When a woman is over forty years old, the closest person around her is this one

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When a woman is over forty years old, the closest person around her is this one

A woman in the TV series "Thirty Only" started from scratch with her husband when she was young, saving money little by little. Since their life was very hard at the beginning, the woman has always been very simple. Even if the living conditions improved later, she was reluctant to buy luxury goods for herself, because she knew that it was not easy for her husband to make money. Until that day, the husband brought the woman he had been raising outside and came to her and said he wanted to divorce her. At that time, she didn't seem to be too angry, but looked at the well-dressed woman calmly. The other party is wearing a famous brand, and the skin is delicate and smooth, how about yourself? His clothes were white from washing, his hair was dry and his face was sallow. The only bag I could get my hands on was the one my husband bought for me at a street stall back then, and I was still reluctant to carry it. The woman said that if she were her husband, she would also choose that good-looking woman. Before this, women always believed that their husbands were their own and the closest person to them. But now it seems that it is not. The husband can accompany him to endure hardships, but he cannot share happiness with himself. It was also at this time that women began to understand that once they passed the age of forty, the closest and most trustworthy person around a woman was never someone else, but herself.

What you need to understand is that everyone has their own meaning to live

01), everyone has their own life in this The reason in the world, and this reason has never been purely for others. Song Qian in the TV series "Little Joy" believes that being nice to her daughter is the meaning of her existence. So she urged her daughter to study, hoping that she could live a better life, but she never thought about whether this love was what her daughter wanted. Her daughter wanted to go to Nanjing University, but Song Qian felt that she was too far away to take care of her daughter, so she disagreed with her daughter. As everyone knows, the reason why my daughter wants to go to Nanjing University is to escape her mother's desire for control. The woman in the TV series "Thirty Only" thought she could go to the end with her husband, but found that everything was just her imagination. 02), Fan Shengmei in the TV series "Ode to Joy" is filial to her parents, but her parents who prefer sons to daughters have always regarded her as an ATM. When they are short of money, they think of having a daughter. On weekdays, they never call I care about how well my daughter is doing. We always feel that when we come to this world, we must do something for others to be meaningful. In fact, our real purpose in this world is to make ourselves feel happy. Everyone has their own meaning to live, or to see the scenery, or to meet the most beautiful soul, but these are all to make oneself happy and make oneself happy. Therefore, the most important thing in a woman's life is to learn to make herself happy.

We must first learn to love ourselves

Before a woman turns 40, she spends most of her time with others, taking care of the family People's daily life, they never feel distressed when they buy clothes for their husbands and children, but when it is their turn, they have not added a new dress to the closet for many years. In the process of giving, all of us forget to love ourselves, and those who bear our giving also feel that this good is deserved. In the long-term preference, they have unilaterally lost the ability to truly care about others, so we have failed to love ourselves, and others have not learned to love us. Trevor Noah once said this: "I often regret the things I didn't do, the options I didn't choose. Most of the time we are afraid of failure, afraid of rejection. But Regret is the thing we should fear most. Failure is an answer. Rejection is an answer. But regret is the eternal question that you never get the answer to." We always hesitate to give for ourselves , and then missed many opportunities that could have been better. In this world, a woman must master the ability to love herself in order to be happy, because a person who cannot truly love himself will naturally not be able to truly love others.

Women should learn to please themselves

Pleasing oneself is actually a kind of ability that enables us to live in this turbulent world. Finding a piece of inner peace that we can give ourselves the happiness we want without having to depend on anyone else. Mr. Qian Zhongshu wrote this sentence in the book "Besieged City": "There is a bunch of grapes, some people start from the worst grapes and eat them all the way to the best ones, keeping hope forever ahead; People are on the contrary, the more grapes they eat, the worse they get, until they are desperate." This is the case with many women, who give all the good things to others, but keep the grievances to themselves. If you can't please yourself, then you don't have to. Expect others to please you. Therefore, we must live for ourselves, make ourselves feel happy, and learn to please ourselves, so that life after the age of forty will become meaningful.

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