Sexual intercourse, inventory of 3 hot topics in love

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Sexual intercourse, inventory of 3 hot topics in love

The love period of young men and women is a very beautiful and romantic time in life. In order to express their sincerity and love to each other, men and women in love will give each other a lot of care and care, and be willing to sacrifice themselves for each other. everything of. In love, you will often date, meet, chat, get along very well, deepen understanding and trust, and your relationship will continue to heat up. Chatting is very important. If you can chat, you will chat speculatively and chat on every date. Have fun, be very happy and contented mentally, so that the attraction to each other will be stronger. Because some people don't know how to chat, they have nothing to talk about, so they get cold and feel like they have nothing to say, which makes both parties feel embarrassed. Therefore, it is still necessary to master some love chat skills, especially those hot emotional topics, which will make the relationship between the two parties deepen and the relationship continue to be harmonious. So, what are the hot emotional topics in love? Below, a few are listed.

First: Past life experiences

Everyone will have rich life experiences and experiences, some of which are very meaningful, unforgettable; some things are funny, especially childhood ones, that make you laugh when you think about them; some are painful experiences, which you will remember deeply, these are fascinating experiences, lover Also willing to listen. If you share these experiences with your lover, you can not only deepen the mutual understanding, such as character, temperament, temperament, style of life, etc., but also enhance the emotion in love.

Second: Your family situation

If you are in a relationship, you can tell the other party about your family situation, such as family members work situation, parents' character and temperament, how they treat others and do things, the academic or career development of siblings, family economic conditions, family style, etc. In fact, these are also the situations that the other party wants to know very much. After all, it is related to their own vital interests in the future, and it is related to whether they are happy after entering the marriage and family.

Third: Imagine a common future development

What is the future development of the relationship between the two of them? How to live a good family life, how the careers of the two will develop in the future, etc. These are also emotional topics that receive attention and attention. Let’s imagine the future together, which will make both parties increase their self-confidence, fly together, work together, help each other, and work together. Progress will also make the relationship more stable. In short, the hot emotional topics in love are closely related to both parties, and they are also things that attract a lot of attention and want to know more. Open your heart and have an in-depth chat, not only can you chat speculatively, but also increase trust and affection, of course. To be flexible to master and use, will achieve better chat effect.

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