How much a man loves you, it is often after "a relationship" that it is easy to reveal his nature

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How much a man loves you, it is often after "a relationship" that it is easy to reveal his nature

How much does a man love you?

Those who have never experienced the relationship between men and women may never know the answer to this question for the rest of their lives. Even people who are already in a relationship between the two sexes sometimes don't know much about this issue. They think they have a full understanding of love, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. In the relationship between the two sexes, sometimes the authorities are obsessed, the bystanders are clear, and sometimes the depth of love is only known when something important happens. When the emotions happened, or when both felt that it was worthwhile to deliver to each other at this moment, the two people also happened naturally. However, when it comes to "sex", everyone has a different way of dealing with it. Therefore, how much a man loves you, it is often after "a relationship" that it is easy to reveal his nature.

Whoever loves you will be responsible for you

In Freud's Hierarchy of Needs, we know that about Physiological needs and emotional expression are the most basic needs, and "sex" exists in all age groups, from the oral desire of infants to the sexual desire of adults, with the whole life, and men due to the dissatisfaction of the physiological basis, Therefore, their pursuit of sex is greater than that of women. However, there are men who know what it means to be in a relationship and know that a woman will only entrust her to herself if she trusts her wholeheartedly. Therefore, they will not just satisfy their own desires without caring about the feelings of the other party. After the relationship, they will be responsible for women, either by being more good to women, or by putting the matter of marriage on the agenda. To give a woman the security she wants, not make her worry about gains and losses. Shakespeare said: "The power of love is peace. It never ignores reason, conventions, and honor and disgrace. It can make all fear, shock, and pain sweet when it is experienced." It can make a person quiet in the rage, and it can make an insecure person no longer worry about gains and losses. And all of this, only men who really love us can do it, and after a relationship, their love will only increase.

People who don't love you will ignore them

After Qiu Yingying in the TV series "Ode to Joy" had a relationship with Director Bai, Director Bai changed from the previous enthusiastic attitude to the indifference afterward. She didn't answer Qiu Yingying's phone calls and didn't reply to Qiu Yingying's news. Once, Qiu Yingying even saw Director Bai and other women kissing each other, and saw him get into another woman's car. Obviously before I had an intimate relationship, Director Bai still said sweet words to himself, and said that he would only love her for the rest of his life, but in just a few days, he immediately changed his mind. That's because Director Bai doesn't love Qiu Yingying. In his world, Qiu Yingying is only used to vent her physical needs. Since she has achieved her goal, why bother? Therefore, after having an intimate relationship, he exposed his nature, or he was too lazy to continue to pretend, so he would ignore Qiu Yingying. Xia Qixi wrote in the book "We All Cried Later": "The difference between a lie and an oath is that the one who listens takes it seriously, and the one who speaks takes it seriously." Many times, we always easily Believe what a man says, think he is responsible, think he will accompany him to the ends of the earth, but it turns out to be nothing. Therefore, this requires us to keep our eyes open, not to be hot-headed, and not to ignore it when we face the relationship between the sexes.

A woman's best protection for herself is to be responsible for herself, which is self-love

In fact, for women, avoiding harm The best way to avoid these injuries is to avoid the beginning, that is, to avoid being abandoned by men after a relationship. So at the very beginning, you must keep your bottom line, and don't agree to the requirements of the other party, even if you refuse, there will be unpleasant episodes in the future. Luo Zhenyu once said: "The vision of the person who really does things is to grasp the current and future trends in time, to see things from different perspectives, and to maintain sufficient possibilities for iteration." If a man is angry because we refuse to have a relationship, then This man is not worth relying on, because he only considers the present, not the future. He only considers his own needs, but does not respect our choices. Because of emotional thinking, we are more vulnerable in a relationship and more prone to sacrifice ourselves. Therefore, this means that when we are dealing with feelings, we must keep our bottom line, and no one can force ourselves to do things that we are unwilling to do, even if it is love. Only in this way can we possibly avoid tragedy, and only in this way will we not be carried away by love.

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