After 5 years of marriage, her husband told the truth after drinking that he liked his ex-girlfriend. Where does she go after marrying Aiyuan?

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After 5 years of marriage, her husband told the truth after drinking that he liked his ex-girlfriend. Where does she go after marrying Aiyuan?

01 I saw a very heart-wrenching video on a certain sound: a man said to his wife, "I regret getting married, I like my ex-girlfriend" after being drunk. The wife asked him to repeat it, and he still said it. He continued to swipe his phone again, and he didn't look like he was drunk at all. The wife was very chilled. She posted the video on a certain voice, and the accompanying text said: This kind of man is not a man, and he still loves his ex-girlfriend 5 years after marriage. If they don't love each other, why torture each other? Leave it. After the video was uploaded on the Internet, it caused a lot of controversy. Netizens commented: He is telling you the truth through Jiujin, and the next day he will ask you if you can't believe it when you talk to him. If you make trouble, he will think you are making a fuss. Men, it's all like this, don't talk nonsense when you drink, and tell the truth after drinking, this old saying can't be wrong. After drinking, the husband told the truth that he regretted getting married. This is not the point. The point is that he likes his ex-girlfriend. With this sentence, the so-called fig leaf of a quiet marriage is torn to shreds. You thought he was sincere to you, you paid so much for him, you two formed a family, what's the funny thing? He regretted it, and he still had his ex-girlfriend in his heart. The wife later posted a video saying: It is not easy to marry far away and cherish it. The same woman, I know that you can’t stand seeing me being humiliated by my husband like this, and feel sorry for me. Many family members in the comment area suggested divorce. I have no parents and no one can help me, and I have no financial ability to give him a good education. This is the predicament of most women in marriage. There is no way to get a divorce. If you get divorced, you will lose your child. You may not have a good life. No economic power. So, you can only endure it, even if the person next to your pillow tells you, "I regret getting married and like my ex-girlfriend", you have to endure it. You can only live by taking this truth as a joke. That's what marriage is, you can't be sober, you have to confuse yourself a bit. She married from Anhui to Henan, and now she and her husband are in Beidriu and open a takeaway shop. To put it bluntly, the two of them just came out to work in the restaurant take-out business. Her family has no parents anymore, which means that she has no backers, and she really does not have the ability to divorce. Where to go? You also know your husband's intentions. In the future, you must love yourself well, and stop using marriage as your backer as before. You don't have to get divorced, not all marriage problems require divorce, but you have to remind yourself: in the rest of your life, love yourself more than men. 02 I don't know if the above video is true or not, because there are too many scripts on the Internet, but in daily life, there must be similar things, that is, there are men who still think about it after many years of marriage. Ex-girlfriend, and then said that he regretted getting married. Some people are like this. The more they can't get something, the more they will remember it. The two of you live together, and he has long been accustomed to you. He won't remember your goodness, because you have lived together for a long time, he has these, he will not realize your goodness; on the contrary, the vague past with his ex-girlfriend will impress him deeply. Men's minds are different from women's, they both like to conquer. Why do men generally have obsessions with ex-girlfriends? I once talked about this topic with a male friend, he said: If a man doesn't have a relationship with his first love girlfriend, he will feel that he is at a loss, and he will never forget it, because for him, he is not before the conquest. girlfriend's. No matter how good the current one is, he has it, but he didn't have the previous one. I think it's pretty scary, after listening to what he said, I think it's too easy for men to cheat. Men are not the same as women. Men are prone to empathy for other women, especially ex-girlfriends. We watch a lot of TV dramas with similar plots. The ex-girlfriend is having a bad life and divorced to take care of the child alone. The child is sick, and the man’s own child is also sick. . Why is this happening? Because men have good face, they like to show their gentlemanly demeanor, and they will be embarrassed to reject other women, especially ex-girlfriends. Don't refute what I said first, you can ask the men around you, especially when a girl behaves weakly in front of him, he will have a natural desire to protect. This is the natural difference between females and males, physical and unchangeable. Obviously some girls are very tea, but some men are very useful, they don't care what the girl is thinking? As long as the girl adores him, holds him high, and speaks well of him, the man will agree to any request from the girl. If the girl was a little more beautiful, he would be even more embarrassed to refuse. 03

Men's thoughts are common, what should women do?

What should I do in a similar situation? I have always warned women in marriage that after marriage, they should stop loving men, and must not love men more than themselves. It is true that you are married because of love, but as the time of marriage gets longer and longer, the trivialities of marriage will kill your love. The most important thing you should do in marriage is to love yourself. You have to have your own social circle, you have to have your own career, you have to have your own hobbies, and you have to shift your focus from home to society. Don't wander around your husband and children all day long, and don't take care of a family so much, let your husband take more. You have to free yourself from the busy married life, you can also be like a man, have a barbecue with friends, go shopping and drink a little wine, this is all. And when you have your own life, you don't pay attention to him so much, he pays attention to you instead. A man is very afraid that he can't control his wife. If he can't control you, he won't care about you. But if he can't control you and he finds out that you don't care about him, he will feel frustrated. psychology. A man's thinking is like this: the more you care about him, the more annoying he is; you don't care if he doesn't love him, but he doesn't get used to it. What a woman has to do is, don't take love too seriously after marriage, as long as he can go home, the money can be handed over to you, love it or not, who he loves, why care so much. If two people can get through, they can continue to get through, but if they can't get through, you won't be too sad because you don't love him so much and you don't invest so much, so you won't lose anything. Love yourself well, he regrets getting married, it's ridiculous, this marriage is over, what use do you regret? He likes his ex-girlfriend, hehe, I don't care about you, and I still care about your ex-girlfriend. Be strong in your heart, don't be afraid of whether he loves you or not in your marriage. Topic of the day: What would you do if you were in such a situation? Welcome to leave a message. - END - ★ Author: YIBAO; emotional original author, writing warm emotional things in this world.

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