What are the differences between men and women after falling out of love?

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What are the differences between men and women after falling out of love?

After men and women become adults, they are faced with falling in love, and they all dream that they can have a beautiful romantic relationship, that they can have a lover who truly loves them, that they can connect with their hearts, and finally enter the marriage hall and stick to each other until they grow old together. Of course, in love, due to various reasons, lovers will break up regretfully. The taste of lovelorn is painful and unforgettable. It takes a long time to heal the wounds in the soul, and it may be difficult to forget this relationship for a lifetime. . So, do men and women behave the same after a breakup? In fact, it is not the same, let's talk about it below.

First: Men will suffer for a while after falling out of love, women will suffer for a long time

Men will suffer after falling out of love , but it won't last for too long, because a man's strong character will quickly cheer him up, and there is no grass in the world, so let's find a new love again, so that the new love can dilute the pain of lovelorn. Women often suffer for a long time after falling out of love, because for women, what they lose is not only a relationship, but also the feelings and efforts they put in, especially if they lived together with their ex-boyfriends. A big blow will make a woman feel unbearable and feel that she has lost a lot in her life, especially this will affect her reputation more or less, and affect her future marriage and family life. This kind of psychological shadow will last for many years. . In real life, there are many women who have lost their love by threatening their ex-boyfriends to change their minds by committing suicide. Some women jump off the building after losing control of their emotions. After some people called the police, the police came to know the reason why the woman wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building. Afterwards, she will first try to get in touch with the woman's ex-boyfriend and let him come to persuade him. There are countless examples of this, which are enough to show how hard a love breakup is for women who have lived with ex-boyfriends.

Second: Men will continue to pursue new love after falling out of love, while women will be timid and afraid of love

After a man has fallen out of love, he will suffer for a while, He will pursue new love, and climb up where he falls. This is the character of a man. He will not be depressed all the time, and let himself be trapped in a lovelorn and unable to extricate himself. After a woman loses love, not only will the pain last for a long time, but it will also be a great blow. She will not come out of the pain of lovelorn quickly, so she has no intention to pursue new love, and she will be timid and timid about love. Fear is like "once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of a well rope". In short, we should look at breakup in two parts. Whether it is a man or a woman, we should calm down and reflect on it. What is the main reason for the breakup, whether it is your own reasons or the other party's reasons, you should be positive Learn lessons, always slow down experience, and achieve "eating one bite grows one wisdom", which will help you pursue new love in the future, instead of blindly suffering, if you lose it, you will lose it forever, and no matter how painful it is, it will not help.

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