I lent a room to my brother-in-law, but he pretended to be a capsule apartment to collect rent. Brother-in-law: I will pay the rent, just right

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I lent a room to my brother-in-law, but he pretended to be a capsule apartment to collect rent. Brother-in-law: I will pay the rent, just right


To know that relatives help you is a love, not helping you is also a duty. If relatives provide help, you must remember this kindness, be grateful, and don't take an inch. Otherwise, it will not only lead to quarrels, but also bring unforeseen consequences. Li Yuan (pseudonym) kindly lends the house to his brother-in-law, but who knows that his brother-in-law has renovated his house into a capsule apartment for rent without Li Yuan's knowledge. Li Yuan was very angry, not only drove his brother-in-law out, but also divorced his wife who only knew his brother.


Zheng Xuan (pseudonym) has always loved her younger brother, Zheng Hui, not only Zheng Xuan, but also the whole family. Even after Zheng Xuan got married, she still took good care of her brother and gave her brother money every three weeks. Zheng Xuan's younger brother, Zheng Hui, came to work in her city after graduating from university. Zheng Xuan couldn't bear her younger brother to share a lease with someone else, so she asked Li Yuan to lend Zheng Hui the house he bought before marriage. Li Yuan didn't want to borrow it at first, but seeing that his wife really felt sorry for her brother. Li Yuan thought that it was empty anyway, and Zheng Hui should be able to cherish the house if he lived alone, so he agreed. Zheng Hui happily moved in. After moving house, Zheng Hui specially invited two of them to a meal in order to thank his sister and brother-in-law. Li Yuan said at the dinner table, "You can live in this house as your own, so don't be embarrassed. You just live there first. Anyway, this house is empty." Zheng Xuan also cheerfully asked Zheng Hui to say goodbye. Be polite to his brother-in-law and stay as long as you want. He also instructed Zheng Hui not to suffer grievances while working outside, and to come to them if anything happened. After hearing this, Zheng Hui thanked his sister and brother-in-law again and again, and kept toasting his brother-in-law. In fact, normal people could hear that Li Yuan was talking politely, but Zheng Hui took it seriously. Zheng Hui thought that anyway, his brother-in-law said that the house can be regarded as his residence, so he must do whatever he wants. Zheng Hui took 80,000 yuan from his parents to decorate the house. Zheng Hui found a decorator, made a few partitions, and renovated it into a capsule apartment. Zheng Hui lived in one room and rented out the other five rooms, and he could receive more than 4,000 yuan in monthly rent. Li Yuan and Zheng Xuan never knew about it, and Zheng Hui didn't tell them either. Zheng Hui has been secretly collecting rent without Li Yuan, and the house has been rented out for more than half a year. Li Yuan knew about this because his downstairs neighbors said in the owner group that his house was too noisy every night, so Li Yuan planned to go to the house to see it and told Zheng Hui to let him pay attention. Li Yuan didn't care at this point, if it wasn't for the key to open the door, he would have thought he had gone to the wrong place. Li Yuan looked around for a week, and the more he looked, the more angry he became. He didn't expect that Zheng Hui would decorate the house like this without telling him. Li Yuan took a photo and sent it to Zheng Xuan to show her what her brother did. Zheng Xuan was also surprised when she saw the photo. She didn't expect Zheng Hui to be so courageous. After Zheng Hui came home from get off work, he saw Li Yuan and welcomed him warmly. Li Yuan angrily asked Zheng Hui how his house was decorated like this. Zheng Hui was startled and felt that his brother-in-law was inexplicably angry. Zheng Hui said, "Brother-in-law, didn't you let me live in the house as my own? Can't I just decorate it?" Li Yuan said, "You know I'm lending you to live, but I'm not giving it to you, you What's the matter with decorating it like this." Looking at Li Yuan who lost his temper, Zheng Hui said that he kindly decorated Li Yuan, but Li Yuan didn't appreciate it. Li Yuan scolded Zheng Hui and asked him what kind of good intentions it was. It was too much. Li Yuan said, "You renovated my house like this. How do you want me to live and sell it in the future?" Zheng Hui said, "You promised me to live in it, but you still want to sell it. How can you be like this?" Zheng Hui's words made Li Yuan grit his back molars angrily, and Li Yuan yelled, "I'll say it again, I'm borrowing you to live in, not giving you the house." Li Yuan calmed down and said, "I also I won't tell you more, you have already decorated it anyway. I'll take the rent, which is just right." Zheng Hui disagreed and asked Li Yuan why. Li Yuan said that the house belonged to him, and Li Yuan asked Zheng Hui to move out quickly, and the house would not be lent to him. Zheng Hui said that he would not move unless Li Yuan found him another house and returned the 80,000 yuan for the decoration to him. The two were arguing when Zheng Xuan came over. Li Yuan asked Zheng Xuan to take her brother away quickly, but Zheng Xuan was not happy. Zheng Xuan said that the house had been renovated anyway, so she let her brother live here. Li Yuan disagreed, saying that Zheng Hui must move out, or he would call the police. The three quarreled for a long time, but no result was reached. But Zheng Xuan has always been on her brother's side. Zheng Xuan meant to tell Li Yuan not to care too much, they were all family. If it's a big deal, let Zheng Hui give Li Yuan the monthly rent, and treat it as Zheng Hui's room fee. Li Yuan refused, saying that if these people didn't live there, his house would still be very new. Now that the house has been rented out like this, how will he sell it in the future? Zheng Xuan saw that Li Yuan really cared about this matter, so she threatened Li Yuan that if he dared to drive her brother out, she would divorce Li Yuan. Li Yuan asked Zheng Xuan, "You're determined to go to your younger brother, right? You're threatening me with divorce, so just leave." Zheng Xuan got even more angry when she saw Li Yuan's attitude, and the two of them became a big quarrel. , The last two angrily went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedures. Li Yuan also kicked Zheng Hui out of the house. Zheng Hui and Li Yuan wanted 80,000 yuan for decoration. Li Yuan said with a dark face: "You are so embarrassed to ask me for money, I don't care if you renovate my house." Sending Zheng Hui away, Li Yuan saw that the house was in trouble. Now this house can't live in it. Can't sell either. Li Yuan thought about it again and again and decided not to restore the decoration of the house, and then rented the house out and collected rent every month. After Zheng Xuan and Li Yuan divorced, not only Zheng Hui blamed her, but even her mother blamed her. Zheng Xuan's two closest people were blaming her for her impatience, unable to handle Li Yuan, but no one cared that she was divorced.


Relatives are an inseparable existence in everyone's life. Relatives can sometimes help you and make you feel warm. This kind of family love is very precious and must be well maintained, instead of taking advantage of relatives. One must not be too calculating, so as not to calculate and calculate oneself to be disliked by everyone. No one wants to have a deep friendship with someone who is full of scheming and calculating. 1. Don't take advantage of relatives. Don't take advantage of relatives because of petty profits. You may taste the sweetness temporarily, but you will lose the big because of the small. Good relatives are far more important than temporary interests. Some people always like to take advantage of relatives, because there is family affection, and it is difficult for the other party to refuse, so they take advantage of it endlessly. Relatives may be embarrassed to say something in a short period of time, but more often, they will inevitably feel uncomfortable. Over time, a breakup is possible. Don't lose a relative who sincerely helps you because of greed at this time. Treat your relatives sincerely, cherish them, and must not take advantage of them. The ancients often said that "suffering a loss is a blessing". It is not necessarily a blessing to suffer a loss, but it must be a disaster to love to take advantage. The bad habit of taking advantage will keep people around you away from you, and you may not lend a helping hand when you need it. Second, one should be down-to-earth and not be too calculating. People can't calculate too much, they can calculate for a while, but they can't calculate for a lifetime. What you want is to be achieved by hard work and down-to-earth struggle, but it cannot be calculated by calculation. The more you calculate, the harder it is to live. If you spend all your time calculating others, how can you work hard? After all, the calculation is not your own, and you will not feel at ease when you hold it. There is no relationship that can withstand repeated calculations, no one is stupid, and will not let you calculate again and again. Maybe you will lose a friend once you calculate it, and after a long time, you may be left with yourself. One must be down-to-earth and down-to-earth is true. Don't think about others, don't let others think about yourself, and always keep a kind heart. Text/Fenghua

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