How to resolve conflicts between husband and wife in marriage and family? Teach you these three tricks

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How to resolve conflicts between husband and wife in marriage and family? Teach you these three tricks

Couples live at home, open a few things, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea. Husbands and wives live under one roof and face all kinds of trivial matters. Some household chores can be handled well, while others are tricky and not easy to handle. If they are not handled properly, differences will arise, which will lead to quarrels and conflicts. Most family conflicts are the result of accumulation over time. If they cannot be handled properly, it can only be that the relationship between husband and wife has been tense, and the relationship has gradually become estranged, until a greater crisis of the relationship between husband and wife occurs. So, in marriage and family life, how to resolve conflicts between husband and wife? Here are three tricks for you.

First: One party takes the initiative to show weakness and seek reconciliation from the other party

There are many reasons for the conflict between husband and wife. Differences, different starting points for considering problems, etc. In short, each of them fights with their own temperament. After a disagreement, you say you are reasonable, I say I am reasonable, and the needle points to Maimang, which will lead to conflicts and disputes. If the husband and wife do not show weakness, this will always be a state of confrontation. This requires one party, especially the man, to take the initiative to lower his posture, show weakness and friendship to the other party, and say some sweet words to coax women, so as to ease the tension between the two parties. If you have any shortcomings or mistakes, you should sincerely apologize and seek the understanding of the other party. As the saying goes: husband and wife are fighting at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed. As long as one party shows weakness and friendship, the relationship between husband and wife will generally return to good.

Second: Strengthen communication, talk calmly and have a good heart

Many family conflicts are also caused by the lack of effective communication between husband and wife in daily life, and less communication , feelings are prone to estrangement and misunderstandings. Therefore, after a conflict between husband and wife occurs, they should both calm down, find a suitable opportunity to have a good heart-to-heart talk, and find out more about the advantages and bright spots in each other's daily life. contradiction.

Third: Ask an intermediary for reconciliation

The conflicts between husband and wife have been accumulating for some time, and they have also been at war with each other for a while. If you feel It is not easy for anyone to take the initiative to show weakness or goodness. You can ask relatives and friends who are familiar with the husband and wife to come and persuade them, analyze the reasons for the conflict, judge who is right and who is wrong, preside over justice, and the wrong party can admit it in person Make a mistake and then apologize to the other party, which is also very easy to resolve the conflict. In short, after major conflicts and disputes between husband and wife occur, they must be resolved in time. Otherwise, the longer the delay, the more difficult it will be to resolve. , The emotional estrangement between husband and wife gradually widened until a marriage crisis occurred, and then it would really end badly.

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