Septuagint: After retirement, a wrong decision greatly reduced my life in old age

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Septuagint: After retirement, a wrong decision greatly reduced my life in old age


When a person gets old, leaves his job and becomes a retiree, in his life, only All that's left is to eat, sleep and make yourself happy. Life after retirement is the aspiration of countless people. It is generally believed that retirees who do not need to work hard or work hard for a living are the happiest people. However, behind the glamorous appearance of the retirees, there is often helplessness and sadness hidden. The 70-year-old Uncle Wang said that his happy life after retirement was completely destroyed by a wrong decision, which made him regret for the rest of his life. so, what happened? Listen to what Uncle Wang has to say. Uncle Wang: I am 70 years old this year, and my wife died of illness five years ago. When my wife was alive, we lived very happily. The pensions of my wife and I add up to seven or eight thousand yuan a month. Although the money is not much, after careful planning by my wife, we live a well-off life. We spend 2,000 yuan a month to live, and we live a life of fish and meat. We save half of the remaining six thousand dollars and use the other half to enjoy life. At that time, we would go out to travel every month. On weekdays, we would go to the movies and buy some snacks that we liked. Like young people, we would take delicious snacks and walk on the street. Before my wife and I retired, we had never had such a good day. Back then we were so busy working all day, even on vacation, we had to stay at home to take care of the kids and clean up, there was no time to enjoy life at all. Now that we have finally retired and lived a leisurely life, our hearts are very satisfied and the air is sweet. However, my good days have come to an abrupt end since my wife was killed by an illness. Since I lost my wife, I have no interest in shopping, eating, and living. No matter what I do, I feel very boring. Seeing that I was unhappy all day, my daughter gave me an idea. She said that since I live alone and always feel bored, I might as well move to her place, so that I can not only talk to someone every day, but also meet my favorite granddaughter every day, and I am accompanied by my relatives every day. Down, you will no longer feel boring to live. I think my daughter has some truth in what she said. People are social animals after all. If I live in my daughter's house and have someone to talk to and chat with every day, maybe I won't feel depressed anymore. I'm a do-it-yourselfer. I packed up my things that day and moved to my daughter's house. My daughter and son-in-law treat me very well. They are all literate people. They are always soft-spoken and very polite when they talk to me. At my daughter's house, I can play with my granddaughter every day, and I never feel that life is boring. That day, during dinner, I saw my daughter and son-in-law make my favorite hairy crab, and I was very moved. You know, in our city, hairy crabs are not very expensive. The price of a hairy crab costs dozens of yuan. My daughter and son-in-law bought ten at once, costing hundreds of yuan. As soon as I was moved, I offered to sell my house. I would give them all the money from the sale to improve their lives. My daughter and son-in-law originally disagreed with me on selling the house, but I told them that I would stay at their home for retirement anyway, and it would be useless to keep the house, so I might as well sell it earlier, otherwise, the older the house, the faster the depreciation. My daughter and son-in-law agreed, and I spent many days working on the house. I sold all the valuable items in my family to the second-hand market, and moved some memorable old items to my daughter's house. When I finished disposing of the things in the house, I went to the second-hand real estate agent to do the registration. Since my asking price was reasonable, the house sold quickly. I gave all the more than one million yuan from the sale of the house to my daughter and son-in-law. I told them that I will never leave their house in the future, because I have no house and I can only live with them in the future. The daughter and son-in-law held a huge sum of more than one million, and were moved to tears. They promised to treat me well for the rest of their lives, to honor me well, and to let me spend the rest of my life in their home. However, the guarantee of my daughter and son-in-law did not last long, because soon after that, I became seriously ill and completely paralyzed in bed. Since I was paralyzed in bed, my daughter and son-in-law saw me as a burden. They said my pension was only 4,000 bucks, not enough to pay for a babysitter. And they were so busy working all day that they couldn't take care of me who was paralyzed in bed. My daughter and son-in-law found a rural nursing home for me. The conditions there are very simple. The houses in the nursing home are all adobe houses. Showing a dilapidated appearance. On the first day I went to the nursing home, I cried and shouted to leave because I was not used to the food there. Because it is a nursing home run by rural people, the sanitary conditions there are extremely poor. Although I'm not a picky eater, I can't stand the green worms in the dishes every day, and I can't stand the long pig hairs on the pig's skin. I couldn't eat that kind of food, so I didn't eat for a day. I called my daughter and son-in-law and asked them to take me home, saying that I was not used to the food there. I was hungry for a day, and people would faint from hunger. Who knew that my daughter and son-in-law not only refused to pick me up, but also said that I was too hypocritical. Since other people can eat food, why can't I eat it? I begged my daughter and son-in-law, I can not go home, but can I switch to a nursing home in the city? Nursing homes in cities are much better than those in rural areas. However, my daughter and son-in-law refused my request. They told me that I was a paralyzed old man and that if I lived in a nursing home in the city, my pension would not be enough to cover the cost of the nursing home. I asked my daughter and son-in-law, what about the money I sold the house? Why not pay for the nursing home with the money I sold. Who would have thought that they told me confidently that since I had paid them the money for the sale of the house, they had the right to control the money. They said it would be a waste of money if the money from the sale was used to pay for expensive pensions. Since there are cheap nursing homes, why pay double the price to live in flashy nursing homes? I can't leave this nursing home without my daughter and son-in-law signing. I eat pig-like food every day, and when I go to sleep, I am often woken up by various strange creatures. This kind of life is a torment for me every day. Whenever I recall my own home, the house that once belonged to me, I can't help but burst into tears. I miss those good days very much. If everything can be done again, I will definitely not sell my house. I will keep my old nest and die in my own nest.

Concluding remarks:

Every senior wants to have a stable and happy old age. If the elderly want to live such a life, then three elements must be present. One is his own nest, the second is enough pension money, and the third is filial sons and daughters. Among the three basic elements of happy retirement, the old nest and sufficient retirement money are the most loyal support for the elderly. Because people's hearts are changeable, children will leave because they despise the old man, but the house and money in the hands of the old man will never leave. Therefore, no matter what the circumstances of the elderly, do not give up their old nest and pension money. When the elderly have a nest and pension money, they can use their power to provide themselves with a relatively stable pension life when they encounter "no filial son in front of the bed for a long time". When we are old, we must take care of our children in a certain degree. We must not do the stupid thing that we do everything for our children, but in the end, because they have no money, they are despised by them, and let ourselves end up in old age and suffer. . Highlights in the past: When an old man brings his grandson or grandson, he must keep the three bottom lines, otherwise he will not be thankful for his efforts.

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