How to avoid the "cold war" between husband and wife, teach you these three tricks

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How to avoid the "cold war" between husband and wife, teach you these three tricks

It is normal to have quarrels between husband and wife, because they get along with each other every day, and they have to face a lot of family chores. In addition, the differences in personality, temperament, and work style of the two people are easy to have differences in handling family affairs. , disputes, disagreements, or when one party does something wrong, it will lead to quarrels. In fact, quarrels cannot solve problems and contradictions. the relationship between husband and wife. After a big quarrel between husband and wife, the conflict is difficult to resolve for a while, and no one agrees with the other, and it is easy to trigger a "cold war". In the "Cold War", no one paid any attention to anyone, they were strangers, and they stopped eating together. Women only cooked meals for themselves and their children at home, men went out to eat out, and even separated. Relations are tense. So, how to avoid the "cold war" between husband and wife? Here are three tricks to teach you.

First: Control your emotions and try to avoid big quarrels

When couples quarrel, you must control your emotions, not emotional Out of control, out of control, all rely on their own emotions and temperament to make a big noise, and say some things that hurt the feelings of the husband and wife, say some sarcastic, sarcastic words to stimulate each other, don't turn over old accounts, etc., otherwise Words can only escalate the quarrel or even start a fight, leading to greater contradictions and disputes, which can easily lead to the subsequent "Cold War".

Second: Learn to show weakness and apologize to each other after quarreling

If there is a quarrel between husband and wife, you should learn to show weakness on your own initiative, not to Even if he has always insisted on his own point of view, he has always believed that he is reasonable, and he does not show weakness. Learn to take the initiative to show weakness. You can calm down and stop arguing first, go to other things first, and let both parties calm down; you can also say a few soft words, comfort the other party, let them also calm down, and end the quarrel in time to avoid it from happening. A bigger conflict; after a quarrel, no matter who is right or who is wrong, you should take the initiative to apologize to the other party. A sincere apology will also make the other party feel relieved very quickly.

Third: more communication and heart-to-heart talk, and more consultations in case of trouble

The husband and wife usually communicate more, talk more, and trust each other , understand that when dealing with housework, we need to discuss more, and we can't engage in "dictatorship" and "one word", so as to avoid quarrels, and even if there are quarrels, it will not lead to the occurrence of "cold war". In short, husbands and wives should understand and give in to each other, treat each other with respect, learn to control their emotions, learn to show weakness, communicate and talk more in peacetime, and achieve mutual understanding and mutual understanding, so as to avoid big quarrels and conflicts and disputes, and to jointly create A harmonious and happy marriage and family life.

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