A Good Way to Conquer a Woman: "Delayed" Satisfaction in Three Ways

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A Good Way to Conquer a Woman: "Delayed" Satisfaction in Three Ways

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. In reality, some men feel that women are too difficult to conquer, and they work hard but have no substantial effect. In fact, this is all caused by men who do not fully understand women's psychology and pay blindly. With a woman, if you don't care and love her properly, she will definitely make her ignore you. This requires men to be more careful, to know more about women's minds, to know when they need you the most, and to take corresponding actions in order to get twice the result with half the effort. Furthermore, if you want to conquer a woman, you must not be too impatient, everything must be done step by step, love her in every possible way when you should be enthusiastic, and keep a distance from her when you should be cold. On the road of pursuit, she must advance and retreat in order to successfully break through her defenses. After all, a good way for a man to master and conquer a woman is to "delay" gratification in three ways.

First, don't pester her frequently, delay the pace of pursuit

When a man is pursuing a woman, don't stalk her, if If you keep entangled, it will definitely make her very disgusted. At this time, what you have to do is to delay the pace of pursuit and let her have her own space. A woman hates being surrounded by men, and she'll get bored of you if you're hanging around her all the time. Smart men will give women a certain amount of space to do their own things and have their own social relationships. When a woman feels free and feels comfortable with you, she will naturally give you a favor. On the other hand, if you pursue a woman so desperately that she doesn't have any personal space and pesters her all the time, it will only make her hate you. Therefore, if a man wants to conquer a woman, don't be impatient. Slow down in everything, so that a woman can let go of her worries and allow you to pursue her. If you pursue a woman and put a certain amount of pressure on her, she will definitely become more and more disgusted, feel uncomfortable with you, and naturally won't accept you. For example, some men message women all day long and chat with them all the time, which is definitely not going to work. Another example is that some men go to see a woman every day, either waiting at her work place or on her way home, which makes women especially stressed. Men need to know that if you pester a woman like this all day, she will lose her own space, and the tighter you push, the more you will keep her away from you. Therefore, to conquer a woman, it is best not to be too hasty. You might as well delay the pace of pursuit, but it will make her look at you with admiration.

Second, don't be too humble and delay your contribution

In reality, some men are very anxious when they meet a woman who is attracted to them, for fear that they will be one step behind. Let others get ahead. Therefore, they pay endlessly to women and do their best to meet women's needs. But what was the result? It is often the man who gives everything, but the woman does not cherish it, and does not take you to heart at all. Because, for women, the easier things are, the less they care, and they will only treat you as a free cash machine. When you are no longer valuable and can no longer meet the needs of a woman, she will definitely leave you immediately. This kind of man, as the old saying goes: "Lick to the end, you have nothing." Therefore, a man must not be humble in his relationship, and must maintain his dignity. No matter how much you love women, you must have your own confidence. Only by letting women look up to you will they favor you. Therefore, what you have to do is not to pay blindly, but to delay paying and not satisfy a woman with everything. Especially when a woman makes unreasonable demands, you should be more cautious. Many times, you know how to refuse, but it will make her look up to you. In any relationship, no one really cares, let alone cherishes, what is easy to get. Men should not let women think that you are her payment tool at any time. Once you pay without bottom line, you will not get her heart in the end. On the contrary, when you pay for her selectively, she will pay more attention to you, and you will win the favor of women if you are not humble.

Third, get along with principles, delay your doting

A man will almost dote on the woman he likes, and can't wait to hold it in the palm of his hand to love it. However, when you love her without principle, it will only make her disrespect you even more, and even treat you as a servant who will come and go. Once in love, the status between you and a woman is not equal, and she will be used to ignoring you, and even take your contribution for granted. Therefore, when men and women get along, there must be principles, not to be too indulgent, but to delay your doting. A man can indulge a woman, but he must not condone a woman. Your love must have a bottom line. In fact, human nature is like this, the more you give, the easier it is to be ignored by the other party. When a woman is used to enjoying your doting on her, she will feel superior to you in her bones, and will naturally not respect you. If you can continue to love her and go with her in everything, it may keep her with you. Once one day, you are not so enthusiastic about her and no longer dote on her, it will definitely make her a huge gap and feel that you don't love her anymore. At this time, women will basically leave you to find a better man than you. You give everything to get such a result, why bother? Therefore, even if a man loves a woman deeply, he must master the principles. When he should spoil her, he should not hesitate. However, when he should be indifferent to her, he should keep a distance from her, and don't condone her. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: To sum up, to conquer a woman, you need to "delay" satisfaction in these three aspects: don't pester her frequently and delay the pace of pursuit; don't be too humble and delay your efforts; get along with principles and delay your doting . Therefore, no matter whether it is love or marriage, a woman cannot tolerate and condone her without a bottom line. Men need to understand that if you pay blindly to a woman and obey everything, it will not make her cherish you, but will feel that you are too humble and care about you. This requires men to learn how to conquer women. Never blindly follow their feelings. Your contribution must be valuable. Love, sometimes like a game, does not mean that the more you invest, the more you gain. On the contrary, if you delay gratification, let a woman feel your sincerity, and let her understand the value and hard-won love of love, she will cherish you even more. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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