"Your parents will retire at the age of 50, and my parents have not opened their mouths at the age of 60." Wife: Can they be the same?

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"Your parents will retire at the age of 50, and my parents have not opened their mouths at the age of 60." Wife: Can they be the same?


If you were to ask young people what they hate most, it would be the "double standard". With rapid economic development and overwhelmed work, young people’s lives are already big. If they encounter trivial things in marriage, they will be even more irritable. Therefore, people seek to deal with problems fairly, concisely and efficiently, to respect each other, and not to favor one over the other. When it comes to supporting the parents of both parties, if someone has double standards, it is actually disrespect for their partner, arrogance in their mentality, and wrong measurement of family status. Shanshan (pseudonym) has always felt that her husband is not worthy of her, so she even looked down on her parents-in-law.


Shan Shan has a very strong personality. She especially doesn't like that others are better than herself and live a better life than herself, and she will have a strong jealousy. Shanshan's character became like this, mainly because of her mother. When I was young, in Shanshan's eyes, my mother was a very beautiful being. In the 1990s, when everyone's supplies were not very abundant, my mother often wore a white floral dress to walk in the crowd, looking very literary and elegant. Only later did Shanshan find out that her mother used to learn dance. My mother likes to dance since she was a child, and she is very beautiful and has a good figure. Her limbs are very slender. When she dances, she looks like a fairy. But because my mother's family was down and she had no money to learn dance, her mother finally took a vocational high school and married her father. His father was a truck driver in the factory, and after his mother married him, he also found an assembly line job in the factory. The mother often complained to Shanshan that she had married the wrong person. She often told her daughter about her glory when she was young, and said that when she danced, the whole dance academy was stunned. Shanshan is very fascinated by such stories, and she also inherited her mother's beauty and good figure. But because of her family's poor financial conditions, she couldn't afford to go to a dance academy, so she just followed her mother to study. The father had no objection to this. He often endured the anger of the mother and daughter, but he just said to his daughter: "You study hard, and if you have money in the future, you may still have the opportunity to develop your hobbies." Shanshan Without taking these words to heart, she indulged in dancing and indulging in the beautiful dreams her mother had woven for her. When she was a student, she paid great attention to her image. When boys showed shy smiles, Shanshan felt a sense of accomplishment. So she didn't take her studies to heart. Shanshan fell off the list after graduating from high school and did not go to college. Her father sighed, but her mother protected her and enrolled her in a college to study dance. Later, Shanshan opened a dance training class in a small city with this diploma, teaching students to dance. Her qualifications are not high, and she lives on these meager incomes, but she never thinks it is her own problem, but thinks that it is because her father is too poor and cannot give her better living conditions. If she could be born into a wealthy family, Shanshan felt that she could become a national-level dancer at the age of 23. Self-confidence and delusions did not bring a good turn for Shanshan's life, and she was with her suitor. She looked down on these men very much, and felt that these men loved their beauty, just like the boys in school, and that adult men were more greasy and unworthy of her. That being said, but Shanshan married the richest one of her many suitors. When she spends a man's money, she doesn't think the man is greasy, and when she acts like a spoiled man for money, she doesn't think so. This man is no match for her. But except when asking for money, Shanshan and her husband don't talk much, and don't pay much attention to her husband. The attitude of the daughter-in-law made the mother-in-law very dissatisfied. The mother-in-law always felt that her son should not marry this woman. Although her son is average in appearance, he is not ugly. He is a normal man. He can marry a good wife who is practical and housekeeping. There is no need to pursue a beautiful woman. But the son did not listen to his mother's words. When he pursued Shanshan, he mistakenly thought that this woman was a kind-hearted person. In the rain before, he saw Shanshan help up a fallen bicycle, but in fact Shanshan was just bored that day and didn't really want to do good things. It is because of this misunderstanding that the man fell in love with Shanshan and felt that she was hiding her inner self-love. The man was not discouraged by Shanshan's indifference to herself, but had a very good attitude towards her. The husband and wife have been together for many years, and the husband has always wanted a child, but Shanshan disagrees. She said that if she was pregnant and had a child, her figure would be out of shape. When no one came to her to learn dance, her career would be in vain. The husband felt speechless. In fact, Shanshan's so-called career has not made any progress for many years. She doesn't go to the examination for grades. It can be said that she is just fooling the children. She has not made any breakthroughs in professionalism. The husband couldn't see that Shanshan loved her dance career as much as she said. The couple had been married for three years and still had no children, but Shanshan suddenly asked her husband to let her parents live at home, and she wanted to provide for their parents. The husband thought it was very strange, so he asked his wife, "Your parents will retire at the age of 50, and my parents haven't opened their mouths at 60." How dare the husband refute his request? Shanshan got angry all of a sudden, crossed Erlang's legs, and said in a very contemptuous tone: "Can your parents be the same as mine? I didn't ask you to marry me back then!" The husband was speechless and calmed down. , said: "If I don't agree, are you going to get a divorce?"


We often say that people should not belittle themselves, should not belittle themselves, and should value their own values. But by the same token, people should not be overconfident, let alone belittle the value of others because of confidence. As the saying goes, "there are people outside people and there are heaven outside people". There are too many excellent people in the world. They look ordinary on the surface, but they were brilliant in the past. They just know how to restrain themselves and be humble. Don't think that they are inferior to themselves. When the prosperity fades and people enter marriage, they should cherish this marriage and the people around them. One: Living by manipulating men, women are just accessories. Many women now feel what is self-worth. Because everyone has the right to go to school fairly and has the opportunity to live a good life by their own efforts, and by their diligence and conscientiousness, they can obtain a good life. Women no longer need to depend on men and pray for their mercy to get that little means of subsistence. However, just as many women stood up, many women knelt down. In fact, no matter whether they are male or female, such people are lazy in their human nature, they are unwilling to work hard, and their hearts are full of vanity and selfishness. Such people are unwilling to pay real sweat, but want to reap good living conditions, so they always like to depend on others and can give up their dignity for money. For such women who are willing to be dependents, excellent men will not look at them highly, and have long excluded them from the standard of mate selection. Two: Treat your spouse well and cherish the person who loves you They say if you don't try when you're young, it's too late when you're old. In real life, there are indeed many people who blindly pursue stimulation in their 20s and 30s, feel that they are very good, and are unwilling to aggrieve themselves and "waste their youth". Whether it's pursuing love or wasting time, they feel that this is a life in vain. In fact, such pursuit of life is not wrong, but in marriage, this attitude is obviously unfair. Human feelings are limited and easily consumed. If you let the person who loves you wait too long, he will become disheartened, and when you are tired and want to live a peaceful life, you will find that People may have gone far. Text/Fenghua

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