Really rich women tend to like the "three slows", the slower the more "blessings"

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Really rich women tend to like the "three slows", the slower the more "blessings"

In today's materialistic world, all the rhythms have become "fast", and I should be enjoying childhood, but I am forced to rush to various cram schools, with pressure comparable to that of adults. It should have been to know first, then understand and then determine the relationship, but it has become a direct determination of the relationship, lacking the steps that should have been taken, people start quickly and end quickly. People's increasingly "fast" life rhythm makes them unable to stop for a while to enjoy the happiness brought by a "slow life", such as loving someone well, such as savoring every scene carefully. We walked forward desperately, but we forgot what we were walking for in the first place. We were in a hurry, but we forgot that we should take every road under our feet. Beautiful scenery, interesting people, these are worthy of us to stop and savor, we should not lose ourselves. Therefore, the truly wealthy women tend to like the "three slows", because the slower they are, the more "blessings" they have.

Let the emotions slow down, don't be impatient, and make progress in stability

What people fear most is to be dominated by emotions, because Once a person becomes impatient, everything will be out of rhythm, so when doing things, there will be no rules and regulations, and it will become a mess. There is a sentence in the book "The Capital of a Lifetime" that interprets emotions like this: "At any time, a person should not be a slave to his emotions, but should control them in turn. No matter how bad the situation is, you should strive to control it. Your environment, save yourself from the darkness.” When we are emotional, we will find that the problem always exists, and it is useless to worry about it, but it will make the problem worse and develop in a worse direction. On the contrary, when we try to calm our minds, we find many difficult problems and begin to have solutions. Many things are most effective when taken slowly, so when we can control our emotions, we can solve all problems with ease.

Let life slow down, don't follow the crowd, keep your original intention

The story of "Monkey Picking Corn" must be familiar to all of us. It is about a monkey who went down the mountain to pick corn. After a lot of hard work, he saw that the bear was eating honey and found it very sweet, so he threw away all the corn and held a jar of honey. Going further, it saw some animals eating peaches, so it threw the honey and replaced it with peaches; walking further, it saw the watermelon and felt very thirst-quenching, so it replaced the peaches with the big ones. watermelon. Later, while walking, it saw the sesame seeds on the side of the road. It wanted to pick up the sesame seeds, but accidentally broke the watermelon. When it got dark, it still found nothing. At first we think about what we are going to do, but when we walk we will be influenced by others, we will do what others do, and in the end we will be like the monkey, busy for a long time, but get nothing. . There is a line in the movie "The Crowd" that says: "As soon as people enter the group, their IQ is seriously reduced. In order to gain recognition, individuals are willing to abandon right and wrong, and exchange their IQ for that sense of belonging that makes people feel more secure." We are always concerned about whether we are following the mainstream, but when we start imitating others, we forget what we wanted to do in the first place. We can't blindly copy other people's lives, we have to keep our original intentions in order to reap the value of our own life.

Let life slow down, don't be bound by desires, learn to enjoy the moment

Chen Shu first came into contact with Diansheli In 2014, by reading the book "Dan She Li", she understood that life should not be bound by those material desires, and she must constantly organize her living space in order to accommodate new things. But for Chen Shu, what troubled her during that time was not only material things, but also confusion about the future. There was a time when she took on a lot of dramas, and she had a very full schedule every day. In the eyes of others, Chen Shu got the halo and glory that many people envied, but only she knew that the heart behind every busy time was. What kind of panic is there? Every role that can stand up to scrutiny on the screen requires the actor to put his energy, inner cultivation and accumulation, and even his passion for life and life into it without reservation. So Chen Shu said that every time she completes a role, for her, she is constantly being hollowed out. If people are in this state for a long time, how can they still have time and energy to adjust their state? So Chen Shu chose to stop himself, slow down, read a book, go on a tour, practice yoga, or do nothing but just sit in a daze. In such a quiet environment, Chen Shu lives according to his own heartbeat rhythm, slowly feels the meaning of life, and cultivates himself. Living in the moment is the most important way of life for a person, slowing down and simplifying desires, so that we can truly enjoy a good life.

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