In order to make up for her daughter, the mother slandered her daughter-in-law for using her son as an ATM machine.

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In order to make up for her daughter, the mother slandered her daughter-in-law for using her son as an ATM machine.


In this world, most mothers hope for the best of their sons. They want their sons to have a successful career and a smooth marriage. They will do everything in their power to help and lighten the burden for their son. But not all mothers are like that. Some mothers do not have so many feelings for their sons, and they give more feelings to their daughters, so they can only use and exploit their sons. They achieve their goals by controlling their son's marriage. Their methods are generally very single. They control their son's wages by provoking husband and wife feelings, constantly speaking ill of their daughter-in-law in front of their son, and acting as a rogue in front of their daughter-in-law, making their son their own cash machine. In this regard, the son is often unaware. He trusted his mother, and when she spoke ill of his wife, he chose to trust her. After being provoked a lot, he had an opinion on his wife, and gradually the two became strangers.


This is how the marriage between Liu Sheng (pseudonym) and Wang Qian (pseudonym) came to an end. The two were still in a good relationship when they first got married. After all, it is a marriage of free love. At that time, both of them went to work. You felt sorry for me, and I felt sorry for you. However, this situation has changed due to Liu Sheng's mother's intervention from time to time. From the beginning, Liu Sheng's mother despised Wang Qian as a daughter-in-law. Although she didn't ask for anything when she got married, she didn't bring much dowry, so Liu Sheng's mother always felt that the daughter-in-law was not married. The daughter-in-law in her mind should be the only daughter of a rich family. Liu Sheng's mother hated Wang Qian's daughter-in-law not only because of this, but also because she was afraid that her son's daughter-in-law's relationship would be good, and her son's salary would be managed by her daughter-in-law. At that time, she would not be able to treat her son as a daughter-in-law. Cash machine, subsidize my daughter. Therefore, she kept finding fault with her daughter-in-law, and then searched for all the shortcomings of her daughter-in-law. After that, she kept saying bad things about her daughter-in-law to her son. Some words, if you listen to them once or twice, can still be taken seriously, but the same words, if you listen to them too much, people will unconsciously begin to believe the content, and then in the end, they will become convinced. As a result, Liu Sheng also began to have opinions on his wife. But he didn't show it, so Wang Qian never noticed Liu Sheng's change. She always thought that they were a loving couple. So, she went to have a baby as originally planned. During her pregnancy, she did not quit her job, but when her maternity leave ended and she wanted to return to the workplace, she found that she could not find anyone to help her take care of the child. Her parents are far away, and they still have jobs, so they can't help at all. As for the mother-in-law, she was not willing at all. She said she wanted to help her daughter with the child, so she had no time to take care of their child. Wang Qian had no choice but to resign and take care of the children full-time at home. She thought Liu Sheng was reliable. But she didn't know that Liu Sheng had already changed under his mother's brainwashing. She had no source of income, and Liu Sheng didn't say that she would take care of the family's money. It's okay not to care about her, at least give her living expenses. But he didn't even think about giving it. Wang Qian never mentioned money to Liu Sheng, not even when she got married. Now she can't save face or speak about asking her to withdraw the money. But after insisting on it for two months, she still couldn't help looking for Liu Sheng, because if things went on like this, her savings would not last long. After talking once, Liu Sheng paid her living expenses on time. But not much, only 2,000 yuan per month. Since the rest of the money he still has to give to his mother, he can't come up with any more. Wang Qian was actually quite angry, but she didn't know how to quarrel, so she just swallowed her breath. She felt very aggrieved. She used to be a good office worker, and she never had to calculate the money, but now, she has become a beggar. With that little money every month, she has to raise a child, so she doesn't even dare to eat more meat. Sometimes, if the expenses are too high, the savings will be used, because if you talk to Liu Sheng, you will not be able to get more money. At this time, Wang Qian had already felt Liu Sheng's change. She could feel his impatience. She was disappointed with Liu Sheng, but for the sake of her children, she never thought about divorce. After a few years like this, the children went to kindergarten, and Liu Sheng still only gave her 2,000 yuan per month. After paying the childcare fee with this little money, there is nothing left. Therefore, she had to ask him for money often. After Liu Sheng's mother learned of this, she was afraid that her son's money would really go into Wang Qian's daughter-in-law's pocket, so she began to slander her daughter-in-law for using her son as an ATM. And Liu Sheng, a fool, even believed it, because his wife did often ask him for money. Although he usually didn't give it, he still believed his mother's words. So, in a quarrel, Liu Sheng also spoke out what was in his heart. Wang Qian was silent after hearing this. She didn't expect that after so many years of hard work, she could only get such a sentence. She felt that she couldn't bear it anymore, and there was no hope for such a marriage at all. So she filed for divorce. Liu Sheng disagrees. If she really leaves, who cares about the children? He firmly disagreed. But Wang Qian is determined to divorce. Wang Qian said that she does not care about living expenses of 2,000 per month. Bring the child to him, she wants a divorce, and then goes out to work, she spends her own high salary every month, how nice. There is no need for her to be a bull and a horse for the old Liu family here, and she was told to take his money. Living expenses of two thousand a month, how about sending beggars? She taunted Liu Sheng and Liu Sheng's mother severely. After mocking, she left. It's not that she doesn't want children, it's just that she has to work. If she doesn't work, she can't support her children and herself. When the job is stable and she can hire a nanny, she will come to pick up the child. After Wang Qian left, Liu Sheng realized that raising children is not easy, and that there are too many places in life that require money. He began to understand Wang Qian and felt regret. So, when his mother came to ask him for money again, he didn't give it. He figured it out, it was his mother who thought of him as an ATM. After that, my mother never got a penny from him again. Liu Sheng hated his mother very much. It was his mother who ruined his marriage and life. He should have been happy. After Liu Sheng's life was really hard, he had to take care of work and children, and he couldn't hold it anymore. In such days, he regretted his actions countless times, but it was too late. As for Liu Sheng's mother, she was completely divorced from her son. The son did not recognize her six relatives and did not want to care about her anymore. As for her daughter, she only cared about her own family. She was ill, and she did not know how to accompany her to the hospital. . In short, her later life was really bleak. She calculated everything, but she didn't expect that she would fall to such a point. From this story, we can understand two truths.


I. As a mother, don't interfere in the marriage of the children, and don't reverse the black and white to provoke the relationship between the son and the daughter-in-law. The provocation will not only destroy the son's marriage, but also be resented by the son. When you get old, you will really hope Not on my son. Some mothers just can't handle it clearly, and don't expect their sons and daughters-in-law to be well at all. They can't wait for their sons and daughters-in-law to divorce in place. They thought that if they did that, they could keep their family status, and if they could hold onto their sons, they would be able to say the same thing at home in the future. But in fact, the failure of his son's marriage will inevitably affect his career, and then affect his emotions. When he relaxes, he will definitely figure out who caused all this, and when he thinks clearly, he will hate mother. Therefore, as a mother, don't interfere in the marriage of the children, and don't reverse the black and white to provoke the relationship between the son and the daughter-in-law. The provocative behavior will not only destroy the son's marriage, but also be resented by the son. can't count on his son.


II. When a man gets married, he must learn to distinguish right from wrong. He does not want his mother to believe everything and then treat his wife harshly. His wife also has feelings. It's already too late. Some men still listen to their mother's words more when they are married. It is obvious that they can see things clearly if they observe them carefully, but they are unwilling to observe them. As a result, under the influence of his mother, he would gradually alienate his wife and even treat her harshly. Finally, when his wife and son are separated, he will really wake up. Therefore, when a man gets married, he must learn to distinguish right from wrong, not to believe what his mother says, and then treat his wife harshly. The wife also has feelings. When she is bruised and bruised, she will choose to give up the marriage. At that time, it will be too late for the man to regret it again. Text/Fenghua

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