In the heart of middle-aged women, there are generally these three "potential needs", don't understand

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In the heart of middle-aged women, there are generally these three "potential needs", don't understand

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. In reality, many men feel that middle-aged women have little needs and often ignore their feelings, which is obviously wrong. The reason for this is that men feel that they have been married for so many years, and they are both old and married, and there is no need to care for women's emotions. When a marriage becomes dull, women often feel aggrieved and feel left out by men. Therefore, men must not ignore the needs of middle-aged women. Although they are growing in age and have more life experience, they still long for the love of men in their hearts. Only by knowing more about a woman's psychology, truly entering the depths of her heart, giving her care and companionship in time, and solving her emotional needs, can marriage be more harmonious and stable. Generally speaking, middle-aged women have these three "potential needs" deep in their hearts. Don't understand them.

First, longing to be loved by you in the palm of your hand, and devoted to her

A middle-aged woman who has experienced marriage and The baptism of life, the body and mind have become very mature. However, deep down in their hearts, they still long to be loved by you in the palm of their hands, and hope that you will be dedicated and not let her down. In itself, middle-aged women have a girlish heart in their hearts. Although they have been married for many years, they still yearn for romantic love. Therefore, men should not ignore the psychological feelings of middle-aged women. If you are half-hearted with her, you will definitely disappoint her. At this stage, even if a middle-aged woman lives a stable life, she will worry about her own gains and losses. If she can't be cherished by you, she will lose confidence in the marriage, and even have no expectations for you, and it will be difficult for her to be happy. Furthermore, a woman's mind is inherently sensitive, and once you ignore her often, it's easy for her to think wildly. For middle-aged women, they cannot feel that you are devoted to her, so they will have a lot of suspicion. Once there is a gap between husband and wife, the relationship will be affected. The so-called "how much love, how much hate", when a woman is disappointed with you, or even suspects that you have betrayed her, she will not give her sincerity in the future, and the relationship will inevitably become indifferent and alienated. Therefore, men must know more about the minds of middle-aged women, give them care and company, and take care of her with all their hearts. As long as you love her unswervingly and truly care about her, I believe she will follow you firmly and grow old with you.

Second, when you lose your temper, I hope you will coax her instead of accusing her

I found that men in real life like to go when a woman loses her temper. Accusing her will make the woman even more angry. Because, when a woman loses her temper with you, she doesn't want you to tell her the truth, let alone bear your accusations and criticisms. At this time, they most hope that you will come to coax her, comfort her, and care about her emotions, so as to make her feel at ease and warm inside. The same is true for middle-aged women. They are already very tired in their marriages, and there will always be times when they are in a bad mood. Therefore, when she gets angry with you and nags you, please don't blame her, let alone quarrel with her. The correct way is to coax her with your heart, take care of her emotions, and let her calm down as soon as possible. In fact, it's a woman's nature to be emotionally fickle, and it's easy to make her sad if you don't take care of her in time. When a woman suffers more grievances, it is inevitable that she will be disappointed in her relationship, and thus reject you even more. This requires a man to understand more about the psychology of a middle-aged woman. Whenever you see her getting angry with you, don't accuse her head-on. No matter if she is wrong or not, you have to coax her first, and she will accept it when she is in a better mood and then you reason with her. If you get bored with her, accuse her of being vexatious, or be indifferent to her, it will make her even more chilled. It's not easy for middle-aged women. They go to work to make money, worry about family chores after get off work, and take care of children at the same time, which will inevitably become emotional. Therefore, men should be more understanding and tolerant of middle-aged women. Once they find that she is in a bad mood, they should coax her and become her strongest backing. I believe she will love you more.

Third, I don’t want to be left out by you, and I long to perform the “gift of husband and wife”

In the deepest heart of middle-aged women, in fact, what they fear most is being left out by men, Especially not wanting to be separated from men. In their view, only with men can they have a real sense of security and be full of hope in life. In reality, some men often neglect women, and even separate from women for some reasons, which will cause great physical and psychological harm to women. In fact, as long as men do not make mistakes of principle, middle-aged women are eager to be more intimate with men in order to maintain a harmonious relationship. The most important thing is that they are eager to perform the "gift of husband and wife", as long as they are by your side, they hope to be loved by you. Therefore, men must pay more attention to the feelings of middle-aged women, understand their needs, and avoid making her feel cold. No matter what kind of middle-aged woman, when she returns home, she hopes to be hugged, kissed, and further contacted by men. In fact, the most direct way for husband and wife to maintain their relationship is nothing more than intimate contact. The best state of marriage is the fact that husband and wife share the same bed. I hope that men can pay more attention to the emotional needs of middle-aged women, and don't neglect them, so as not to cause couples to become alienated. As long as you care about middle-aged women in time, get close to them more, and really pamper her with your heart, I believe she will give up on you. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: To sum up, middle-aged women generally have these three "potential needs" deep in their hearts: the desire to be loved by you in the palm of your hand, and to be devoted to her; when you lose your temper, I hope you Coax her instead of accusing her; don't want to be left out in the cold by you, and long to do "marriage." When a man gets along with a middle-aged woman, he must be careful. Even a couple who have been married for many years should give her the best care and love. Whether a woman loves you or not is not measured by money, but by your attitude and actions towards her. As long as you really care about the feelings of middle-aged women, let her feel the quality of love in the details of life, and I believe she will firmly accompany you to the future. I hope that men can cherish the middle-aged women around them with their hearts. She has given everything for this family and lost herself. Don't let her be sad and disappointed again. After all, for them, you are the warmest support and the nostalgia for a lifetime. As Mitchell said: "For the world, you are a person; but for a person, you are his entire world." END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creating and sharing in the emotional field, and use emotions to communicate between you and my heart , I wish you and I knew each other here, if you like it, please follow me.

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