One day, when you grow old and have no company

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One day, when you grow old and have no company

I don’t know when it started. Even if the body that stayed up all night is crazy, it is still difficult to recover quickly. I don’t know when we started to wear clothes that look young consciously. When others ask how old we are, we don’t Let’s talk about virtual years, but one year old; I don’t know when it started, we won’t wear ankle-baring clothes in the warm and cold season. Gone forever. When these signs come quietly to us, they are actually telling us that we are getting old. "Getting old" seems to be a serious topic all the time, it means that the countdown of life begins. At this time, if there is a person around us to accompany us to grow old slowly, we will feel that the anxiety caused by aging has been halved, and aging is not a very scary thing. But what if we don't have company when we grow old?

The definition of happiness in life has never been limited to the life of two people

Most of the grandma in the Korean TV series "Dear Friend" She has been bullied by her husband all her life. She has a big appetite and needs to maintain housework, so she eats several bowls of rice every time she eats, but her husband always laughs at her about this, saying that she is better than pigs can eat. When they were young, they had a very lovely son, but the young grandmother felt a stomachache when she was pregnant. She struggled to find her husband and begged her to take her to the hospital, but the husband felt that she was in the way and scolded her, Let her get out. The grandmother staggered back and fainted, and the child also left this world because of the accident. In this life, the grandmother has never experienced what happiness is like in this marriage, neither when she was young, nor when she was old. Even if she maintains housework every day, her husband who does nothing will still eat too much because of himself. and laugh at yourself. Emotions that have been suppressed for a long time will always break out, so the grandmother filed for divorce when she was seventy years old. No matter how the children discouraged her, no matter how soft and hard her husband was, she would not change her doctrine. We always think that it is not too desolate to have a company when we are old, but the definition of happiness in life is never limited to two people. If we meet people unkindly, we will find that even if we have a companion when we are old, we will not experience happiness, but more of a kind of sadness and helplessness.

Happiness is defined as something that needs to be given by oneself

Nan Li's mother in the TV series "Little Shede" after her divorce from her husband , she didn't remarry, so she didn't have a company in her later years, but we can see from her living conditions that even without a company, a person's later life can still be enjoyable and prosperous. Nan Li's mother has about three million in savings. Her daily life is to send her grandchildren, take a walk, buy healthy organic food, and take care of her skin. Because those disputes are avoided, and there is no need to exhaust herself in those trivial matters, Nan Li's mother can spend most of her time on herself. So when we see her, even if she is over sixty years old, she doesn't look old at all. Who said that life without company must be bleak in old age? The concept of life that is better than lacking will make us more sober and rational, and will make us understand what life we ​​want, so that we can put all the focus on ourselves. Love has become an additional question. Yes, your life will be the icing on the cake. No, your life will not be affected in any way. We cannot limit the definition of happiness to a single frame. Sometimes, a person can also wait for the whole process of blooming, because the definition of happiness in life is always in his own hands.

We have to follow our heart and keep going

What if we never get married? What if you don't have company when you're old? Those who are married, old and have company, will their lives be happy? Not necessarily, if you can't meet someone you really like, I'm afraid they will be miserable in this life. In contrast, those who do not get married for the sake of marriage, those who are not obsessed with having a partner when they are old, are on the contrary, they are sober in the world, and they will never let others control their lives. They understand from beginning to end what they want. Whatever you want, enjoy it. When we no longer cling to a certain thing, when we start to live according to our own heart, we will find that life is actually an island. There will never be someone who can't live without someone, and whoever needs someone. Rather than forcing something, it is better to let it flow. Just as the writer Bei Dao wrote in the book "Selected Works of Bei Dao" - "When I take a book and bask in the sun on a bench, my heart becomes soft, easy to cry, like a sentimental the old man."

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