desperately. Now that Xiaoli is also a mother, she doesn't want her children to grow up in an environment that lacks a mother's home like her. Xiaoli loves her son very much. She will not save money when she buys things for her son. My husband works outside, so he needs to dress decently and have enough pocket money on hand, so he can't save money. The only person who can save money is Xiaoli. Anyway, she stays at home, doesn't need to wear beautiful clothes, and can deal with it casually when she eats. Therefore, Xiaoli's living materials have dropped to the lowest point, and she wants to save money and pave the way for her son. Xiaoli is very good at financial management. They first bought a one-bedroom, then a two-bedroom, and then a three-bedroom. When they moved into the two-bedroom, Xiaoli rented out the one-bedroom; after moving into the three-bedroom, Xiaoli rented out the two-bedroom, so they had a good monthly rental income. 04 Even though Xiaoli is at home every day, she is actually very busy. She keeps the house spotless and takes good care of her husband and children. But her husband always said that she was comfortable at home, and she couldn't see her efforts at all, as if she enjoyed it so much. Husband is the shopkeeper and doesn't care about everything at home. He also throws smelly socks everywhere, never washes a pair of chopsticks, never buys vegetables once... Xiaoli thinks that the child is old, she wants to find a job, but her husband is used to it. Because of Xiaoli's contribution to the family, she did not agree with her to find a job. Once, the father-in-law went to the countryside and caught some eels. After they brought them to her son's house, Xiaoli wanted her husband to kill them. But the husband dragged on for a week without killing, and in the end Xiaoli did. When it was time to eat, Xiaoli complained, but her husband said in a quiet voice: You can kill yourself, why did you ask me to kill? Every day after her husband gets off work, Xiaoli really wants to chat with him, but her husband either doesn't speak or refutes Xiaoli. It's really because she doesn't talk for a while, Xiaoli feels very crazy, so she makes trouble with her husband, and then her husband slams the door and leaves. Many times, Xiaoli called her husband countless times, but her husband would be indifferent. But after a phone call from a friend, her husband ran faster than a rabbit, and Xiao Li's heart was especially hurt. 05In the blink of an eye, 18 years have passed, and now the marriage has become Liang Ming thinks Xiaoli is annoying, and Xiaoli thinks Liang Ming is indifferent. The two of them had almost nothing to say except about their children. Xiaoli didn't want to put her hot face on her cold butt. Since Liang Ming didn't talk to her, why did she have to speak? Slowly, Xiaoli and Liang Ming were like neighbors living under the same roof. After the son entered the rebellious period, he was very disobedient, so the husband blamed Xiaoli and scolded her for not educating the child well. Xiaoli felt that the father also played a role in the child's growth, but Liang Ming was always eating, drinking and having fun outside, and he never accompanied the child at all. Xiaoli also wondered if Liang Ming had another woman outside? So she checked Liang Ming's mobile phone, checked his clothes, checked his whereabouts, etc., but found nothing. On the contrary, after being discovered by Liang Ming, he severely reprimanded her, and then there was a long cold war. In fact, Liang Ming never thought about divorce. Although he was not satisfied with Xiaoli, divorce was a painful matter, and he didn't want to struggle too much. Xiaoli didn't want to get divorced either. She bought everything in this family, and I was reluctant to give up. Besides, she also has to think about her son, and she doesn't want her son to grow up in a single-parent family. 06Both of them don't want to get divorced, and they live in harmony with each other. This is also a kind of torture and suffering, but why is this happening? The main problem is that the two people don't move in sync, they don't have a common language, and they don't understand each other. Liang Ming didn't know anything about the family's affairs, because he had never done it at all. As for work, Xiao Li, who has been a housewife for more than ten years, no longer understands the cruelty of competition in the workplace. The greenhouse environment at home made Xiaoli lose the courage and confidence to go outside to fight the storm, so when Liang Ming objected to her going to work, she accepted the status quo. It's like walking. Xiaoli and Liang Ming are walking on two different roads. You don't know what I've been through, and I don't know what you've been through, so they can't feel each other's feelings. Therefore, it is said that only when people have experienced the same thing can they empathize and understand each other better. There is still a lack of communication between Xiaoli and Liang Ming, and the main responsibility should lie with Liang Ming. When Xiao Li spoke to him, he did not respond to Xiao Li in the same way, nor did he open his heart to Xiao Li. There is no communication between them, and they don't know each other's feelings, so they can't understand each other. 07 What Xiaoli wants is very simple, but her husband gives her more care, affirms her contribution in the family, and is willing to listen to her voice. What Liang Ming wanted was a like-minded and understanding wife. It is best that this wife is also well-dressed and has a leisurely elegance, a woman who can satisfy his vanity as a man. The things Liang Ming asked for were petty bourgeoisie. Only those women who didn't cook and do laundry, had no children, and spent a lot of money could pursue petty bourgeois life leisurely and elegantly. Xiaoli has undertaken all the chores in the family, and has no extra time and energy to pursue those elegance, so their husband and wife are not in harmony. People tend to pay more, the more they know how to cherish. If Xiaoli wants to change the status quo, she must make Liang Ming pay more in the family and let him participate in the process of building the family. When he has done what Xiao Li did, he will understand Xiao Li and cherish Xiao Li. Liang Ming needs to listen to Xiaoli's heart more, communicate with her more, feel the woman's joys and sorrows, and at the same time tell this woman his own. Husbands and wives can only breathe together and share a common destiny. Only then can the two hearts get closer and closer, and the marriage relationship will be harmonious and happy. When the husband and wife relationship is harmonious and happy, the parent-child relationship will also be improved, and the child will not be particularly rebellious.
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