The wife went back to her parents' house in a fit of anger, how should the husband persuade her to return?

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The wife went back to her parents' house in a fit of anger, how should the husband persuade her to return?

A pair of men and women go from acquaintance, acquaintance, love, and finally into the marriage hall. The period is a very long process. It requires both parties to understand and trust each other, continuously enhance their feelings, and gradually connect with each other, and finally win the love and love of each other. Marriage and family can not only become a love nest, a harbor, but also a place of "hot war" and "cold war". If you live a good marriage and family life, you can shelter from the wind and rain; if you live a bad life, it will become a broken house that leaks, leaving people nowhere to hide. It is very common in real life for couples to quarrel over family trivial matters. Some couples lose control of their emotions during the quarrel, and fights may also occur. In general, couples fight, most wives will suffer, and women will suffer in strength. Not as good as men after all. The wife was beaten and suffered losses in the fight, and she often returned to her natal home in a fit of anger, which is the last safe haven for a woman. If the wife does return to her parents' home, the husband must regret his impulsive behavior after he calms down. At this point, I can only find a way to persuade my wife to come back from her parents' home. After all, life will go on. So, what are the effective ways to persuade your wife to come back and continue living? Next, let's talk about it.

First: Husbands take the initiative to ask for forgiveness and ask for forgiveness

Husbands and wives have big quarrels and conflicts, especially if they fight. This is a very serious matter, and it hurts the relationship between husband and wife. After the wife is beaten or wronged and returns to her parents' home, the husband should first recognize his impulsive behavior, and should not get out of control and beat his wife. Wife, father-in-law and mother-in-law ask for guilt, apologize more, and make up your mind to avoid fighting again in the future. You must be sincere when you acknowledge your mistakes, and you will usually be forgiven. If you go with the child, the effect will be better. After all, the child is the wife's most concern, and it is enough to stay at her parents' house for a few days to scare her husband.

Second: Write a letter of repentance or guarantee, and let the wife observe the aftermath

In order to reassure the wife that her husband is truly repenting and that he You can write a letter of repentance or a letter of guarantee to ensure that similar things that seriously hurt the relationship between husband and wife will not happen again in the future, and let the wife supervise and observe the aftermath. This method is also very effective.

Third: Invite relatives and friends to mediate conflicts together

If the first two methods have little effect, you can ask both husband and wife to be familiar with A close friend and relative, along with them to mediate conflicts. The middleman had better be eloquent. He should criticize the husband more in the wife's family, and the husband should admit his mistakes, and said that he would definitely change his past and treat his wife well in the future. When the middleman mediates conflicts, he can supervise his husband's future actions, so that he can truly correct his mistakes and shortcomings. In short, the difficulty of persuading a wife back varies from person to person, but it all requires the husband to sincerely repent and plead guilty, seek forgiveness from his wife, and also show it in his future actions to avoid such a thing from happening again. is the best ending. If you just say good things with your mouth and don't put them into action, it won't work next time.

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