"Brother-in-law, my sister loves you so much that she wants to buy me a suite when she's exhausted." Brother-in-law: You go first

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"Brother-in-law, my sister loves you so much that she wants to buy me a suite when she's exhausted." Brother-in-law: You go first


It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. Any wise parent knows to educate their child well so that he can earn money independently. Blindly giving money to the child, and letting him lose the courage to work hard and become lazy, is equivalent to harming the child. It is not uncommon for a child to become a cripple because of spoiling. Some parents make this mistake, some siblings depend on each other, and elder sisters also make this mistake. Zhao Qiang (pseudonym) is a child spoiled by his sister. In 20 years, he did not learn to be mature and independent, but instead became a rogue.


Zhao Qiang and his sister, they are a pair of hard-working siblings. When Zhao Qiang was a child, his family of four lived in an adobe house with air leaks from all sides. After giving birth to two children, the parents were determined to build a warm house. They finally built a house and a yard with the remaining bricks from other people's houses. However, there were unforeseen circumstances. The two parents were hit by a car on the way to the county town to buy clothes for their children. The driver hit and fled. The area was very remote and there were no passers-by, so the parents could not get timely treatment and both died. Zhao Qiang and his elder sister became orphans in an instant. Although they had a house, their working ability was so poor, how could they grow the land? The story of the sister and brother spread in the local small newspapers. There was a small business owner in the county town. After seeing this, he felt very sad, so he extended a helping hand. He brought the siblings to the city, let them live in his own home, and promised to pay for them to study. The little boss lost his wife in middle age and had no children. He ran a shop by himself. After going through the adoption procedures, he let his two children live at home. He usually sleeps in the shop. The elder sister is very sensible. After school, she cooks meals for her younger brother at home, and then delivers it to her adoptive father's shop. In such an environment, the elder sister took the initiative to take the responsibility of educating the younger brother. Because Zhao Qiang is more introverted and a little afraid of life, since he has lived in his adoptive father's house, he has avoided his adoptive father and dared not speak to his adoptive father. Therefore, Zhao Qiang's reliance on his sister is very strong, and her sister also knows that she is his only relative, so let him rely on her. My sister dresses and wipes the face of 13-year-old Zhao Qiang like a pet son every day. In fact, this kind of care is quite abnormal, like a mother taking care of a 4-year-old child. The two teenagers didn't know what pedagogy was, and the older sister didn't know she was spoiling her younger brother. Zhao Qiang quickly clashed with other children at school. He felt that he was an orphan and that he was inferior to others. When someone looked at him, he felt that others were going to scold him. There are indeed some bad boys in the class who will ridicule Zhao Qiang, but there are also many classmates who have a good attitude towards him. Zhao Qiang, who has low self-esteem, does not accept all this. He feels that everyone will harm him. After the elder sister found out, she persuaded the younger brother to be more confident and hoped that he would open up and be friends with his classmates, but Zhao Qiang burst into tears after hearing this. He asked, "Sister, don't you want me?" Although the 16-year-old sister has become mature in character, but her brother is so pitiful, she can't force her brother to become independent. In the end, the soft-hearted sister could only promise her brother to take care of him forever. After graduating from high school, her sister went to university, and she had to live on campus. Zhao Qiang was very distressed when her sister left home. He silently blamed his adoptive father in his heart, because the adoptive father paid for the tuition and living expenses. A few years later, Zhao Qiang also graduated from high school. He chose to go to the city where his sister went to college, but his grades were not as good as his sister's, and he didn't focus on his studies. He often failed in college, which gave his adoptive father a headache. Every time his adoptive father mentioned his studies to him, Zhao Qiang was very angry and scolded his adoptive father. After this happened a few times, the adoptive father felt chills and refused to pay Zhao Qiang for living expenses. He asked Zhao Qiang to go out to work part-time to earn some living expenses and eat hard. The adoptive father hopes to let Zhao Qiang understand that making money is not easy, let him study hard and find a good job in the future. However, Zhao Qiang turned his head and went to go to his sister. He smeared his adoptive father, saying that his adoptive father did not support him. He said that he was not his own father after all, and he was not of the same mind. At this time, my sister was already talking about marriage. Zhao Qiang was crying and crying, and at the same time, he was dissatisfied with his sister's marriage. He didn't want anyone to take away his sister. This farce did not allow Zhao Qiang to get the result he wanted in the end. His sister was busy preparing for the marriage, and in the end, his adoptive father gave him living expenses. My sister advised Zhao Qiang to study hard, find a job after graduation, and live a good life. Zhao Qiang's mentality collapsed. He felt that he was going to lose his sister, so he began to trouble his brother-in-law. He went to find a girlfriend first, and used rhetoric to deceive the girl, making the girl think that he really wanted to date him. Then Zhao Qiang went to his brother-in-law, saying that he would get married as soon as he graduated from college. Zhao Qiang said: "My sister and my adoptive father are not a family after all. That little old man is so poor, and he can't afford to buy a house for me. My sister loves you so much, you should buy me a suite and let my sister not be so tired. "My brother-in-law finds it unbelievable, he hasn't held the wedding banquet yet, he has just received a marriage certificate, yet his brother-in-law actually asks him to buy a house? The brother-in-law calmly and decisively refused, and said, "If you want a room, if you want someone, you can take your sister away." Zhao Qiang wanted to let him give up the idea of ​​marriage, and pestered him: "Your family is rich, you can get married if you want. If you can afford such a big house, why can't you buy me a house too?" My brother-in-law was very angry: "I have worked so hard to save my wife's book for 8 years, and your sister is exhausted. We saved money to buy it. Fang, what does it have to do with you?" Zhao Qiang said, "You're going to buy me a suite when you're exhausted!" The brother-in-law was angry: "Get out of here first!" Afterwards, Zhao Qiang continued to make trouble in front of his sister, arguing for His sister bought him a house. My sister didn't get married yet. She was warned by the husband's family to handle the family affairs well, and the marriage was postponed for half a year.


It is often said that children who lack parental and maternal love can easily go wrong in life. But there are many children whose parents are still alive, and the life path is the same. They have a common feature, that is, when they should be mature and independent, there is no suitable opportunity, or there is no impetus to make them mature. Careful care can make a child's heart warm, but it will not give him a clear path. One: To educate a child well, it is not only necessary to give him food and clothing. There is a saying that "the child is the hope of the future", this is because the child's character has unlimited possibilities before it is finalized. He may become a very good person, and he may also change the world and become a scientist to promote the progress of the times. But these wonderful possibilities have a premise that the person can truly be on his own. If you can't even achieve basic maturity and self-reliance, this child will have no future at all. Instead, he will become a burden to those around him and a burden to society. If you want to educate a child well, you must not only give him food, clothing, and warmth, but also give him spiritual encouragement and guide him in the direction of his progress. If you can do all this, it doesn't really matter if you have parents. Some brothers and sisters or sisters and brothers depend on each other, but they can still grow into two outstanding talents. Although they have lost the care of their parents, they have succeeded in having independent personalities. Therefore, only through the art of education can one give a person a real future. Two: Let go when necessary, so that children can learn to grow and grow is a never-ending topic in a person's life. For motivated people, there is no end to being excellent. But for children who have been spoiled by their elders, they want to enjoy and receive more care rather than being motivated. However, the more spoiled a child is, the more difficult it is to be independent, and the more love he enjoys, the less love he lacks. What these children lack is not the love of their parents or elders, but the lack of realistic tempering. If you want your child to learn to truly grow up, parents must let go when necessary, let the child try to be independent, try to complete one thing by himself, master his own life, and don’t always be coaxed and spoiled by others. Text/Fenghua

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