60-year-old aunt: My post-wife has a monthly pension of 8,000. I thought it would be a blessing. I didn't expect him to deceive me.

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60-year-old aunt: My post-wife has a monthly pension of 8,000. I thought it would be a blessing. I didn't expect him to deceive me.


Aunt Xu, who is 60 years old, has only one requirement when choosing a second marriage partner, that is The second marriage partner must be a good master. Aunt Xu has had enough hardships in the first half of her life. She wants to enjoy the happiness with her second married wife and live a good life without worrying about money. According to her own standards, Aunt Xu found Uncle Wang with a monthly pension of 8,000, and soon received a marriage certificate with Uncle Wang. The two lived together and lived a lively little life. Aunt Xu thought that Uncle Wang had a monthly pension of 8,000 yuan, and that she could live a good life by marrying Uncle Wang. Unexpectedly, the life after marriage is not what Aunt Xu imagined. Not only did she not live a life full of fish and meat, but she couldn't even eat green vegetables, which made her feel like she was being tricked by Uncle Wang. Aunt Xu: I am 60 years old this year, and my wife died of illness eight years ago. When my husband passed away, he left me an old house. However, the old house was sold when his son got married, and a down payment was collected for his son's marriage house. After my son got married, I lived with my son and daughter-in-law. Since we are two generations, our living habits are very different. Living in my son's house, my relationship with my daughter-in-law is always bad. She doesn't like me, and I don't like her. The two often have arguments, which makes me feel bad every day. Living with my son and daughter-in-law, the most unhappy thing for me is that I tidy up the house every day and buy food and cook for them. Although I do a lot of housework every day, my son and daughter-in-law don't appreciate me in the slightest. They thought I was retired anyway, and that I had a lot of free time every day, and it was natural to do some housework. The most extreme thing is that my son and daughter-in-law enjoy my hard work, and they don't even give me living expenses. No matter how much I spend for my family, they don't give me a cent. Later, after my grandson was born, my financial pressure was even greater, because my son and daughter-in-law always asked me for money in the name of my grandson, saying that they had a heavy burden of raising their children, and asked me to use money to subsidize them. My monthly pension is only 4,000 yuan. After layers of search by my son and daughter-in-law, I can't save any money at all. I have always wanted to save money to buy a house of my own, even if I can only afford an old and dilapidated house, but as long as I can live separately from my son and daughter-in-law, I will be very happy. However, my son and I live with a family of three. We spend all our retirement money every month, and there is no way to save money to buy a house. Because of this matter, I was very distressed, so I often complained to my good sisters, saying that my life was not looking forward to, and that I was a paid nanny for my son's family for the rest of my life, and I didn't pay enough money. My good sisters all persuaded me, saying that since there is no hope of living with my son's family, why not find myself a second marriage partner? They said, I don't need to live with my son and daughter-in-law when I have a second marriage partner. If I find a rich second marriage partner, I need not spend a penny to live, and I can save some more money for myself. Wouldn't it be better? I felt that what the sisters said was reasonable, so I took their advice. After being introduced by an acquaintance, I quickly got along with the widowed Uncle Wang. The reason why I want to be friendly with Uncle Wang is because I heard that his monthly pension is 8,000 yuan, so I have a good impression of him immediately. In my mind, Uncle Wang, who has a retirement pension of 8,000 yuan, must have a very good life, and the money must be too much to spend. I have suffered enough without money in my life, so when I heard that Uncle Wang has such a high pension, I did not hesitate to get a license to marry him. Uncle Wang owns a two-bedroom house, and he lives alone in the family. When his son got married, he bought another house and didn't live with him, which is why I firmly chose to marry him. I don't like having a lot of family members, I just like living a two-person world. Ever since I lived with my son and daughter-in-law, I have been very resistant to living with the younger generation. After my marriage with Uncle Wang, we had a good life for a month. During that month, Uncle Wang bought a lot of delicious dishes every day. His cooking skills were very good, and the dishes he made were so delicious that my mouth was full of oil, and I couldn't stop. However, such a good day only lasted for a month and became a memory. On the first day of the second month, Uncle Wang solemnly told me that our honeymoon period had ended, and now was the time to officially live. At first, I didn’t understand the real meaning of living a formal life. Later, when I could no longer see meat and fishy food on the dining table at home, the three meals a day were changed to two, and even green vegetables became a luxury, often a bowl of pickles. One day, at this time, I realized that the real meaning of the official life that Uncle Wang said was the life of tightening the belt. After a few days like this, I can't take it anymore. I felt that my complexion was not good, and due to the lack of nutrients in my body, I had no energy to walk. I asked Uncle Wang to buy me some fish to eat, even if the pickles were replaced with green vegetables, but he glared at him and said, "You can eat meat and vegetables if you want. Bring the money!" I was surprised and asked. He: "You have a pension of 8,000 yuan a month, why do you still ask me for money?" Uncle Wang spread his hands and said that although he had a pension of 8,000 yuan, he gave his son a monthly pension. It costs 6,000 to repay the mortgage, and we also have to pay 1,000 yuan for childcare fees for our grandson. We only have 1,000 left to live on. How can we not save some money? When I heard Uncle Wang say this, I immediately quit. I scolded him for deceiving me, saying that he only has a living allowance of 1,000 yuan per month, which cannot support me at all, so why should he marry me back home? Uncle Wang said confidently: "It's not like you don't have a pension, why do you only spend my money? You can have money if you can't think of it. You can eat whatever I do. If you want to eat well, just eat it. Pay yourself to improve your life." He said that other single seniors looking for second marriage partners are looking for free babysitters for themselves. He didn't let me do anything, and he provided me with free food and drink every day. Although the food was not good, he didn't ask me for a penny, and he was very worthy of me. Seeing that Uncle Wang was stubborn and unwilling to spend money to improve my meals, I had to buy delicious food with my own pocket. Every time I buy back fish and meat, Uncle Wang eats more than I do, which makes me very angry. I really want to be separated from Uncle Wang, but it is very difficult. Because once I separated from Uncle Wang, I had to live with my son and daughter-in-law again, and I was still unhappy in that kind of life. Since there is no better way out, I can only be patient and continue to live with Uncle Wang. Although I lived with Uncle Wang and did spend some money, the money was nothing compared to the money I gave to my son's family. Moreover, Uncle Wang never let me do housework, which is still much easier than the tiring days at my son's house. Because of the above reasons, although the life after marriage with Uncle Wang was very different from what I imagined, after weighing the pros and cons, I had no choice but to choose to stay. Although I still live together with Uncle Wang, I always have a feeling of being deceived by him. This feeling is very bad. I think I am too stupid and fall into the trap set by Uncle Wang.

Concluding remarks:

Aunt Xu's remarriage was originally a pursuit of happiness, but she made a mistake because of the wrong choice. to a dilemma. The reason why Aunt Xu fell into such an unbearable situation was because she didn't know much about Uncle Wang, so she hurriedly entered the marriage. Even if the elderly are looking for a spouse, it is very important to understand before marriage, not only to understand the character of the other party, but also to understand the economic strength of the other party. When talking about marriage, you should put everything on the surface, don't hide it because you are embarrassed, and dare not make your own demands. Doing so will only harm yourself and make yourself suffer. Highlights from the past: Generally, people with a relatively long life expectancy have the following 3 characteristics, let's see if you have all of them

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