Couples who are separated in two places cannot escape these three endings

time:2023-03-26 02:51:28 author:Graduate girl
Couples who are separated in two places cannot escape these three endings

An elder once said that separation of husband and wife is a bad marriage, because people’s hearts are fickle, and couples who don’t stay together have long changed beyond recognition over time. Separation couples are very common in life. Because of the helplessness of life, they choose to separate. It may be painful at first and they are not used to it, but as time goes by, they will gradually adapt to this separated life. And find a way to balance this life. However, it is precisely because of time that couples living in two places cannot escape these three endings.

Emotions disappear and become unfamiliar

Good friends who haven't seen for many years meet again, and there is a feeling of not knowing where to start He talked about the sense of alienation. Some time ago, I saw such a video on Douyin. The husband and wife have been separated for too long. When they meet again, they feel strange. It is already very late. The two are pinned on the sofa and watching TV. No one knows what to do. How to get started and get back to the original feeling. People really become strangers with separation! Husbands and wives who are separated in two places naturally cannot escape this strange ending. They may not see each other once in 365 days a year. Even if there is a brief reunion during the Chinese New Year and festivals, how can they compare to a couple who have been together for many years? . Many long-distance relationships are separated because they are not together. Husbands and wives are more reliable than love. Because of the constraints of marriage and family children, they will not be easily separated. However, feelings will change. After not living together for many years, the relationship has long since faded away with the ups and downs in life, disappeared, and became unfamiliar.

Cheating and betrayal, infidelity marriage

Cheating is one of the most important issues in a separated marriage. Just like people need to eat, their physical needs also need to be solved. When their partner is not around, people with weak will are easily confused by the feelings around them, cheating, betrayal, and unfaithful marriage. Separation of marriage, whether emotionally, psychologically, or physiologically, is against the essence of life. Why do people want to get married, don't they just want someone who can be with them? Don't you just want someone to accompany you when you're lonely? A separated marriage completely loses these initial needs. When people eat whole grains, they are always vulnerable. At this time, another partner is far away, and no amount of care can quench their thirst. If a caring person happens to be around at this time, will they cheat? At this time, it has nothing to do with the right or wrong of people, but the right and wrong caused by reality.

Ignoring each other, burying hidden dangers

Separated couples, people can't control, money can't control, men Like single, female like single parent. Separation of husband and wife means that many things have to be done and undertaken by themselves. Obviously there is a partner, but it seems that there is no partner, obviously there is support, but it is impossible to rely on. Everything needs to be done by one person alone. A friend separated from her husband for 6 years. In those 6 years, she learned to repair the faucet, change the light bulb, learn to deal with large and small things, take care of the children by herself, and take care of her parents when they are sick. She said that she really blamed her husband for not relying on him when she needed him, and she was even laughed at for not having a "husband". When the hardships experienced are more, the heart will change, and when the husband and wife become a situation of disregarding each other, hidden dangers will be buried. When there are more and more complaints, when unease prevails, the couple may come to an end. Even if there is no end, the seeds of resentment will be stored in the bottom of my heart, which will cause the relationship between them to have a rift and plant disgust. After the author: There are many kinds of happy marriages, but certainly not including separated marriages. There is no happiness in a separated marriage. Maybe, when you first separate, you will feel a short-term comfort because of the separation, but as life's problems appear, the disadvantages of separation will appear. The longer the time, the more obvious the disadvantages of separation. The first thing is that the relationship between husband and wife will disappear, fade, and become unfamiliar, and then there may be derailment and betrayal. The longer the separation time, the more hidden dangers will be buried. Like two strangers, the existence of marriage is only a superficial maintenance, and everything inside has already changed beyond recognition.

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