Gender relationship: 2 "killers" that are easy to put marriage to death

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Gender relationship: 2 "killers" that are easy to put marriage to death

Marriage and family need two people to maintain and manage together, and need to be constantly built and repaired with sincerity, sincerity and true love. In real life, some people are good at business and can make marriage and family harmonious and happy, while some people are not good at business, and in the end they are exhausted physically and mentally, and both sides suffer. In marriage and family life, it is easy for husband and wife to put the marriage to death due to personal reasons, until it eventually disintegrates. Now, let's talk about the two "killers" that are easy to put marriage to death.

First: Excessive nagging of wives, especially things that are not pleasing to the eye

Women like nagging, this is a very common The phenomenon. In family life, wives are unavoidable to nag and nag when they don't like what their husbands are doing or their little faults. Appropriate nagging has a certain positive effect, and can urge the husband to correct his shortcomings, overcome his own small problems, and avoid making some mistakes. Such nagging is the lubricant of husband and wife's feelings, which can deepen the trust between husband and wife, and work together to make the family run better. In everything you do, you have to talk about the degree and the measure. If a wife has to nag about a lot of things in her daily life, even though she has a good heart, it is for the sake of a better husband and a better family, but she is always nagging throughout the day, who will fix it? Tian's ears are always listening to the endless nagging, which will make him upset. Even if his wife is right, he will gradually develop disgust and dissatisfaction. If the husband resists, it will cause quarrels and make the family fight endlessly. . In fact, in many cases of divorce, one of the main "killers" is the excessive nagging of the wife, which really makes the husband unable to bear this mental torture any more. .

Second: Emotional fatigue in husband and wife, one of the parties is emotionally derailed

After a couple enters the marriage hall, emotional fatigue may occur in a few years, that is, The two lived together all day, and gradually lost their sense of freshness, and their common language became less and less. In addition, they had to face a lot of family chores every day, and they quarreled from time to time. It felt like boiled water, and the more boring it was. After emotional fatigue occurs, if one spouse cannot resist the temptation of the flowery world, they go outside to find so-called happiness and excitement, make friends of the opposite sex, chat with female netizens, develop love over time, and eventually develop into lovers. This is when one party has a non-specific relationship and engages in extramarital affairs. Although this is a sneaky thing, many times it will reveal clues and let the other party find out. The fire cannot be contained in the paper, and the day when the extramarital affair is finally revealed, the consequences will be serious. It is conceivable that it will definitely trigger a "big earthquake" in marriage and family. In a word, both husband and wife have the responsibility and obligation to maintain the marriage and family well. Running a marriage and family well requires the joint efforts of both parties. Major conflicts and disputes should be avoided, and especially try not to have these two “killers” that are easy to kill the marriage. ".

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