Gender marriage: How can couples cope with the "seven-year itch"?

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Gender marriage: How can couples cope with the "seven-year itch"?

There is a saying "Three years of pain, seven years of itch", which probably means that love may often make men and women in love lose their freshness and mystery in the third year, and their love and passion. It will gradually subside; and the "seven-year itch" means that after the couple enters the marriage hall, they must go through a running-in period. During the running-in period, the husband and wife can respect each other, understand each other, give each other a lot, trust each other, and have a deep relationship. Enron through the run-in period, enabling marriage and family to embark on a brighter and better future. Otherwise, if the married life is not good, there will be some problems during the run-in period. The couple often have conflicts, disputes and even quarrels due to family trivial matters. Even if it worsens step by step, this situation is not very good. So, how do couples cope with the "seven-year itch"? You must do these three things!

First: Husbands and wives should always communicate and communicate with each other, so that they can stick to each other.

After marriage, husbands and wives live at home and face many household chores, which need to be dealt with one by one. , Especially during the run-in period, the two sides should pay more attention, communicate and communicate frequently on a daily basis, discuss more about housework, promote more democratic work styles, and do not engage in dictatorship. Disagreements and contradictions.

Second: Change yourself as much as possible to achieve the same personality and temperament

The personality, temper, and style of life of the husband and wife There will be differences to some extent, but in order to provide a harmonious and happy life for the marriage family, we must take the initiative to adapt to the character, temper, and disposition of the other party, and sometimes try to change some of our own habits and concepts, and communicate with the other party in terms of thinking and doing things. Being at the same frequency and rhythm, understanding and giving in to each other, thinking of each other more, and maintaining the overall situation of the family even if you suffer some grievances, this will avoid some major conflicts and disputes.

Third: Effectively resolve conflicts and disputes between husband and wife

Every family will have conflicts and disputes, especially between husband and wife. It is unavoidable, and there is no husband and wife without conflicts and disputes. There are conflicts and disputes between husband and wife. It is not scary. The scary thing is that these conflicts and disputes cannot be resolved properly. If you handle them well, some quarrels will be avoided. If you cannot take effective measures to handle them well, there will be quarrels. , There was a big noise for five days, which made the family uneasy, and there were hot wars and cold wars alternately staged. Therefore, resolving conflicts and disputes between husband and wife in a timely and effective manner is very important and should not be taken lightly. "Hundred generations of cultivation can cross the boat, and thousands of generations of cultivation can sleep together." In short, coping with the "seven-year itch" requires the joint efforts of both husband and wife, with common goals and tasks, and it is necessary to flexibly master and use some skills and methods to ensure a smooth running-in period.

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