The guy's monthly salary is 18,000 yuan, but he is disliked by the blind date girl: less than 20,000 yuan monthly salary, what face is there for a blind date?

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The guy's monthly salary is 18,000 yuan, but he is disliked by the blind date girl: less than 20,000 yuan monthly salary, what face is there for a blind date?


Blind date is a more efficient way to find a suitable marriage partner, getting to know each other in the process of chatting with each other, Come and cultivate your relationship, and if you're lucky, you'll even meet a soul mate that's perfect for you. But the purpose of the communication between the two parties is to get married, and the "bargaining" is also because the two sides have seen the right eye. In recent years, some women have been influenced by some unhealthy trends on the Internet, and they have made nonsense about their blind date partners, which is really strange. Xiao Zhao (pseudonym) participated in a blind date event and was "sprayed" from head to toe by the blind date girl, which made him very speechless.


At the scene of the collective blind date, Xiao Zhao suffered a serious mental blow. He never thought that if he was just here for a blind date, he would be picked on to the point of useless by a strange woman. In fact, Xiao Zhao came to participate in the group blind date, and it was his friends who gave him the idea. Because Xiao Zhao is 29 years old, but he has never had a girlfriend, and he is very introverted and shy, and he doesn't dare to talk to girls. In addition to normal work conversations, he can hardly open his mouth to chat with girls in private. Friends encouraged him to sign up for group blind dates, an environment where he was less nervous and better than having a one-on-one conversation with a woman. During the blind date, Xiao Zhao didn't dare to choose a good-looking 25-year-old girl because he lacked experience with women. When he saw a good-looking 25-year-old girl, he summoned up the courage to invite her to chat. The girl's personal information wrote her job and salary level, family conditions: ordinary working family, monthly salary of 3,000. It stands to reason that such a girl should be an ordinary person, with some small hobbies, usually busy with work, and a little padded jacket for her parents, which is in line with everyone's impression of ordinary girls. However, as soon as Xiao Zhao sat down, he saw the girl walking over wearing a pair of very high heels. She could not walk easily. The makeup on her face was so heavy that she could hardly see her original appearance. Domineering boss appearance. Seeing this posture, Xiao Zhao couldn't understand the character of the other party. Before he could speak, the girl spoke. The girl said, "I read your profile, how come the monthly salary is only 18,000?" Xiao Zhao was stunned, is she kidding? Isn't the monthly salary of 18,000 yuan already very high in this third-tier city? And she only has a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, why would she ask such a strange question? The girl didn't wait for Xiao Zhao to react, and continued to attack: "You are less than 1.8 meters tall and weigh 60kg. You are so thin and so short, don't you really think that there are women who can like you?" He is good at coping with private conversations with women. Now this woman is in front of everyone, and he has been counted in detail, which makes Xiao Zhao even more nervous, and can't help but stammer: "I...I..." The girl put Xiao Zhao down Zhao's data card fell on the table and said, "Are you stuttering or dumb? A waste of my feelings! Not to mention, your monthly salary of 18,000 yuan is not even 20,000 yuan. What face is there to go out on a blind date? What a waste of my time!" After that, the girl got up and left without looking back. The organizer and Xiao Zhao's friend looked at it from a distance and felt that something was wrong, so they hurried over. Xiao Zhao was always very shy and embarrassed when facing girls, but now he was ridiculed and ridiculed by this woman in front of so many people, and humiliated him to the point of wanting to find a hole to burrow in, feeling very socially dead. Although he is very good, although it is not his fault, he cannot accept it emotionally, and he will go home if he no longer continues blind dates. After this bad blind date experience, Xiao Zhao is even more afraid of women, and he doesn't want to fall in love anymore, and he doesn't want to get married. A female employee of Xiao Zhao's company was very angry when she found out about this, because she had always had a crush on Xiao Zhao, but she was embarrassed to say it and had no chance to get along in private. This incident made the female employee extremely angry and found the contact information of the blind date. She investigated and found out that this woman lied about her age, but she was actually 28 years old. She had failed in love many times and was always dumped by men. Looking at her circle of friends, it seems that she read some strange remarks on the Internet a few months ago, and began to frantically belittle men. The female employee understood that this woman was psychologically distorted because she couldn't get married, and took pleasure in attacking those excellent men who would never marry her. The female employee bravely pursued love, told Xiao Zhao the truth, and often accompanied him and contacted him privately. After her efforts, she finally entered the inner world of this shy man, and then she knew why Xiao Zhao had such a character. In fact, Xiao Zhao was normal when he was a child, but then his parents divorced, and his stepmother brought a sister, who always bullied him, and slandered him for having such thoughts about his sister, which caused him to be beaten by his father. That incident cost Xiao Zhao half his life. Because he was beaten and fractured, he lay in the hospital for three months. After he was discharged from the hospital, he was very afraid of women. The gentleness and understanding of the female employee finally allowed Xiao Zhao to let go of his defenses and accept this kind girl. After the two were together, Xiao Zhao discovered that good girls were actually like treasures, and they were cute no matter how they looked. This 29-year-old man who had been lonely for a long time finally found his own love. After 2 years of dating, Xiao Zhao's psychology has been cured to normal, and his character has become more confident. One day after getting married, the wife sorted out her personal account and suddenly found the contact information of the blind date girl she had left before. She was curious and went to see the content on the girl's social account. The girl is already 30 years old, and she still does not get married as she wishes. Almost every day, she sends more than 10 posts abusing men. The wife looked forward and found that the blind date girl had a relationship last year, and suddenly she became a sweet and greasy "little wife", and then she was quickly dumped. Maybe that's why she scolded men even harder.


With the changes of the times, there will always be some strange remarks on the Internet, but in real life, most people do not really live In these stories woven with prejudice. Everyone has to work and care for the elderly, and everyone is too busy to study those remarks. When you meet such people, don't question yourself because of what they say, and don't consume your spiritual power because of them. One: Everyone has difficulties. It is important to learn to manage emotions. In life, everyone will have some bad experiences. These experiences may affect our thinking and make us prejudice against certain people. These biases further influence what people do. So it's very important to adjust your emotions when you have a bad experience. On the small scale, everyone has some negative energy every day, on the big scale, the blow of some events will make people doubt themselves. When going through these things, we have to judge right and wrong, and don’t turn the maliciousness of others towards us into our maliciousness towards ourselves and others. If you want to become a mature person, it is very important to adjust your emotions and achieve emotional stability for your parents and partners. Two: insulting someone of the opposite sex that you don’t know can’t bring you the opposite sex. Like this woman in the story, she behaved badly to other men and blind date men because she felt frustrated in life. There are many such people in real life, and there are both men and women. They may be underpaid, or look bad, but they are unwilling to adjust themselves and make efforts, blaming all their bad situations on the fact that others are treating them badly, and that others are blind. When some improper remarks on the Internet fan the flames, they will use such remarks to find an opportunity to vent their despicable mentality. In order to make myself feel better, I will use these words to attack others. In fact, the more you do this, the worse your relationship with the opposite sex will be. Even if there is already a chance to fall in love, in the process of falling in love, the other party will notice that this person's thinking is rather strange, and the love is likely to fail. To have a happy life, you must first be a good person. By demeaning others and insulting others, you don't really improve yourself. Text/Fenghua

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