I just found out that women don't need love at all when they reach middle age.

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I just found out that women don't need love at all when they reach middle age.

When a person reaches middle age, life will become busy and depressing, especially for most women, they all have an expectation: "If the years can turn back." Unconsciously, the "Xiaoxia" in the old man's mouth has been Become the 45-year-old "Old Xia" in other people's mouths. It was raining that day, and she was walking on the street with an umbrella. Her mother was sick. The doctor said that if she was lucky, she might have a one-year survival rate, and there would be high medical expenses in the future. She didn't know what to do. Walking to the bank, she made a living allowance for her son, who was away at college, and then called him whimpering. After getting on the bus, she went home. As soon as she opened the door, she smelled of alcohol as always. He didn't go home again last night. She would have had a big fight with him before, but now she has no strength. Looking at the yellowed wedding photo on the wall, she couldn't stop crying. In the past, despite the opposition of her family, she married this man like a moth to the fire. She carried it hard when she had no money. She did not add new clothes for herself during the Spring Festival for several years. Sky drying net. She thought that as long as she was gentle enough and sacrificed a little more to the family, she would be able to live a good life and the two of them would be happy. Obviously, reality hit her hard. Day after day, the quarrels between them became more and more. At first, her husband would coax her, and then he would just beat her and scold her. Even in the days when she was pregnant, she was crying. spend. When she was young, she also liked to cry to everyone, complaining about what happened to her in love, and yearning for her husband's love, but when she was middle-aged, she loved no one, and was used to being alone when she suffered all this, she was not disappointed , live at ease. Madame Curie said: "If a person's interest in life is all based on the stormy emotional impulses of love, it will be disappointing." Stumbled and walked on the road of love, we discovered that in the middle A young woman doesn't need love at all.

The reality of life

Lu Yao wrote in the book "Ordinary World": "Love should really be built on the solid foundation of real life. Otherwise, it is a fruitless flower blooming on the living tree of life." The current situation faced by middle-aged women is actually very embarrassing. Faced with a variety of unexpected difficulties. If you are blindly in love with the brain. He is often hammered by reality. In the TV series "The First Half of My Life", Luo Zijun is a typical woman who is overwhelmed by love. When her best friend put all her energy into her career, she was still entangled in love all day long. She regarded her husband Chen Junsheng as everything to her, and she still lived like a young man from before the love to her marriage for many years. children. He would still spoil her before, but the longer the time passes, the less spiritual communication between the two of them will become. Luo Zijun never sees this and still lives in his own love fairy tale. Chen Junsheng was bored in this relationship. He fell in love with Ling Ling and divorced Luo Zijun.


Middle-aged women who recognize the reality should learn to be independent, think about the meaning of marriage independently, and face each other independently. to the problem at hand. It seems that middle-aged women who are struggling in marriage will realize a truth all over their bodies: "No love is a light." Instead of looking forward to it, when you put all your attention and energy on one person , it's better to keep your time and energy to yourself. The more you get to middle age, the more trivial things you will encounter. When a woman puts the blame on a man, the contradiction will naturally appear. On the contrary, at this time, the woman will become the one in the mouth of the man. Resentful woman. Don't set too high expectations for love. Middle-aged women should face themselves and spend a lot of energy, time and material to enrich their inner self. With the evolution of time, women will become more confident because of their own efforts. Because of their independence, they will become less complaining and self-pity. Once love is compared with reality, no matter how good love is, it will be a complete failure. When entering middle age, women face everything rationally, and what they get in the end is the most ideal appearance of marriage. Whether it is living alone or giving silently in marriage and sexual relations, middle-aged women should look at love with wisdom and pursue the current road with a forward attitude. Finally, I send it to all middle-aged women with a sentence from Annie Baby in "Weibo": "All girls who ask each other to accommodate your willfulness and bad temper and must meet various requirements will suffer a lot in the end. , expecting the other person to love you alone in his life will also endure hardship, half of women should live like men" Reference materials: "Marriage Psychology", "Part Psychology"

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