My brother-in-law rented for 10 years and did not pay rent. When he learned that the house was going to be demolished, he came to the door to make trouble: I will share half of the demolition payment.

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My brother-in-law rented for 10 years and did not pay rent. When he learned that the house was going to be demolished, he came to the door to make trouble: I will share half of the demolition payment.


There is an old saying that "a distant relative is not as good as a near neighbor", some relatives are not as good as their close friends. But because of this kinship, many people have to deal with people they hate. It would be nice if they could live in peace with each other, but it would be very disgusting if this relative was always taking advantage of others. Especially those who like to kidnap others with morality, they will use the status of relatives to make crazy profits for themselves. Xiao Wang (pseudonym) knows that he is not popular, but he also knows that he has no ability to buy a house, so he relies on his brother-in-law.


Xiao Wang always felt that his sister owed him a house. There were originally 4 members of Xiao Wang's family, and his sister was 3 years older than him. Both were born in the 1990s. When I was a child, my family’s economic conditions were tight, and my parents needed food stamps to buy things, so I had to plan carefully for food and clothing. Parents do not prioritize boys over girls, and my sister studies very hard, so my parents are very kind to my sister. I remember when I was a child, Xiao Wang was still in kindergarten. His parents bought a cloth dress for his daughter with cloth tickets. The whole family was very happy, but Xiao Wang felt that he was not liked by his parents and felt unbalanced in his heart. In fact, at that time, many families gave the older children's old clothes to the younger ones, and even asked for the old clothes of relatives' children to wear for their own children. But Xiao Wang didn't understand this. He felt that his parents were partial to his sister. Later, Xiao Wang went to junior high school. At that time, the economy opened up, his parents left the factory to do business, and the family became rich. It stands to reason that the family is no longer short of money, and Xiao Wang has grown up, so he should understand the hard work of his parents, but he is always haunted by things when he was a child, and he still blames his parents and sister in his heart. It seems that he is the most innocent and pitiful in the whole family, as if he has been bullied by his parents and sisters. Looking at Xiao Wang's growth experience, it can be seen that he is very narrow-minded and always has a mentality of "I can bully others, but others cannot bully me". He looks at people and things with such an attitude, his mind is not right, and he is naturally apathetic. Xiao Wang coped with his homework, and was always thinking about how to compete with his sister for favor, and his grades plummeted. His parents taught him a lesson, and in his eyes it became a mistake again. But the more he thought about it, the worse his strength became, and the more anxious his parents and sister were for his studies. In this vicious cycle to the end, Xiao Wang felt that all his family owed him. When my sister was about to graduate in her senior year, her parents planned to buy a suite for her. Because my sister's professional grades are very good and she plans to work in a big city, her parents are reluctant to let her rent a house outside, for fear that it will be unsafe for her to be a girl outside. This incident immediately aroused Xiao Wang's dissatisfaction. In his opinion, he is the only boy in the family. When parents buy a house, they must buy it for themselves. How can they buy it for my sister? As for the safety of my sister's life outside alone, Xiao Wang will definitely not consider it. Just because of this matter, Xiao Wang and his parents quarreled. For the first time, the parents were surprised by the cold-blooded attitude of their son. I didn't expect that he would put his sister's safety in disregard. The parents were very sad. unreliable. The parents did not say anything, but made up their minds to buy a house for their daughter. The communication between the two sides failed, and Xiao Wang had resentment towards his parents and sister from then on. He especially resented her sister, feeling that her sister had stolen his father's love and mother's love. Therefore, Xiao Wang University was admitted to the same city as his sister. Although it was only a low-grade three colleges and universities, he was angry and wanted to grab resources from his sister. When he was in college, he directly forcibly moved into his sister's room. Xiao Wang's sister is very filial. She knows that her younger brother has opinions on her. In order not to make it difficult for her parents, she returned the apartment to her parents after working for 2 years, and shared the rent with female friends. The parents got the suite back, but they didn't want to live with their son, so they sent the son back to school. A few years later, my sister got married, and Xiao Wang had a brother-in-law. The brother-in-law's family was rich, and there was more than one apartment. Xiao Wang didn't discuss it with anyone, and went directly to his brother-in-law to cry poor. The brother-in-law was probably used to being pampered, and gave Xiao Wang the key to a suite near the school, and asked him to stay there temporarily, so as not to disturb his life. My sister was also helpless after learning about this, but the house key had been given out, so she couldn't say anything else. Xiao Wang was very excited when he got the key to the house. He didn't think it was given to him by his rich brother-in-law, but instead felt that he had regained a victory and won his sister once. After graduating from university, Xiao Wang found a job nearby and still lived in the suite given by his brother-in-law for 10 years. He made money, but he didn't want to rent to his brother-in-law. In his heart, this room was already his own. The brother-in-law is more lavish, and he doesn't care about him. For the past 10 years, he has let his brother-in-law live casually. However, my brother-in-law was notified recently that the house was going to be demolished. He was very happy, but my brother-in-law had to move out. Brother-in-law felt that it was his wife's business, so he asked his wife to tell his brother-in-law. It was too late, Xiao Wang jumped up immediately when he heard that he was going to be demolished, because he had no place to live, and when he heard that there was a demolition fund, he was very excited, and he felt that the money should be given to him. Xiao Wang said: "Sister, you get half of the demolition money! I have lived in this house for so many years. Even if I look at the house, you have to give me hard money!" The elder sister was speechless and refused his request, Xiao Wang said. Just don't move out. My sister had no choice but to tell her husband about it when she got home. As soon as she got home, her brother-in-law came to the door. Xiao Wang shouted: "Brother-in-law, you get half of the demolition money!" The brother-in-law was angry, and said angrily: "You still know that I am your brother-in-law, and I am not your father, you want the house to take care of your father. !" Xiao Wang refused to move out, so the brother-in-law went to the property to carry his brother-in-law out of the house and demolished the house.


The wickedness of human nature can always surpass everyone's imagination, and the thickness of the villain's face is always unimaginable for ordinary people. They are always able to easily break through the moral bottom line, and the logic of their actions makes no sense. In the face of such people, ordinary people can easily be taken advantage of in their temptations. The more cheap it is, the ultimate "dog skin plaster" is naturally developed. One: To condone evil relatives is to harm oneself. This world's little devils are difficult to deal with, but evil relatives are even more difficult to deal with. If it is a bad person who has no blood relationship with us, we can always face this person soberly and know to guard against him and protect ourselves. But if it is a relative who wears a mask of hypocrisy to bully and take advantage of himself, then we are likely to be deceived. So, don't look at what a person says, look at what he does. Especially among relatives, some people talk better than sing, and he is the first to run when something happens. Some people think that since everyone is relatives, they can help if they can. After all, they may need help from each other in the future. But they never thought that if this relative has a very bad personality, he will not help you if there are difficulties in the future. To condone and treat this kind of person well is to dig a hole for one's own future. Two: don’t help the poor, let alone help the poor relatives , As long as you work with your own hands, you can at least eat. For some people, they are not poor because of objective circumstances. They live in good conditions and are still rotten. Such people "make" themselves poor. The poor relatives are even more deadly. They are not only lazy and like to take advantage of others, but also conduct moral kidnappings because of their relative status. Once he relies on you, the follow-up troubles will only be more or less. It is a good thing to help others, but also to help those who are promising and promising, and should not help those lazy poor relatives. Text/Fenghua

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