His son died unexpectedly, he recognized his godson to support him, but he didn't expect the result to be slapped in the face

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His son died unexpectedly, he recognized his godson to support him, but he didn't expect the result to be slapped in the face

It is said that the nine characters are sad. At the age of 49, Liu Daqiang's old father first left, and then at the end of the year, his 21-year-old son also died in a car accident. What happened later was really a white-haired person sending a black-haired person. All the hopes of Liu Daqiang and his wife were on their son. Now, there is no hope of even living. Liu Daqiang is also in good condition in the village. He used to grow seedlings and made some money. The small earthen house at home has also been renovated and turned into a spacious three-story building with European-style decoration. In this small village, it is a bit nondescript, but people can see at a glance: this family is careful, and they must have made money. When his son was 20 years old, Liu Daqiang also bought him a suite in the county town at a cost of 500,000. Unexpectedly, his son left after a year. It's true, I don't know who this house is for. In fact, Liu Daqiang also has a daughter who is two years younger than his son, but he doesn't like to study, so he went out to work at the age of 17. They are also patriarchal. They don’t care about their daughters, don’t study if they don’t study, it doesn’t matter, just don’t ask the family to get money. As for my daughter, she is also independent. She never asks her family for money, and she even sends some back during Chinese New Year and festivals. There are also relatives who persuade Liu Daqiang and his wife, don't they still have a daughter, let the daughter come back home to find a job and give the house to her, then there should be no pressure. Even if you find a job of three or four thousand, you can still have no mortgage pressure. However, Liu Daqiang and the others didn't think so, how could it be possible for their daughter? Daughter is the water thrown out. It is a pity for Liu Daqiang to have no son for retirement. At this age, it is not realistic to have another one, and the body does not allow it. Later, through the arrangement of relatives, Liu Daqiang recognized his cousin's son as his godson, and the cousin's son gave Liu Daqiang their retirement. In exchange, Liu Daqiang gave the house in that county to his godson. The dry son is about the same age as the dead son. How did this matter spread to the daughter, the daughter was very angry, and said that if the house was for the son, they would be ignored in the future. Liu Daqiang didn't care whether his daughter agreed or not, he still gave the house to the godson, and at the same time the godson gave 100,000 cash for marriage. Now, Liu Daqiang and his wife are in their 70s. They want their godson to retire, and they want to live in that house in the county seat. However, the godson said that he lived with his mother-in-law's family and could not live there at all, and he did not want to undertake the promise of pension. He would give a maximum of 800 yuan per month. The godson said, don't you have a daughter yourself? Let the daughter pay another 800 yuan, which is enough for you to retire. Liu Daqiang felt aggrieved, is this because we lack money? Are you short of money for retirement? Brat is ungrateful. At this time, her daughter also married in a nearby county, and had her own children, and the relationship with her parents eased a little. However, the daughter still stated that you gave the house and money to the son before, and now you have to go to him for retirement. Liu Daqiang's husband and wife are like duckweeds, they have not converted, especially their adopted son's attitude, which makes people feel cold.

Written at the back:

In a patriarchal family, it is not love and understanding that maintains family affection. The value of a woman depends on how much she can bring to the family. substance. In families where sons are more important than women, it is common for women to be prejudiced and looked down upon. Here Liu Daqiang and his wife are obviously stupid, so even their own daughter is at a loss. It's a big loss. If no change is made, the girl's generation will not be able to get rid of this kind of damage, and will even devour herself. Discussion: Do you think Liu Daqiang and his wife are stupid?

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