In marriage, women must adhere to 3 "bottom lines", otherwise they will easily suffer and suffer in the rest of their lives

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In marriage, women must adhere to 3 "bottom lines", otherwise they will easily suffer and suffer in the rest of their lives

Not all marriages can be happy forever. Some marriages are doomed from the beginning, so others can experience the beauty of happiness, while those who are unfortunate can only experience pain. Many of the things we have experienced are because we do not know the role of the bottom line, nor do we know how to show our bottom line. When others trample on our bottom line again and again, all we can do is to give in blindly. , and in such a situation, waiting for oneself can only be depression and pain. No matter who you are with, you can gain respect only by showing your bottom line. Therefore, in marriage, women must adhere to these three "bottom lines", otherwise they will easily suffer and suffer in the rest of their lives.

Let my kindness grow teeth

In the TV series "Double-Side Adhesive", Hu Lijuan's in-laws live with the daughter-in-law's family and bought it Fang, they justly instructed Hu Lijuan to do housework, and if they were a little dissatisfied, they started all kinds of yin and yang strange things. Hu Lijuan lives in her own house. It depends on her mother-in-law's face to eat an extra piece of meat that she bought. Usually, ordinary people tear their faces to defend their dignity, but Hu Lijuan does not. Even if she is unhappy, she still chooses to swallow her anger. . So, her mother-in-law began to intensify, and they wanted to take Hu Lijuan's house as their own. Many times, a woman's soft heart is her biggest weakness. We think that our kindness can awaken the conscience of others. However, there is a kind of person in this world who is good at consuming the kindness of others, and regards the tolerance of the other party as a way to hurt the other party. Weakness. Wang Xiaobo once said: "People have two major obligations in this world. One is to be a good person and be worthy of one's life. This one is still far from me. The other one is not to get used to other people's bad habits. I'm even worse." In this world, we should always protect our own interests first. If our bottom line is violated time and time again by others, then being soft-hearted and kind is meaningless.

Have a rational concept of fertility

When Tong Jiaqian and Liu Yiyang in the TV series "The Age of Naked Marriage" got married, they had no house or car. , there is no betrothal gift, and even Liu Yiyang does not have a stable job. Logically speaking, this situation should be stabilized first, and then consider whether to have children. But at that time, Liu Yiyang's parents were anxious to have grandchildren, so they kept putting pressure on Tong Jiaqian. In the end, Tong Jiaqian couldn't bear the pressure and had a child. The marriage was already stretched thin, and the arrival of the child made the family that was not rich even worse. Tong Jiaqian asked Liu Yiyang to go out to find a job more than once, but he had low skills and did not want to go to work in the factory arranged by Tong Jiaqian's father because of his self-esteem. He doesn't like jobs with low wages, so Liu Yiyang's job has never been found. Seeing Liu Yiyang's reluctance to make progress, Tong Jiaqian was disappointed. She began to doubt the meaning of her choice of marriage in the first place, and she regretted why she had let her children suffer in this world when they had nothing. We step into marriage not to have children, but to let ourselves experience the sweetness and beauty of marriage. The right to reproduce is always in our own hands, and no one has the right to force ourselves. Furthermore, not giving birth to the child is responsible for him (her), but having the ability to give the child a good life. In addition, childbirth under any circumstances is irresponsible to the offspring. Therefore, we must have a rational concept of fertility, take care of ourselves first, and then take care of others.

Zero tolerance for questions of principle

A man who betrays a woman the first time will betray a second time; a man A woman who has domestic violence the first time will experience domestic violence the second time. Never think that after a man commits a principled problem, he can repent and ask for forgiveness, and then he can correct his wrongs. The truth is not. A man knows very well that those problems involving principles are wrong, and the reason why he does this is that He believes that women should suffer his betrayal and violence. As Milan Kundera once said: "The first betrayal irrevocably leads to more betrayals, like a chain reaction that keeps us further and further away from the first betrayal." We think The kindness that we think the prodigal son will come back is actually what we think. Domestic violence and betrayal have always been zero and countless times, so when we choose to forgive because of kindness, it means that we will have to suffered countless injuries. Su Cen once said: "I'd rather be alone than go against my heart. I'd rather regret rather than make amends. Those who can enter my heart, I will be a king. Those who don't enter my heart, I disdain to perfunctory." Therefore, if the marriage is happy and beautiful, then We cherish and persevere. If marriage brings us only pain, then we must choose to let it go. After all, we have no obligation to waste our feelings on a meaningless person.

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